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So, y'know how Red always barges through trying to get to Keith when he's physically hurt? I like to think Blue does the same for Lance, but when he's emotionally heart. Badly hurt. So, like: "Lance, you're a crappy pilot and you don't deserve to be on Team Voltron- you disappoint your fami--" "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SON???" and that's the last we heard from the insultee.

some galra, trying to be evil or whatever idk what’s the plot of most langst fics: you will never be as good as anyone on team voltron. you are pathetic. you-

the blue lion, sticking her head through the hull of the ship: what the actual fuck did you just say about lance

  • [In the locker room]
  • Guang-Hong: [Whispering] Leo kissed me.
  • Yuuri: [Gasps] Okay, so... was he holding you? Or were his hands, like, on your back?
  • Guang-Hong: No, actually first they were... They started on my waist. And then they slid up, and then they were in my hair.
  • Yuuri: Oh, my God!
  • [By the rink]
  • Leo: I kissed Guang-Hong.
  • Phichit: Tongue?
  • Leo: [Smirk] Yeah.
  • Phichit: Cool.
bands as seasons

music is a huge part of my life. each season i make a new playlist and pretty much only listen to those songs until the next season starts. i know, i’m real weird. but after that season ends, i cant listen to those songs again-and sometimes even the artist/band-without thinking of that season and time of my life.

here’s some bands/artists that remind me of each season. each name is linked with a song. i hope you find some new music.





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paladins on April 1st! (april fools day)

I am adding Matt in this because Matt is amazing


  • Hunk will not really try to prank people and many people don’t prank him
  • If he does join in, his pranks are lame (he does not have a evil bone in his body to do “good” pranks)
  • Like he will switch salt with sugar or tell someone their shoes are untied, but the shoes are tied
  • He gives up and try to go help someone with their pranks
  • Lance will probably be the one that ask him for help
  • He also laugh when he is pranked
  • except when your prank involves ruining his cooking. He will get very upset because he worked so hard on it
  • All together April fools day is a good day for him


  • He loves April 1st
  • He will try to prank everyone, but he will mostly try to prank Keith
  • He will do buckets of Water over doors and glue in shampoo bottles
  • He will try to out prank Pidge
  • If Pidge brings her brother in as back-up, Lance will go get Hunk
  • He pranked Keith really good one year. He covered the inside of Keith’s Lion with Blue sticky notes. (Shiro made Lance clean it up and pranks involving the Lions are now band)
  • Sometimes, Lance can take his pranks too far
  • April 2nd is apology day from Lance


  • She has been planing for this day for so long
  • Only Matt has seen his sister wrath *Pidge does evil face*
  • Pidge will prank her brother really quick and then ask him to join her
  • Sometimes she will invent something to help her prank people
  • She will do pranks base on the person.
    • Lance- She will replace his beauty products with space goo.
    •  Keith- she will turn on the invisible walls when he is training.
    •  Hunk- she would secretly put food dye in his food.
    • Matt- She will cover his room with pictures of herself. 
    • Shiro- She would secretly put magnets on his arm
  • she will not prank Allura and Coran because they don’t know what apirl fools day is


  • He would forget it is April fools day
  • He will do last minute pranks
  • His pranks mostly deal with duct tape
  • He would tape items to the roof or secretly put tape on people backs and see who will have the most tape on them
    • “Keith why is my Bayard on the roof” - Shiro
  • He will get angry when someone pranks him
  • All together, April 1st is a very fun day for him


  • He will join his sister because he suck at pranking
  • He would try to prank but end up pranking himself
    • “Oh, god my eyes” - Matt
    • “what happen” -Pidge
    • “I tried to prank Shiro by spraying febreze on him but..”- Matt
    • “How did you febrezed you face”- Pidge
  • He just gets very happy and mess up on his pranks
  • If he does prank someone, he will apologize right after
  • He think April fools day is fun and he loves pranking with his sister


  • All day he would act like if it was a normal day
  • He will brush off the pranks pulled on him
  • He will try to brake up fights (Some how Lance is always involves)
  • To the others, Shiro seems to not celebrate it…
  • But they are wrong
  • He will try to get everyone in the same room and prank them all at once
  • Space goo will fall on everyone and they will just hear Shiro laughing
    • “You are celebrating April Fools day?” - Lance
    • “Yep, and I think I won this year”- Shiro
  • Shiro just surprised everyone
  • He is April fools day biggest fan

Allura will get mad about the mess and make everyone clean up

ID #44755

Name: Lilla

Age: 19

Country: Hungary

I’m a lover of classical arts (especially literature, architecture and painting), philosophy and history. I would like to be a teacher someday (Hungarian literature and English) and travel the world helping people. I consider myself a feminist who doesn’t believe in gender roles , an environmentalist and an LGBTQ ally.

My astrological sign is gemini and I’m a proud Hufflepuff. (I think by these two you can perfectly predict how extra I am).

When I’m not studying I enjoy a good book, a cup of black tea and some music (right now I’m reading Irwin Shaw’s Young Lions and my favourite band is the Sons of an Illustrious Father).

I also love movies, my preferred genres are biography, fantasy, horror and history.

I’ll send you memes and dog photos one day, and discuss the universe the next.

Preferences: Only text me if you are willing to share every tiny detail about your culture! I would prefer talking to people over (or around) 20.