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What if Steven went through public schooling along side learning gem stuff?


- Showing off his gem in like kindergarten but not being able to use it
- Human History with Bird Mom
- REFUSING to comb his hair until he’s like..13, and then everyone being confused because his hair is just super curly but if he doesn’t comb it it becomes an afro
- Being super annoyed with English classes because he thought itd be writing stories but it’s just essays
- Every April fools day he does SOMETHING with shapeshifting
- In P.E. classes discovering his gem strength and making sure to be much more careful
- Quartz growth spurts where he gets like a foot taller in just a few months, then stops growing for long periods of time
- Eventually being at least a head taller than everyone he knows BC quartz build
- Hating desks as he gets taller because his legs get all cramped
- Discovering wrestling and joining school teams
- Shapeshifting to look like an adult to skip class with friends–then getting caught and chastised by Pearl and Garnet. But cheered on my amethyst
- Willing to fight anyone who is fatphobic anywhere anytime
- Enjoying history and math and constantly asking questions about them to his teachers, sometimes even annoying them with his enthusiasm
- Joining choirs and performing in musical dramas (shapeshifting makes for some WILD costume changes..)
- Bringing gem tech from Pearl into Show and Tells when he’s young
- One time Steven got really pissed off and a door handle bent to his hand after he used it. Nobody asked him why.
- Inexplicably being friends with EVERYONE
- Having to awkwardly explain his absences due to gem missions
- Coming to school running on coffee and 2 hours of sleep after a gem mission in high school
- MESSING UP bullies
- Being super annoyed in highschool because he’s that one student bending down to get through doorways and everyone always makes “how’s the weather up there” jokes
- People flirting with him and he just doesn’t know how to respond at ALL
- Riding lion to school
- That one time a gem corruption came on campus, and everyone saw Steven kick its butt and bubble it. Nobody asks how.
- Sneaking healing spit onto friends who got hurt
- Pearl crying on his first day of school
- Garnet walking in on mile time day, telling the P.E. Teacher every students mile time, then walking away
- Going all-out on artsy projects and stuff
- “Why do you smell like roses all the time?”
- Going into astronomy/architecture in college because “going into a medical field feels like cheating”
- The Gems telling Steven he should get 2nd place in nationals wrestling because getting 1st would be suspicious (imagine the scene from the Incredibles with dash in the race)
- People always get confused and slightly afraid during his quartz growth spurts because he’s always eating or looking to buy food during them. People swear he’s glowing sometimes.
- Food fights with a shield
- Garnet spending a solid 30 minutes talking a teacher into a corner in a debate on whether or not Steven’s hair is too long and needs to be cut. Steven gets to keep growing out his hair.
- This one time Steven only got like an hour of sleep in a week and someone pulled his hair as a joke, he threw them down a hallway (they weren’t hurt but were pretty shaken).
- Visiting Connies speech and debate tournaments and getting stares because everyone’s wearing suits and stuff and he’s there with a tank top and gym shorts
- In P.E. he almost got suspended in high school because he got into a sort of contest of who could lift more with someone he didn’t like and ended up breaking a bench press machine but adding too much weight
- Using his shield to ride down staircases like a slide
- Giving his biology teacher a hamster grape
- Cooking clubs!!
- Being a guide for freshman coming into high school when he’s a senior and immediately regretting the decision once he starts talking to them because none of them will stop making height jokes
- Pearl WEEPING because she’s proud of Steven for getting into Empire City University with a full scholarship from wrestling
- “Can you drive?” “No. I have a magic lion that can travel via portals.”
- The football coach trying to convince Steven to play football, and Steven is vaguely interested, but Pearl REFUSES to let him play
- Really intense truth or dare games. One time he snuck into a club with shapeshifting from one of them.
- Always having a pair of headphones. ALWAYS.
- Forgetting homework and getting it from home during passing periods because Lion can get him to school and back in like a minute
- Somehow managing to be late sometimes just because “oh, I have lion, I’ll be on time” so he sleeps in then realizes school starts in 2 minutes and he hasn’t even put a shirt on
- Figuring out how to fuse somewhat reliably, and fusing with friends at school
- Randomly disappearing from the campus for quick gem missions during lunch
- He’s bumped his head in doorways more times than he can count.
- Stevens 1-4 grade teachers low-key hating Garnet because every time she comes over at least one child gets into her hair and she almost walks out with them because she doesn’t realize
- One time Steven tried to go to a parent teacher conference by himself because “I’m my own mom”

Honestly I love the idea of Steven going through public schooling and college so much.

Leo - Demon Darling 

Leo is a fire sign, and the heart is an organ of fire. The beat of the heart energises Leo physically and spiritually, it symbolises a spiritual centre. The aura of Leo is a temple of worship, this is where the Goddesses gather to imbibe glory, courage, and honour. The emotional force of Leo represents the radiance of the sun, and it nourishes in a similar way. Leo intelligence is the heart of the mind, they dance as one, there is no separating love and Leo. This is why the Leo is capable of tremendous bliss and ascension, they can focus solely on the echo of a heartbeat, the music of their pulse, so everything disappears but the cosmic heart, and this is the ultimate rapture of Leo. The heart is not just a mechanical organ. We know this by the way it flutters when we are moved and aches when we are broken. Leos mobilise off pure instinct, the lion roaring in the ego’s cage. The Mother Goddess is facilitates the divine expression of Leo, it is She who holds the lion’s mouth in her hands, it is She who can tame its godly exuberance. In its highest form, the Leo’s pride, arrogance, and vanity is transmuted to the inner Mother and released to the demons in return for the heart’s wisdom, purification, and awakenings. Alice Bailey says that the first great battle is undertaken in Leo, the second being in Scorpio. The demons of the ego, the mind without the heart are slain here. Cats (Leo) are sacred to Kali, she domesticates it, she summons fury against those who harm female cats,  she rides a lion into battle, and slices its ego’s desires. The Divine Mother expresses through the heart of Leo, and its this inner goddess whom can guide them to dispel the pain and complexes generated by the demons of the mind. It is Leo’s tremendous cosmic contract to burn these demons in the fire of their heart.


(art: kurtis rykovich)

Gem Things Steven Has Inherited.

1.) A malleable, stretchy form.

2.) A natural protective instinct for his homeland.

3.) Personal space? What’s what?

4.) A talent for dancing and singing.

5.) Like other gems we’ve met, an urge to hide darker emotions.

6.) Very independent for a boy his age, especially compared to other children. When he wants to do something important, he wants to do it alone.

7.) Magic, of course.

8.) Stronger than most humans his size.

9.) His body ages with his mind.

10.) Sense of humor, while more advanced, is still very literal; relies on puns, and is not always understood by those around him.

11.) T E E TH

Medieval AU

Medieval AU where the lions are actual lions that they ride into battle.

Keith has a sword and shield
Lance has a crossbow/bow and arrow
Pidge has daggers
Hunk has throwing knives
Shiro has a gauntlet that has a blade on it. (He’s still amputated)

Allura is a princess of an empire that was burned by king Zarkons empire, only her and Coran survived. Zarkon wants to take over the entire world.

That’s when a unit called Voltron is formed, using the best fighters from the lands that are fighting against zarkon and his forces, is a multiple year long process but the fighters raise their lions from cubs, bonding with them. Everyone gets badass armour based on their weapons and how much they need to move, they wear colour-coordinated war paint. The lions also get armour and war paint :3


Is it fanfic worthy?

shance prince/knight + reincarnation au
  • it takes place 10,000 years ago, when altea was still a planet full of life ruled by king alfor. the people were so happy they had festivals every month, celebrating nothing more than just being alive
  • lance is a very curious and adventurous prince. he explores the forest - no one can find him for hours, he knows every secret passage, he plays with the lions in the gardens (they have Real space lions as pets) and he’s the only one who can ride them. lance is young and so alive, he’s got the wind in his hair and a dream in his eyes and a song in his heart.
  • but zarkon started a war against the universe. lance can’t ride the lions through the fields anymore, the royal family and every altean is in danger. that doesn’t stop lance from sneaking out though, it’s a guard that does. not any guard, the king’s best soldier is put to have his eyes on lance full time.
  • shiro is a rescued prisoner that serves the king to show his eternal gratitude. his pale skin, grey eyes and dark black hair makes him stand out, not to mention the round, small ears. so of course lance has seen him before, hell he even had a small crush on the guy, he was a hero!
  • lance’s first instinct when his father break the news that he has a bodyguard is to flirt with shiro, the man was a piece of cake after all. you know the cheesiest pick up line you can think of? that’s the one he uses. shiro is unaffected by it, not even a roll of eyes like king alfor’s. nothing. nada. that really pisses lance off for some reason. two hours go by and lance ramble a lot but all shiro do is listen, no answer except a few head shakes, that just makes lance really fucking annoyed.
  • lance calling shiro a babysitter and stomping his feet around the palace and just being a little brat cause shiro’s lack of words is annoying the fuck out of him.
  • lance avoids shiro so he can sneak out, but every time he tries shiro always catches him in the act. it’s been a week since lance last left the castle and he’s starting to lose his mind, he feels like the walls are closing upon him.
  • “if you come outside with me technically we wouldn’t be disobeying my father’s orders right? you’ll be protecting me the whole time!” and with that lance gets to go out of the palace, feel the wind in his hair and the dirty under his feet again. lance thinks he might have seen shiro smile but it was too dark to tell.
  • it becomes a habit, they sneak out every night. they climb trees, race through the flower fields, shiro can even ride a lion (and that makes lance very impressed), lance’s jokes make shiro smile and this time he can see it properly under the moonlight.
  • they never hold a two way conversation, it’s always lance talking and shiro listening. the silences that were so cold have gotten warmer night by night. so have lance’s curiosity to hear shiro’s voice.
  • “why do you never talk back to me, shiro? is it some kind of rule from my father?” lance questions in the dim lights of his bedroom when they get back from another sneak out. to that, shiro lowers the collar of his uniform, revealing an ugly scar on his throat. lance just quietly gasps and shiro hides it again, looking nervous, as if he was ashamed of it. lance reaches for his collar and looks up at shiro, silently asking for permission. once he gives a quick nod, lance pulls the hard fabric down and looks at the rough patch of skin. he traces it gently with his fingers before kissing it softly. “it’s alright” is all he says to shiro, who only bows before leaving the room.  
  • neither of them get any of sleep that night. both thinking about each other and their feelings.
  • lance opens up about his insecurities to shiro, about feeling like a replacement, always being second, no one trusting him with important issues, that he could prove himself if someone would just let him try.
  • zarkon’s empire grows stronger, harder to fight against. no one could stop him from reaching altea. it’s the middle of the night when zarkon attacks.
  • lance is swept off his feet by the sound of his door bursting open and shiro picking him up from his bed. he soon realizes what is going on and holds tight onto his bodyguard, his friend.
  • the king is in his armor shouting orders to everyone, including shiro. ordering him to go into the battlefield.
  • lance sees his father push allura into a healing pod and he knows he’s next. lance can’t let go of shiro, he just can’t, not even on his father’s command.
  • “i can’t let you go” from lance is what makes shiro kiss the tear-eyed prince. it just makes their hearts heavier, it’s a goodbye kiss.
  • next thing, lance is being pushed into a healing pod, being left behind, by the man he loves so dearly. maybe in another life they would share a happier kiss.
  • lance opens his eyes like he had closed them just seconds ago, his heart still aches and his lips still tingles. he falls forward but is caught by strong arms that feel oh just so familiar, just like that time when he fell from a tree. he looks up to meet with grey, warm eyes. maybe he’s dead after all.
  • “are you alright?” shiro speaks. lance can’t seem to do the same, he’s too in shock, his eyes starting to water. something was incredibly wrong but right at the same time.
  • allura touches his shoulder and explains to him that they’ve been asleep for 10,000 years. lance looks at shiro, his shiro, reincarnated.
  • he can see the differences; the scar on his nose, the white patch of hair, the metal arm, but above all that, his voice. lance looks at shiro so heart-brokenly cause he doesn’t remember him. shiro doesn’t remember riding lions, climbing trees, kissing lance. and it hurts.
  • for the next weeks lance avoids everyone, it’s hard to get used to the idea that you’ve never existed to the man you love while you’ve been dreaming of him for thousands of years. but shiro is alive again, they’re together, sort of. he should be happy, shouldn’t he?
  • except shiro had always had dreams about a dark-skinned boy with shiny blue eyes but he didn’t know it meant anything until he saw lance falling into his arms that day. now, faint flashes of memories are coming back but shiro can’t piece them together, everything is too confusing.
  • lance is around more often, though he carries a sad look on his face and heavy shoulders. they don’t notice lance’s ears moving slightly when shiro enters the room, his eyes glimmering whenever shiro speaks (except allura).
  • the voice lance craved to hear for so long, it’s the most beautiful sound he has ever heard, nothing like he had imagined. he often tears up whenever he listens to it for too long, when shiro explains battle tactics, lance has to excuse himself.
  • lance isn’t aware of shiro’s intrigued eyes on him and shiro isn’t aware of lance’s melancholic stares.
  • they find themselves alone one night, it’s awkward, like the first time they sneaked out together. lance smiles fondly at the thought and shiro likes to see him smile. shiro tries small talk, maybe if they talk more he will know what is that feeling inside him whenever the prince is around. but this time is lance’s time to just nod, he’d break down crying if he said something.
  • shiro makes a horrible joke and lance can’t help but snort at the other. the atmosphere around them becomes a lot lighter after that.
  • they find themselves often drawn to one another, always accidentally being alone in a room, teasing, brushing hands, bumping shoulders.
  • they are falling in love all over again.
  • they dance around each other for weeks, pining for days. lance reviving his rather fresh memories and shiro trying to grasp his very old ones.
  • it’s when coran is rambling about using a memory device to reactivate old useful memories of his about crystals that lance’s mind clicks.
  • “do you trust me?” lance asks one night, hand stretched to shiro, who doesn’t need to think twice. lance takes shiro to the room where he and allura connect with their father’s memory. lance plugs the device on shiro’s temples and waits.
  • the memories come to shiro in a rush, all together but clear nonetheless. when the device is turned off his eyes are wild, manic. he has fallen on his knees, his breathing accelerated, heart racing as fast as the night he pushed lance into that healing pod. everything is suddenly so clear. it’s been so long.
  • lance is staring at shiro, big hopeful blue eyes full of melancholia, when shiro rips the plugs off his head and pulls lance down into his arms. that feeling in his chest settling down for the first time in his life.
  • shiro says the three words to lance’s ear, just for him to hear. neither of them can hold back tears when their lips meet, a welcome back kiss.


  • shiro and lance going to the last altean festival before zarkon’s attack together. shiro has never been to one so lance insists on taking him. he drags shiro everywhere and he can tell shiro is having fun. lance pulls him to dance and they spin around under the glowing stars, knowing deep down that when they stopped they would have already fallen.

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