lion pits

What will the Sakamaki and Mukami do at the Zoo

Shu: He be sleeping on bench or likely be in tigers pit because “Someone” put him there

Reiji: “The one who will put Shu in the tigers pit.” He will be talking to everyone about different animals and might lead the tour

Ayato: Ayato would be happy and drag you to different place and he even will be the idiot one to try and get inside of lions pit just to show you he can train one

Kanato: He be in penguin pit trying to gather as many penguin as he can and start a riot at the zoo of course Reiji have to convince him to not do that

Laito: He would flirt bit but if you get too jealous he kiss you. Laito doesn’t mind the animals but he do enjoy coming during “Mating season”

Subaru: Subaru be bored with just staring all animals except for lions pit. He did enjoy seeing lions attacking Ayato

Kino: He be playing Pokemon Go and wouldn’t pay attention what going on until he is being chase by penguin

Ruki: Ruki would tell you about different animals like Reiji and will be keeping a close eyes on Azusa

Kou: He do concerts there!!! Kou would annoy Subaru lots too and tease him how he is a car. Kou would buy ton of animals related stuff for his lover including collar~

Yuma: He be watching the tiger pit laughing and waited for Shu to be eaten. He enjoy the bears pit most because for some reason he loves bears

Azusa: He would try to go inside of elephant pit in which Ruki have to stop him. Azusa loves the sea lions and elephants (He want to be step on by elephant)

by acquired he means stole
rein walked into a zoo, jumped into the lion pit, wrestled full grown lions, and took a cub. he just. he fucking took it, guys. he was dared to.

Fairy Tail 446 Reactions

.The colored cover

Makarov crying

Natsu and the rest of the guild comforting him

New enemy shows up

Natsu’s arm is shaking aGAIN

Makarov tells them not to fight

Natsu and Wendy keep having motion sickness

Ajeel made that sand monster thing

Lucy’s butt on Natsu. Nalu((:

Gray changing form

Lucy’s Sagittarius form

Gray’s ice-make silver

Lucy’s starshot

Ajeel’s “Ant Lion Larva Pit”

Their guild marks are changing back

Natsu’s going to be fighting next chapter. Good luck Ajeel.

Chapter as a whole: