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Why would an anti make a comprehensive list of shippers for a community NOTORIOUS for sending death threats and suicide bait and then tell them not to do those things? Also I love how they told shippers "you've made your bed now lie in it". Like no. You're actively supporting harassment but ok. I hope that helps you sleep at night because 6 different anons have put suicide bait into my inbox. All I've done is reblog sheith and shance art occasionally cuz I like supporting artists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s literally like throwing someone into a pit of lions and telling the lions ‘not to eat the person’ and when the person gets killed they’re like “well I told the lions not to eat them!” like are you actually that ignorant to think this isn’t your fault at all

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                    I’m Geo! I’ll be your host for this blog and I hope you enjoy
                          your stay, just like Gabe, I’m like a lion cub but a lion cub in
                          a pit of marshmallows.

The House of Varcour, for example, sprawls in the hot, swampy south, and they are fond of sending huge lizard-lions to the gaming pits.

GRRM, A Beast For Norn, in Tuf Voyaging, 1986.

Seems that GRRM likes his pets and concepts. Great (and truly not very noble) Houses, lizard-lions and gaming pits mentioned in the same sentence here, years before A Song of Ice and Fire was ever thought of.


A collection of songs that would have been given to my significant other on a 1970s compact cassette tape if: a) it were the 1970s or b) I had a significant other.

1. First Love - The Maccabees
2. West Coast - Coconut Records
3. I Belong In Your Arms - Chairlift
4. Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
5. Interlude (That's Love) - Chance the Rapper
6. Melrose - Childish Gambino
7. Latch (Acoustic) - Sam Smith
8. Not Enough - Carousel
9. I Would Die 4 V - CHVRCHES
10. For Emma - Bon Iver
11. Romanticise - Chela
12. Riptide - Vance Joy
13. Constant Conversations - Passion Pit
14. Love, Love, Love - As Tall As Lions
15. Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It - Stars
16. Eyes - Rogue Wave


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Hii! Could you do how Ace, Sabo, Luffy, Law, Zoro, Sanji, and Aokiji would be as parents?

Hello there my friend and yes!

Ace: honestly he’s the “haha here son jump through this ring of fire i made while riding on the back of a sea king” kind of dad ok but when he really puts his mind to his parenting abilities, he’d 194739% be the most fun dad to have. he’d always take his kid(s) on cool little adventures and tell them (lies) about how marco is actually the product of a pineapple and a bird. also he’d keep his kid(s) occupied with lame jokes and cool ass fire tricks bUT IF YOU FCKIN LAY A FINGER ON HIS LITTLE BABY CHILD THEN UR LIFE IS GONE MATE HE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND PROBABLy BURN YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP THEYRE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD’S CORRUPTED HANDS

Sabo: ok listen right up sabo would be more of a mom than a dad ok have u seen the way he is around luffy OK ANYWAY sabo would give this kid the whole entire world. he’d come home every day with like different presents and shit and he’d be like “here treasure this. i know it’s only a rock but the way it sparkled reminded me of you my child. this will be useful one day” and he’d always try to meet the kid’s needs EVERY TIME. he’d constantly tell his kiddo the adventures he had when he was a young’un. also he’d always have the urge to just pick up the child and hold it foreVER and just HUG it because THIS IS SABO’S CHILD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. sabo would also be a very protective parent so watch out man he’ll probably shove that pipe of his right down your throat if you looked at his kid the wrong way. 

Luffy: luffy literally has no filter around anyone and this would include children so he’d be yapping some pg-13 shit as his child sat on his lap. aside from the lack of filtering in this boy, he’d always give those random motivational speeches to his kid in the most irrelevant situations like if his kid was being potty trained luffy would be like “if you give up now, what’s the point? where’s the fun in giving up when you can achieve this and continue on to do greater things?”. luffy would also make sure that his kid was the strongest little shit on the whole entire planet so every day he’d give his kid fighting lessons. he would be THAT parent who leaves their kid in a goddamn washing machine ok. he would also be THAT parent who doesn’t see any wrong with suspending their child over a pit of lions like hey guys i don’t see the big deal here. if he sees his child cry he’s gonna find whoever did it and make them cry tears of bLOOD

Law: *amount of dark circles under eyes rapidly increase*
that’s it
that’s all there is to know about law being a parent
though if you fuck with his kid he’ll probably replace your head with a cannonball 

Zoro: “where is the off button” -zoro 11238018203% of the time. zoro would be so serious about parenting even though he fucks up 100% of the time, like he’d return from a nice long walk only to realize that he left his goddamn child somewhere during that walk and then his face would darken and he’d say “they can’t defend themselves i must locate them and protect them at any cost or else my honor will shrivel up and die” (that’s somewhat of an exaggeration ok). he’d give his kid a 4 hour training session TWICE a day EVERY day. zoro ain’t got time for helpless toddlers man. 

Sanji: legit the best father. if his child was a girl, he’d spoil the god honest shit out of her (as he fills the role as the stereotypical protective father) and he probably wouldn’t even let any of the male members of the crew be around her. he’d probably make those boys sign a waver that says that they can only be around her as long as they’re about 982938402384028304802384 meters away. if his child was a boy, he’d teach him all the ways of the lovely kitchen, and of course, all the ways of winning a woman’s heart. his kid would be the greatest heartthrob at the solid age of 3. if you fuck with his little sunshines you will have a permanent shoe print right on your ass for the rest of your life #truth

Aokiji: he would be so chill with his child (pun intended). “oh you killed someone? that’s kinda illegal but that’s okay you’ll learn”. ok maybe not that chill but like he’d be pretty cool with anything his child does. he’d like to take his kid on long walks and share his knowledge of the world with them. he probably tells some kick ass bedtime stories let me tell you. 

But God is in the recycling business. He recycles past experiences and uses them to prepare us for future opportunities.
That is the story of my life. And that is the story of your life.
Look in the rearview mirror long enough and you’ll see that God has purposely positioned you everywhere you’ve been- even when it seemed you’d taken a wrong turn.
—  Mark Batterson
What will the Sakamaki and Mukami do at the Zoo

Shu: He be sleeping on bench or likely be in tigers pit because “Someone” put him there

Reiji: “The one who will put Shu in the tigers pit.” He will be talking to everyone about different animals and might lead the tour

Ayato: Ayato would be happy and drag you to different place and he even will be the idiot one to try and get inside of lions pit just to show you he can train one

Kanato: He be in penguin pit trying to gather as many penguin as he can and start a riot at the zoo of course Reiji have to convince him to not do that

Laito: He would flirt bit but if you get too jealous he kiss you. Laito doesn’t mind the animals but he do enjoy coming during “Mating season”

Subaru: Subaru be bored with just staring all animals except for lions pit. He did enjoy seeing lions attacking Ayato

Kino: He be playing Pokemon Go and wouldn’t pay attention what going on until he is being chase by penguin

Ruki: Ruki would tell you about different animals like Reiji and will be keeping a close eyes on Azusa

Kou: He do concerts there!!! Kou would annoy Subaru lots too and tease him how he is a car. Kou would buy ton of animals related stuff for his lover including collar~

Yuma: He be watching the tiger pit laughing and waited for Shu to be eaten. He enjoy the bears pit most because for some reason he loves bears

Azusa: He would try to go inside of elephant pit in which Ruki have to stop him. Azusa loves the sea lions and elephants (He want to be step on by elephant)


“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.” || game of thrones au

She wasn’t always Queen of Westeros, Lady of Storm’s End, legitimized bastard-daughter of Thaddeus Baratheon, the Thunderbolt King. She was once Darcy Storm, marshland scum and invisible – and above all, she remembers what it was like to be free. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She has been queen for little over a year, and already things outside of  King’s Landing have begun to stir.

Her best friend, Clinton Arryn, has left the South, called back to the Eyrie to marry the Tully girl Natalia and inherit lordship of the Vale. Her half-sister Elizabeth, solely responsible for her legitimization by their father’s disownment for eloping with Bruce Martell, now holds down Dragonstone through rumors of a brewing rebellion. From the Wall come whispers of a man who walks through smoke and flame unscathed, wielding a blade of Valyrian steel and a shield of equal strength, and perhaps the most troubling news of all comes from Winterfell – that is, because there hasn’t been any news, at all. Her Northern cousins and foster brothers have not sent her correspondence in nearly half a year, and her Hand Phillip Mormont, sent to retrieve word upon her request, disappeared ever since leaving Riverrun two months ago, and has since been presumed dead.

Within the walls of the Red Keep, the matters of her court fare no better. The group of Boltons who arrived last month lurk in her home and murmur about Northern traitors to the crown, while the Grand Maester Nicholas tells lies to her face, meeting the Archmaesters in secret at the Citadel. Her husband and consort Thor Lannister is bedding her most trusted friend and handmaiden, the Lady Jane Tyrell, and the new Hand of the Queen, chosen only through pressure by the Lord Odin, is none other than her brother-in-law; a man who had claimed to love her only to use her as a means to power, a man who she had refused to marry, choosing his brother instead – a man who despite his betrayal of her, still held her heart in his hands and her soul in his grasp. 

She is Darcy Baratheon, Queen of Westeros, and never has she felt more like a doe left to fend against a roaring pit of lions.

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I saw a pic once of Damian leading a beat up lion to Bruce on a leash. He would so somehow manage to bring a lion home and try to convince Bruce to keep it as a pet. Or he'd in up in the lion pit at the Gotham Zoo and would become a member of the pride while the rest of the family is trying to convince him to get his ass out of there Damian omg those animals could kill you they are not pets I will donate money to the zoo if you would just get out of there.

hahaha Damian just sits in the lion’s enclosure and the lions are all cuddled around him, and zoo visitors are like HOLY FUCK THERE’S A LITTLE BOY IN THERE. And the family’s just. Embarrassed.

Or Damian’s fighting a baddie and they throw him into the lion’s pit all like “You’ll never survive in there so tell me your secrets, or I’ll let the lions eat you!!!” and the lions just walk up to Damian and start chuffing and rubbing along his shoulder and grooming his hair, and Damian’s like ‘lol okay riddler whatever you say.’

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Hi, I'm not actually on Tumblr but I just finished reading your baker Derek fic and I super loved it! I saw that you're taking prompts so I'm hoping that you'll be able to fill my request for kid Derek being super taken with kid Stiles. And their interactions. I also wouldn't say no to seeing how it played out as they grew up. Please and thank you! 💜💜

Hey Nonnie! I hope you like this. I find kid!fic really hard to write. So this is my take on how they met as kids. I hope you like it. :D


He’s so bored.

The most bored-est he’s ever been in his whole entire life.

And that’s saying something. After all, Cora likes the Teletubbies and he thought nothing could be boring-er than that.

Turns out he was wrong. His Mom has taken Laura and Cora out, (one to soccer practice and the other to a friend’s birthday party.)

His Dad is upstairs trying to fix a busted pipe.

Derek’s spent the last half hour skulking round the house and almost wishing his sisters were back.

He slouches into the den and turns on the TV. There’s nothing on, except boring cartoons that he’s seen before. He slouches out again, leaving the TV blaring.

None of the board games he has are any good without someone to play with.

He doesn’t want to read a book or do coloring in.

He sighs loudly.

Sometimes life is so hard

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Fairy Tail 446 Reactions

.The colored cover

Makarov crying

Natsu and the rest of the guild comforting him

New enemy shows up

Natsu’s arm is shaking aGAIN

Makarov tells them not to fight

Natsu and Wendy keep having motion sickness

Ajeel made that sand monster thing

Lucy’s butt on Natsu. Nalu((:

Gray changing form

Lucy’s Sagittarius form

Gray’s ice-make silver

Lucy’s starshot

Ajeel’s “Ant Lion Larva Pit”

Their guild marks are changing back

Natsu’s going to be fighting next chapter. Good luck Ajeel.

Chapter as a whole:

im sick of all these stupid reality shows and singers corrupting our youth. keeping up with the kardashains. jersey shore. nicki minajesty. taylor quick. we need to go back to the good old days of REAL entertainment…… you know what????? lets start now. everyone come to my house. get a lion, and pit him against a innocent man with a gladiator helmet and watch them fight to the death. and then if he wins we’ll kill him anyway. real, organic, old fashioned entertainment without these facebooks and twitters. 

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So I have two questions. One is, are there lions in Westeros (native or otherwise-- because if not native, how do you get the Lannister sigil unless it was brought over from Essos...)? Two is, are there domesticated lions in Casterly Rock (please say yes)? I hope you're having a great week :)

Hi heckofabecca! Yes, lions are native to Westeros! Lions have lived in Westeros since the Dawn Age and they were (so the tales say) integral to the founding of House Casterly, the predecessor of House Lannister:

Legend tells us the first Casterly lord was a huntsman, Corlos son of Caster, who lived in a village near to where Lannisport stands today. When a lion began preying upon the village’s sheep, Corlos tracked it back to its den, a cave in the base of the Rock. Armed only with a spear, he slew the lion and his mate but spared her newborn cubs— an act of mercy that so pleased the old gods (for this was long before the Seven came to Westeros) that they sent a sudden shaft of sunlight deep into the cave, and there in the stony walls, Corlos beheld the gleam of yellow gold, a vein as thick as a man’s waist.

Leaf spoke of the lions in ADWD,

The gods gave us long lives but not great numbers, lest we overrun the world as deer will overrun a wood where there are no wolves to hunt them. That was in the dawn of days, when our sun was rising. Now it sinks, and this is our long dwindling. The giants are almost gone as well, they who were our bane and our brothers. The great lions of the western hills have been slain, the unicorns are all but gone, the mammoths down to a few hundred. The direwolves will outlast us all, but their time will come as well. In the world that men have made, there is no room for them, or us.

(When it says ”great lions,” I desperately hope we’re talking about huge prehistoric cave lions. If the Starks can have monstrously huge prehistoric wolves, I want the nightmarish prehistoric lions.)

And GRRM has commented that some lions still exist:

Q: We have never had a POV near Casterly Rock. Can you tell me more about the lions of Westeros? Are any still around?

GRRM: A few survive in the outlying hills. For the most part, they have been hunted down. In antiquity, they actually made dens in the rock itself.

What I like to take away from this is that the Kings and Lords of the Rock said “Fuck boar, we want some real hunting,” and they went on safari as a hobby and in typical Lannister fashion they overdid it and hunted these monster lions to near extinction. (Or maybe there weren’t safaris, maybe just as the population of the Westerlands grew and the lions were killing livestock, farmers hunted them down, etc, but I like my safari explanation better. I wanna see the trophy room at Casterly Rock.) 

Tytos kept caged lions at Casterly Rock:

Cersei paced her cell, restless as the caged lions that had lived in the bowels of Casterly Rock when she was a girl, a legacy of her grandfather’s time. She and Jaime used to dare each other to climb into their cage, and once she worked up enough courage to slip her hand between two bars and touch one of the great tawny beasts. She was always bolder than her brother. The lion had turned his head to stare at her with huge golden eyes. Then he licked her fingers. His tongue was as rough as a rasp, but even so she would not pull her hand back, not until Jaime took her by the shoulders and yanked her away from the cage. "Your turn,“ she told him afterward. “Pull his mane, I dare you.” He never did. I should have had the sword, not him.

But I don’t think they were tame. The lions were probably used as blood sport, to entertain the Lannister court, similar to bear and dog fighting in Westeros. I like to imagine that prisoners condemned to death were thrown into the Lion Pit as well, gladiator-style. I’m not sure if the lions were part of a menagerie like the Royal Menagerie at the Tower of London (fwiw, when people are doing real-world regional comparisons, House Lannister / the Westerlands are often compared to England). I’m guessing that when the caged lions of Cersei’s childhood died, they weren’t able to hunt down any to replace them, since they’re so rare in the westerlands now.