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At first it made no sense to me that lotor’s generals would turn on him so quick- I mean, we’ve seen them be intensely loyal to him even when exiled/hated by the rest of the empire. Their interactions in s3 showed that not only is the gang loyal to one another, they’re very closely bonded- a foil to voltron, in a sense. Lotor is the most cunning intelligent villain we’ve had yet, so his right hand women would not be chosen so lightly. He doesn’t dismiss them when they question him or ask him to change plans- they question him and he explains truthfully, a huge indicator of this trust and bond. He dismisses all others cruelly (I.e. Haggar) or fools them into following him only to take revenge after they submit (Throk). 

But then I realized, that’s the thing. In episode 3 of this season lotor irreparably breaks that trust, that familial bond, through the very ruthless calculations that got him so far in s3. 

When narti becomes compromised- when she becomes a liability- lotor’s response isn’t to knock her out and figure out a way to fix her. He doesn’t explain anything to his generals either. There were no team decisions or cooperation. He realizes the leak, and eliminates it before it can get more out of hand. 

And if lotor did that to one of the people he trusts most in the universe, who knows if- or when- he would have turned on his other generals, if something similar happened to them?

And that begs the question if lotor’s team was a parallel to voltron is this foreshadowing for the real rift in team voltron aka is clone shiro still a thing cuz fuCK

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Day 3: Home/Family

Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars.”


Yes… So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you … And so will I.