lion trek

Bones: I can see what’s happening–

Spock: what?

Bones: and they haven’t got a clue–

Spock: who?

Bones: they’ll fall in love and here’s the bottom line! Our fucking trio is down to two!

Spock: oh.

*while watching Jim with a certain girl. He’s met his match (she put him in his place)*

The Circle of Life

Remember when the Red Skull’s daughter rescued Frodo?

Who’s best friend was was Magneto…

Who was enemies with Captain Picard…

And when he was younger was turned into stone by the White Witch and revived by Qui Gon Jin…

Who later met Bolivar Trask…

Who Katniss tried to kill…

Who dated Rocket Racoon…

Who was in the Guardians of the Galaxy with Uhura…


Who married the Incredible Hulk…

Whose girlfriend is Arwen…

Whose dad is Agent Smith…

Ta Da!

  • Chekov: Klingons... I hate Klingons... So what’s the plan for getting past these guys?
  • Kirk: Live bait.
  • Chekov: Good idea... HEY!
  • Kirk: What? We need a diversion.
  • Chekov: Well what do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?!
  • -timeskip-
  • Chekov: *dressed as a hula dancer* LUAU!
Lion Trek Collab?

Ok so I’m thinking of doing a bunch of maybe “screen-shot” style artwork for Lion Trek, anyone want to help? The idea is drawing the animals and making them look more Trekkie. 

Scenes I want to attempt to do (in no particular order right now):

  • Jim (Simba) & Pike (Mufasa) looking at the stars
  • Jim (Simba) & Spock (Nala) taunting Bones (Zazu)
  • Khan (Scar) & Jim (Simba) in “our little secret”
  • Khan (Scar) & Pike (Mufasa) in “long live the king”
  • Jim (Simba) & Spock (Nala) in “Can you feel the love”
  • Jim (Simba) & Spock Prime (Rafiki) the past does hurt scene
  • Jim (Simba) & Scotty (Timone) & Keenser (Pumba) Hakuna Matata
  • Jim (Simba) & Spock (Nala) in the elephant graveyard
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