lion's mane mushroom


Mushroom growing update!!
We already harvested and ate the oyster mushrooms a while ago and are waiting to see if those two bags are going to fruit again, but the slower growing lions mane and reishi are just now fruiting!
The top three pictures are from a few weeks ago when they began to fruit. The lions mane started fruiting inside the bag so we had to open the top for it to come out.
You can see in the later photos that it’s grown all the way up and out of the bag now and will be ready to harvest very soon!
Antler Reshi mushrooms take a lot longer- like several months!- to finish fruiting. They are a hard woody mushroom that would normally grow slowly on trees. You can see it’s getting much bigger but has a long way to go! I love the many colored stripes that form as it grows up and the older parts darken and harden.
mushrooms are so magikal!!


Mushroom ID

Does anybody know what mushroom this is? I may or may not have taken a small bite of it. It didn’t do much other than make the surface of my tongue where it touched feel odd. At first I thought it was an inky cap, but it seems too robust.