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  • Me Before Antidepressants: I'm very aware of how antidepressants work but things are not that bad so I don't think they'd be a big help or worth the effort.
  • Me after Antidepressants: [sky opens up to brilliant sunlight and the fucking Lion King theme starts playing] HOLY SHIT.

Ok but imagine Bucky watching the Lion King II and being like: “who modeled a fucking lion after me!?”


I decided to try making an egg giveway ! 

So here’s what inside the eggs :

1. Kirin with moss cape !
2. Hypogriff Lion themed !
3. Seal merpony blue striped !

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Reasons to watch March Comes in Like a Lion
  • amazing music/ themes, Bump of Chicken does the first OP/ED
  • amazinger animation
  • poetry-like dialog and imagery
  • mc has probably one of the most accurate portrayals of depression I’ve ever seen, especially in anime
  • if Van Gogh paintings and art from The Little Prince is your aesthetic, you already know it’s beautiful
  • incredible scenery
  • Smith
  • the cats
  • metaphoric image representation for emotion
  • you won’t like Shimada very much at first but he is the sweetest cinnamon roll
  • dynamic characters
  • you will learn about shogi without even trying, and it’ll make you want to learn how to actually play it
  • the cats have voices for their thoughts
Send me a ship: JJ x Yurio
  • Who said “I love you” first JJ
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background surprise, both of them have themselves
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror JJ
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts Yurio loves giving JJ lion-themed gifts
  • Who initiated the first kiss Yurio
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning JJ
  • Who starts tickle fights JJ and Yurio hates it he doesn’t
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower JJ
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch Yurio with his amazing cooking skills
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date both of them
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders JJ, sorry boy
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk Yurio

On the left is my Holly Blue cosplay and on the right is my jasper cosplay. By the time my Jasper photo happened, I already transitioned to my Jasper ballgown.

I only did Steven universe cosplays this last weekend at Sakuracon.
It was so much fun!

But boy howdy am I tired of body paint. So much so, that I told my self my next costume has to have no bodypaint. So maybe something lion themed xD

Super fun con, but made me long for my home con. Kumoricon is happening in October in Portland Oregon and I’m super excited for it!!!!

Oh! More photos of both of these costumes to come. Just gotta get some of the photos back! 😊

thefeministbae  asked:

Hey Nuuky! Do you still play Acnl? I've just started to play and would like to know if you have a dream code or town adress so I can see new city styles and such? Sorry if Im bothering you!

I DO !! i am still playing regularly, rn i am trying to complete all my encyclopedias and get all badges 💪💪
i have 2 acnl games, but i like this town one more even if it isn’t perfect, still lots to do;;; i wanted my town look like an actual wood so lots of trees and bushes, no ground patterns but lots of clover, i hope you like it!

Kenny Omega - All Hearts Return For The Holidays.

Kenny Omega - Who’s in the Christmas spirit? xD  Reader is a retired wrestler and her and Kenny spend their first Christmas together with their newborn son. Really fluffy.

- Warnings - Fluffffff

Word Count - 1,159 words.

Requested by: Anon.

A/N - If you’d like to be tagged in any future fics, feel free to message/ask us :)

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You stretched your arms and rolled onto your side as the sharp crack of your back reverberated around your and Kenny’s shared room. The soft winter sun seeped through tiny cracks in the shutters- the light momentarily blinding your dazed irises. You lazily slumped your arm to grab your phone off the bedside table, only to realise how much time you’d actually spent under the warm sheets of your king sized bed… Then another thought crept over your mind; the sole fact that your barely one-month-old son, Brayden should have already woken you up by now with his never-ending pitiful wails. Hastily, you pulled on your pink, silk robe and scurried down the hallway to your son’s room; already in a pure state of panic - the mess of a person which instantly vanished as you stepped through the door. Warm tears seemed to well up in your eyes as your heart warmed seeing the far too familiar muscular build of you husband, rocking your newborn back and forth in his arms, in a successful attempt to comfort him. The rapid thumps echoing in your chest returned to their normal pace as you simply stood, staring at your perfect little family and only when you saw the small little reindeer hanging in the corner of Brayden’s room did you remember that it was in fact, Christmas Morning.

Your frame toppled to the side, consequently creating a small creak as you leant against the pristine white door frame. That feeling never quite goes away, the moment the love of your life looks you straight in the eyes; the exact moment butterflies take over your entire body, causing your knees to quake in complete adoration. And just hearing his voice after 2 months of him being on the road, well that was the star on top of the tree. “Merry Christmas baby.”

“Kenny, I thought you weren’t back ‘til later!?” You exclaimed, your bare feet stepping from the hard, cold wood to the plush carpet as you began walking towards your boys.

The mere sight of Kenny holding the tiny bundle of joy delicately in his arms made this Christmas all the more merrier, “Couldn’t miss this morning could I?” His raspy tone spoke above the light melody playing from the lion-themed mobile hanging above Brayden’s crib.

You wrapped both hands lovingly around Kenny’s arms, resting your forehead on his perfectly chiseled biceps. Looking down upon the ever-so-slightly blushed cheeks of your newborn along with the tight curls forming on their head, it seemed almost impossible to see this moment as anything less than perfect. Kenny was just such a natural with Brayden… ever since he was born he just seemed to have those fatherly instincts- it was just a shame Kenny had to miss a good portion of the first month doing his shows; even if he was kick-ass at doing them. It would be an understatement to say you didn’t miss Kenny like absolute crazy whilst he was away but the single fact that he was here with you on what was the most magical day of the year was more than enough for you. The tiny body of Brayden was cautiously handed to you, Kenny being 100% sure that you had hold of him before releasing his hands. 

With Brayden nuzzled closely to the crook of your neck and Kenny to your side, you made your way downstairs, eager to begin the day that holds no stress at all; something you were so used to in your previous hectic career. Reaching the living room, your mouth instantly fell agape as you saw the tree, literally bombarded with tons of wrapped presents, masses more than were there last night. “Kenny, did you actually get this many presents for us!? Are you serious!?” You shrieked seeing all the tiny boxes, tied with cutely coloured ribbon along with the huge tags with yours and your sons’ names on.

“No, question is; are you serious? Obviously, it was Santa Claus.” Kenny winked at you, simultaneously heading to the decked out tree, grasping onto two silver boxes. 

“Oh yeah, well who knew Santa had a six-pack.” You sat Brayden onto Kenny’s lap, picking up your present as you watched Kenny hand your son his. You weren’t the one to neatly fold away the wrapping paper; instead more of the ‘I’ll use my claws’ approach to be completely honest. For that reason, your gift seemed to be revealed in nothing but a matter of seconds. “Oh my god Kenny, you didn’t…” Anybody at this point would think he’d got you a ring, or some nice perfume you’d spotted on one of your recent shopping trips but no… Kenny being Kenny decided to get you an all-black onesie with the bullet club logo branded across the front.

“I did” He chuckled before turning to Brayden, playfully motioning his hands up and down as he had a gentle hold on your son’s dainty wrists. “Now let’s open yours shall we buddy, go ahead.”

It was unbearably adorable, witnessing your husband interact with the product of purely your love in this way. But jeez… the silence in the atmosphere at this moment was insanely thick. Both of you were sat staring at each other with entirely different expression etched upon your faces; his simply of delight, yours read pure confusion. “Hold up, did you really think our one-month-old son can open a present!? He can’t even control when he poops yet Kenny?”

Kenny raised an eyebrow at you and moments later turn to a quiet Brayden. “Yes, nothing’s impossible. I mean if he’s my kid, he’s sure as hell gonna be able to do it.” He spoke, ruffling the small tufts of hair sprouting from your kids head.

What was he implying right now? “Kenny, are you seriously considering Brayden not being your child- look at him, he’s literally a miniature you.” You snarled, your eyebrows closely furrowed together.

“No don’t be stupid, I just thought it was worth a shot you know? Maybe he’s like secretly superman.” Kenny began to rip open the paper covering your baby’s gift, pulling out a much smaller version of the present in which you’d just received. 

“Jeez I love you so damn much Kenny, I don’t actually think you understand.” You leant over, pecking your lips upon his ever-so-slightly stubbled cheek, placing another delicately on the crown of your son’s head. Kenny wasn’t usually the one to go over the top on celebrating anything but you were damn sure, he was going to make his baby’s first Christmas one to remember, whether that means spending an overly large amount of his hard earned money spoiling the people he loved most. Not that you would be the one to complain anyway… He made sure to make it a certainty that this day would mark the end of one of the most momentous years with a day full of happiness, nothing short.

A/N - Kenny fic’s done, Sorry if this isn’t up to scratch with my other ones, I don’t really know what happened; I just don’t feel like this is my best work at all ;/ Well I hope it was alright Anon :)


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