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A Blue CatAstrophe!

Lance isn’t missing, he’s right there. It was an accident, how he’d ended up ‘missing’, but Blue said that there should be some cure for this. He wished he was human again, so he could comfort his team with the knowledge that he wasn’t dead. But no, he’s a cat, and the only way to make sure they smile is to knock all the pens to the ground, chase some string, and occasionally wake up his crush and idol up from a nightmare and almost get smacked across the room by accident. Well, okay, that last one had to be mended since he was apparently a good stress reliever if you ran your hands down his back… too bad it wouldn’t happen if he was a human. So, for now, he’ll deal with being a brown and darker brown swirled tabby kitten for just a little bit longer. Purrrrrrrr…..

A Cat Au, where Lance becomes a cat and hell ensues.

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There was a Pride Parade in Israel today, so I doodled my OTP holding their flags according to my headcanons!!

Will with Pansexual flag and Lion with nonbinary flag and pride flag!!

Happy Pride month!!


Kusanagi ups the game by speaking in italics AND bold and I find it unnecessarily hilarious because what does that mean in terms of tone of voice. Does he get louder? Does his voice drop another octave and rumble through the grains of the earth?

It’s not even that much of an important statement, so I have to assume that this is just how arguments work with these people. Rather than raising their voices they just start speaking in different font styles until everyone else stops objecting.

Which is absolutely not what’s happening but I love it and I’m keeping it.

ALSO: ACTUAL PLOT POINT. Kamui just being entirely apathetic to everything that isn’t related to water AND/OR Fuuma is such a nice introspection into what his character could have turned into in X/1999 if he had gone the other direction. In that storyline he chose his friends and protecting others over his own interests (and the idea of actually fulfilling his own wishes takes a long time for him to relearn). This is the opposite. Kamui has made the opposite character growth; he’s only focussed on what he himself wants, to the complete exclusion of everyone and everything else.


Soldier 76- a canine
Reaper- Puma
Genji- Snow Leopard
Tracer- Cheetah
Pharah- Falcon
Sombra- Jaguar
McCree- Wolf

Bastion- iDog
Widowmaker- ???
Mei- ???
Torbjörn- Beaver
Hanzo- Snow Leopard

Junkrat- Gerbil

Reinhardt- Lion
Zarya- Polar Bear
D.Va- Bunny
Winston- Nothing has changed.
Orisa- Robo Elephant or Bug
Roadhog- Boar

Mercy- Dove
Lucio- Frog
Ana- Falcon
Symmetra- a feline of sorts
Zenyatta- Robo bird

This is literally all I have. There will be art for it. Give me suggestions. P l e a s e.
Another Voltron Theory

You know how when you turn your car off without putting it in park, it’ll stall out and you get stuck? Or, obviously, if you were to just yank the battery out of a car, it’s going to stop working?

At the end of “Blackout”, we see Black lying on her side, unresponsive. From what we’ve seen thus far in the show, when a paladin leaves their respective lion, the lion is left sitting upright with the particle barrier activated, unless their paladin is close by or the lion is down for the count. As far as we know, the latter may be the case in Black’s situation, especially considering the battle they just completed. Taking that into account, she should be back up and running by season three, much like she recovered in S2E1.


If we go with the paladins as batteries theory that @sassafrassrex, @velkynkarma, @bosstoaster, @thehouseofthebrave, and @ashinan in particular came up with, it would make sense why the Black Lion was unresponsive. Her “battery” was yanked out of her/vanished before the connection between her and Shiro was properly disengaged, so she stalled.

So the question: Will Keith be able to restart Black without her original “key” or battery, aka Shiro, remaking the connection and finishing the sequence? Or will she be out of commission until Shiro returns?  Does it matter which “battery” is in place for her to function, regardless of how she was disconnected from the previous battery?



Comfy Clothes for Cullen Stanton Rutherford of Honnleath from Dragon Age

Black Lion Tank top x / Red Open Tunic x

Grey Long Sleeve Shirt x / Dark Brown Pants x

Inquisition Pendant x / Cullen’s Lucky Coin x

For @skies-of-stars-and-light I hope you like it

~Mod Ernest


Fancy Goldfish by g.m.kennedy

generalzargon  asked:

...Hey there, sorry if I'm bothering you, but I just really have to mention the AU idea that Tsuna is actually a shapeshifting lion, and his mom is too. And not just a regular lion, I mean like he's related to the Nemean Lion, is a bit bigger than a tank in lion form, and thus a real monster lion, complete with impenetrable hide. And no one has any clue until after he's appointed Vongola Decimo. PS, Nana finds it hilarious that Iemitsu's nickname was 'The Young Lion of Vongola'.

In the end I was unable to write a fic for it ;A; i am weak. 

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