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What do you think Ryou's reaction to seeing the Castle for the first time is? What did the Black Lion think of having someone so like her Paladin aboard? Because I am picturing Mama Lion purring over two cubs right now.

I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find a gif of the way Kirk looked at the Enterprise through the shuttle window in the new Trek reboot movie.  I cannot.  But I did find this! So I’m sharing.

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because, lets face it, this gif could very well represent Ryou’s reaction to seeing the Castle for the first time just as much as the quiet amazement and awe in the reboot movie.

Or let’s say, the gif of awe and amaze I was looking for would be his first reaction, standing behind his twin, one hand on the seat as he looked through the view screen as Taka intentionally took Black in the long way around just because he knows his brother.  And the second gif is once Ryou gets onboard and realizes, whether anyone’s given him permission or not, that he’s got a new puzzle to take apart and solve.

As for Black - at this point I really don’t have a good read on Black.  But I think, no matter the personality, Black understands having a pride and as linked to Takashi as the lion is I think Black would have felt the missing piece of Ryou - and would be able to feel the way that emptiness was filled and overflowed once Taka had him back.  For that alone, I think Black would perhaps think of Ryou as, perhaps not an extension of her paladin, but a vital piece (that tends to sing to it and the other lions, blow things up and disappear into engines any time he’s left alone and unsupervised for too long)


Pairing: Cullen X Cressida Trevelyan
Rating: SFW
Tags: Fluff/Minor Angst

Summary: Cullen reflects on his families history and how he obtained his famous lion helm.

Cullen never really liked his grandfather’s helm. It was clearly made for an Orlesian noble not some poor farmer’s son. Shame could not describe the conflicted feelings Cullen held about being a quarter Orlesian.

Cullen’s grandfather was the only noble from Orlais to defect to the rebellion once Maric Theirin took control of Fereldan forces. Cullen and his siblings never understood why their grandfather left the wealth and comfort of Orlesian nobility to fight along side a rebel king. It was a mystery that followed the man to his grave. Now, Cullen possessed the helmet that had given the old man the nickname the Lion of Fereldan.

On the trek from Kirkwall to Haven, Cullen decided to stop at his long abandoned home in Honnleath. There in the middle of overgrown farmland near a lake barely visible through the bramble was his family home The family home to that now stood as a makeshift tomb for his grandfather.

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Bones: I can see what’s happening–

Spock: what?

Bones: and they haven’t got a clue–

Spock: who?

Bones: they’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line! Our fucking trio is down to two!

Spock: oh.

*while watching Jim with a certain girl. He’s met his match (she put him in his place)*

The Circle of Life

Remember when the Red Skull’s daughter rescued Frodo?

Who’s best friend was was Magneto…

Who was enemies with Captain Picard…

And when he was younger was turned into stone by the White Witch and revived by Qui Gon Jin…

Who later met Bolivar Trask…

Who Katniss tried to kill…

Who dated Rocket Racoon…

Who was in the Guardians of the Galaxy with Uhura…


Who married the Incredible Hulk…

Whose girlfriend is Arwen…

Whose dad is Agent Smith…

Ta Da!

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  • Chekov: Klingons... I hate Klingons... So what’s the plan for getting past these guys?
  • Kirk: Live bait.
  • Chekov: Good idea... HEY!
  • Kirk: What? We need a diversion.
  • Chekov: Well what do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?!
  • -timeskip-
  • Chekov: *dressed as a hula dancer* LUAU!
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worf/data for @benicebefunny for round 10 of the @trek-rarepair-swap – sorry it’s so late!

fic summary: When Worf has to look after Spot as a favour to Data, he finds himself unexpectedly bonding with the cat.

word count: 1,177

it’s also my first ever successful attempt at fanart, so i hope that goes down well. (art is also embedded on ao3 page) 

thank you to @itsweyounsburgernow for reassuring me when i was doubting myself over the art and @alifeofabundance for coming up with the excellent title when i was at a loss for one