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[[So many human mayors that have been transformed into animals lately… You could fill almost 2 towns with these fuffy animayors!!]]

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Souvent je croise des animaux sur la route: lapins, chat, faisant, perdrix, renard, chevreuille, biche…. au pire des sangliers quoi.

Mais alors un bison et son copain dromadaire, c'est quand même bien la première fois.


Has anyone made this yet? If they have whatever. The world can never have too much Marceline.

PSA: Remove Armour Class Restrictions

Hey friends! Some (most?) of you may already know this, but just in case you don’t, here is how to remove class restrictions on crafted armour in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you do this, you’ll be able to craft any type of armour for any type of combat style!

To remove Light Armour restriction: Craft armour with Dales Loden Wool in the primary slot

To remove Medium Armour restriction: Craft armour with Snoufleur Skin in the primary slot

To remove Heavy Armour restriction: Craft armour with Silverite in the primary slot

Dales Loden Wool is dropped by Red Templars in the Hissing Wastes, Emprise du Lion, and the Arbor Wilds

Snoufleur Skin can be hunted on the frozen river of Emprise du Lion near the village, and in the wheat fields near the second camp of the Exalted Plains

Silverite is found in Emprise du Lion, the Arbor Wilds, and the Frostback Basin

Happy crafting!



Character profiles from the Mayoiga Guidebook Part 1, via /a/

New character information:

Lion: Alone because she scares people away with her “I can see who will die” power. She joined the tour to confirm whether her power is real or not.

Maimai: Quite innocent when it come to love things. Gets along well with Pu-ko.

Lovepon: Past trauma. Sees criminals and shady people as her enemies.

Mikage: Was supposed to inherit his parents’ company and marry someone chosen for him

Nanko: Has the habit to pinch her stomach when she is making deductions

Da-hara: Although he is the organizer, he doesn’t have much sense of responsibility. Koharun’s senpai in the research circle. His full handle is “Strange emperor Da-hara”

Yamauchi: Parents are dead now.

Hellfire: Military otaku.

Kryta - Lion’s Arch - Moorookoo Village
Peneloopee: ♪ Shoosh now, shoosh ooo OOO. ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ The time has come to slee-eep. ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ Let the water rock you… ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ to the rhythm of the deep. ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ Quaggan sings a dream… ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ where you’re a shiny bubble. ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ Just a tiny nubble… ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ afloat in a briny sea. ♪
Peneloopee: ♪ OoooOOOoooo oooOOoOoOooooo… ♪

(Bloomanoo repeats)

ask me for my favorite ac thingies
  • 1: favorite haircolor for your character
  • 2: fav NPC
  • 3: fav furniture set
  • 4: fav PWP
  • 5: fav villager species
  • 6: fav villager personality
  • 7: fav k.k. song
  • 8: fav exterior
  • 9: fav building on main street
  • 10: fav uchi villager
  • 11: fav normal villager
  • 12: fav peppy villager
  • 13: fav snooty villager
  • 14: fav smug villager
  • 15: fav jock villager
  • 16: fav lazy villager
  • 17: fav cranky villager
  • 18: fav pink villager
  • 19: fav blue villager
  • 20: fav white villager
  • 21: fav black villager
  • 22: fav popular villager
  • 23: fav unpopular villager
  • 24: fav cat villager
  • 25: fav horse villager
  • 26: fav squirrel villager
  • 27: fav dog villager
  • 28: fav hamster villager
  • 29: fav cub villager
  • 30: fav mouse villager
  • 31: fav bear villager
  • 32: fav wolf villager
  • 33: fav bird villager
  • 34: fav lion / tiger villager
  • 35: fav anteater villager
  • 36: fav gorilla / monkey villager
  • 37: fav deer villager
  • 38: fav duck villager
  • 39: fav elephant villager
  • 40: fav rhino / hippo villager
  • 41: fav octopus villager
  • 42: fav koala villager
  • 43: fav kangaroo villager
  • 44: fav sheep villager
  • 45: fav cow / bull villager
  • 46: fav goat villager
  • 47: fav rabbit villager
  • 48: fav penguin villager
  • 49: fav frog villager
  • 50: fav alligator villager
  • 51: fav gyroid
  • 52: fav tool
  • 53: fav mini game (island tour)
  • 54: fav accessoire
  • 55: fav hat
  • 56: fav dress (no design)
  • 57: fav shirt
  • 58: fav season
  • 59: fav weather
  • 60: fav daytime music
  • [you can also ask for least favorite of each question °3°]

The only time I teared up during this anime.

I loved this Trio, I felt they had built a pretty solid bond while in Nanaki Village so it was sad that Lion was staying behind and Maimai and Nanko were going on ahead, and then for Lion to come up and hug Nanko…it got me a little bit. It felt like Nanko was the Mom she never had, and Maimai was like an older sister.

Chinese Zodiac: Mooncake Festival

The festival in mid-autumn as celebrated in Rabbit Village.

Rabbit Village is known for their abundance in mooncakes and elegant dances, and is the best stop in the country for an extravagant celebration.

Tiger (强度, Qiangdu) x Rabbit (温顺, Wenshun)

Twenty Things That Animal Crossing Needs

  1. The option to be an animal. The ability to be the mayor was one of the biggest changes in the Animal Crossing series, but if the creators want to sell more games, they might want to give this option as well.
  2. More interaction with villagers. It would be nice if you could decide what to talk about with villagers and participate in the conversation more to create more interaction instead of a one-sided conversation. After you finish the tutorial in New Leaf, villagers rarely invite you over or play hide and seek with you. This should also be changed, and there should be more things you can do with your villagers.
  3. More species, such as chinchillas, red pandas, foxes, sea otters, Fennec foxes, leopards, and such. You can probably think of many species that you wish were included. It would also be nice to have the special character types as villagers, such as raccoon, skunk, hedgehog, and giraffes.
  4. Cuter villagers. There are a lot of cute villagers, but the majority of them that you can get are hideous. There are also many species that have little to no cute villagers, such as the tiger, which is very sad because tigers are very cute in real life.
  5. The option to allow others to edit QR code patterns. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could allow other players to edit your QR code patterns and still get some credit for it, such as saying “Created by Garrett, Edited by Elena.” I got my sewing machine yesterday and I’ve already wanted to edit QR patterns many times, usually just minor things.
  6. More villagers in each town. The maximum amount of villagers in New Leaf is ten, but wouldn’t it be nice to at least have fifteen? There are so many villagers that I would like to have in my town, but ten is not enough slots, and my town still feels empty with only ten villagers.
  7. Cuter lions. Self explanatory.
  8. More villagers in general. There are quite a bit of species, but there are not very many in each species, and back to number four, there are sometimes hardly any cute villagers of one species.
  9. Kill the sea bass. Once again, self explanatory.
  10. Get rid of grass erosion. If not, at least make it extremely hard to erode grass and easier for grass to grow back. Although it isn’t as devastating in New Leaf as it was in City Folk, it can still destroy your town. In City Folk, my entire town was dirt and I never ran.
  11. The ability to tax villagers. Although I don’t think you should be able to spend the money on personal items, it would be nice to at least have a little money to spend on the town itself.
  12. Villagers should pitch in more to Public Works Projects. Seriously, you have to make 95% of the bells if you want the project to be finished within a month. It really seems like the villagers don’t care at all about the town.
  13. More Ordinances, and the ability to set more than one at a time. There are only four ordinances, and you could easily have your town instate multiple at a time. If this option was available, it would make sense to make ordinances cost more money, but at least you could be able to have a beautiful town at the same time as a town where the shops stay open later. It would also be nice to have more than four ordinances.
  14. Villagers that can hate you as much as you hate them. Once you’re rude to another villager, such as hitting them with a net or pushing them, they should be able to do similar things to the player to make the game more interesting. Even if they couldn’t hit the player or push them, it would still be nice to make them at least act rude towards the player unless you act nicely towards them.
  15. A notebook that keeps track of other villagers and upcoming events. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what other villagers want or what big events will be coming up, so it would be nice to have a notebook that automatically keeps track of information about the upcoming events and your villagers, such as their relationship with you and items they have requested. It would also be nice to set reminders in the notebook or just write things down.
  16. Create your own events. As mayor, you should be able to organize villagers on specific dates and times and host parties at your own house, or simply invite a specific villager over when you want to.
  17. Make normal villagers a little less boring. Please. I like them, but they bore me to death sometimes.
  18. A bigger, more customizable town and more Public Works Projects. The option to choose one of four towns is amazing, but it seems that villages are so small that you can’t add very many Public Works Projects. On that note, there should also be more of them, such as a sculpture of the mayor or a villager of choice, a swing set that you can swing in with another villager and the option to push another villager or be pushed by them, a seesaw that you can also go on with other villagers, a slide that you can go down with other villagers, tables that can have benches around them which could also open up the ability to have lunch with other villagers, more waterworks, and such.
  19. Make customizable pants, shoes, and socks. Really, it’s not that hard to grasp.
  20. More exterior decorations and designs. There isn’t a very wide selection of exterior house decor. There could be cute little brick houses, ranches, palaces, modern houses that aren’t hideous, etc.

That’s all I have right now, but there’s a lot more that I could think of. Reblog or like this if you agree with at least some of these ideas, and tell me more of yours because I want to make another post. I’ll include your name next to the idea in that post as well.

Thank you for reading! :)