lion pokemon


Sorry I’m late to the party with this pokemon crossbreed meme, I had finals all week and was just itching to draw these cool cats! I tried to make breeds that would represent real life wild cats, cause really I’ll take any excuse to draw those.


THE ACTUAL FINAL FINALE of Movie Obsessions #3: Tonight PT2

Oyy hope ya saw Part 1. I worked hard on those >:c

Sorry I can’t draw sexy, they end up more cute or kawaii………. kawexy.
Maybe I should’ve just have her kissing his cheek. I dunno. You tell me.  Either way I’m dead on the inside.

I may not see em romantically involved with eachother in the actual series but boiiii, gimme a well constructed AU with ‘em and I’ll give em the most classy wedding, 38 beautiful children, an economically stable life and love all around for all I care.


HIT THAT REBLOG BUTTON if ya heard it in their voices- HAH!

I put she cuz Musashi’s the one living with them in the AU…. or… are they living with her?……. nah totally the first one.

Folks thanks for sticking around and having to put up with my obsession, I’ll apologize if needed LeL.


In the past few days, I decided to try drawing daily doodles in order to try and draw more. I get pretty busy and art block doesn’t help so hahah. I’m not that great at traditional art yet but it’s a lot of fun to squeeze in doodles whenever I can. Apparently, I can find time to draw easier than I thought.

Traditional doodles are easier to do than digital doodles though. In terms of having enough time at least. For the most part, the photo set is in the order I drew them ^o^

[ Please don’t use my art without permission or credit while of course adding credit ]