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Okay, so here’s a screencap I wanted to bring to your attention, and I haven’t seen anyone talking about it yet, so if someone else already thought of this then I apologize.

But… this is from the season three trailer, and Allura says the line “It’s time to think about finding a new pilot for the black lion.” Lance was in the previous scene, but he’s not here. The way I see it, there are very few reasons that Lance wouldn’t be there with them. Maybe the actual one will be completely different, and I’m just overthinking this, but oh well.

One potential is that Lance left the room himself, which is entirely possible. Maybe he was too upset to think about replacing Shiro, or maybe he angrily stormed out after Keith mentions Shiro wanting him to be the black paladin. He also could’ve voluntarily not gone, because he didn’t think the black lion would ever choose him.

Another option is that Lance wasn’t asked to go in with them. Maybe everyone else didn’t think he would need to be there, as the black lion would never choose him. This seems a bit unlikely in my opinion, but it’s an idea.

Or, what if Lance isn’t even in the castle at this time? Some parts of the trailer make it seem an awful lot like something bad may happen to Lance, and I personally support this theory from @inkedmackenzie. For all we know, he’s already missing at this portion of the story.

The last possibility is pretty unlikely, as we saw Keith in the black lion in the other trailer, but… I still wanted to mention it. Maybe Lance isn’t with them because he’s already inside the black lion. Maybe Keith leading didn’t work, so Lance figured he gave it a try. Later on in the trailer, we see the black lion turn on. But we don’t get to see who’s in front of it at that part. Why wouldn’t they show us, since we already know from the other trailers that Keith is going to pilot it? Unless… it’s someone else. I’m just theorizing here but… this screencap is very important and should not be overlooked, whatever the reason for it.

Why I think Allura should lead in Shiro’s stead
  • She’s knowledgeable about a looot of things
  • She’s a badass
  • Everyone listens to and respects her
  • She always keeps the goal/mission in mind
  • She stays focused
  • She perseveres
  • She has a generally good relationship with all of them
  • She thinks things through and is reasonable and usually plans things out

That’s what I can think of rn, but I’m sure there are more reasons she would be good as the leader. She already basically leads them outside of Voltron anyways. Hopefully, though, Shiro comes back soon cuz he’s a great leader and HE’S GONE THROUGH ENOUGH OK I WILL MAKE A POST LATER ABOUT HOW HE’S GONE THROUGH ENOUGH AND DESERVES SOME PEACE. Plus, personally I think the current paladins all fit their lions so well and ik change is interesting but like their bonds are so close and to think that they can just switch like that kinda bothers me. I completely don’t see how Allura isn’t “lion material” or whatever they said. She’s not immature, doesn’t have a terrible attitude or anything, and she doesn’t not recognize the power or anything. Like Zarkon was power hungry af and Keith and Lance have some pretty wild spirits and that didn’t stop them from being paladins. And the whole gender argument is weak too. Pidge is a great paladin and she’s a girl and everyone respects her and acknowledges her intelligence. Pidge being a girl doesn’t affect the way that the other paladins treat her one bit, they treat her like the great paladin and genius she is. And though Allura is a princess, she ain’t frail or anything. She’s headstrong and she has that “powerful female badass that people don’t wanna mess with” vibe. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Keith and ik he’s got some skills, but I just think Allura would be a better leader and I see no valid reason why she shouldn’t be the leader, let alone a paladin. 

You know that scene where the Black Lion shows Shiro Zarkon’s homeworld and suddenly he’s back in the castle ship and was like ‘Oh, I guess we never left. It must’ve been you showing me something’.
But now that we know Black paladins can teleport he literally could’ve been teleported right there to Zarkon’s home planet and we never realised it because we thought Black was just showing him stuff through his mind but she wASN’T AND THAT WAS SO SMART OF THE VOLTRON TEAM TO SNEAK IN THAT PART


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earth is miles away, but home is here right next to me

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A quick observation about Shiro and the Black Lion’s bonding moment in the S2 finale: right before Shiro retrieves his bayard from Zarkon, there’s a montage of images showing us how closely he and Black have bonded. It’s all memories of their time together, and most of it’s pretty standard stuff that you’d expect, depicting their close relationship over two seasons.

There’s Black rescuing Shiro from robeasts and dino-dogs:

Black rescuing Shiro on the astral plane when they fought Zarkon together:

Flying together - pretty sure this is from the nosedive exercise, the first time they really bonded:

But… one of the memories is… a bit different:

You guys. You guys. The Black Lion remembered the time they made a Voltron cheer-pyramid and Shiro said “and I’ll form the head”. This is one of their important bonding moments. THIS NONSENSE RIGHT HERE is something the Black Lion (and possibly also Shiro) fondly looks back on as a time they bonded.

Like… how funny must this have seemed from the Black Lion’s point of view? Imagine Black standing on top of the cheerleader pyramid laughing uncontrollably to herself in whatever language giant robot lions speak.

Shiro: “Is everyone bonding and focusing?”

Black Lion: “I love you but this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done.”

Quick drawing of papa Shiro and his little princess (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚  ‘cuz the other day I saw this supper tall and fit dad walking with his little daughter and he was like carrying her beautiful purple school bag with little white flowers it was so cuteee o(>ω<)o

So this came out of the blue to me 

On the box of the Black Lion toy, if you read it, it says that the Black Lion’s powers are: teleportation. 

Since Shiro had suddenly disappeared in the last episode “Blackout,” I think Black was saving Shiro’s life when the large shock from Zarkon’s machine hit him. So when that happened, the Black Lion saved Shiro by teleporting him to the closest life force there was for him: Matt.

i swear tho if Lance does become the black paladin i want blue lion to like, give him away

like Lance will come to blue when he finds out that he has to pilot the black lion and he tries to go into blue but blue won’t let him in and he thinks ‘oh no she thinks i don’t love her anymore she’s rejecting me, just like everyone else has’ and

he hears this sad rumble in his mind and chest and a low soft voice echoes inside him that says “my silly pilot, you will always be welcomed back”

but Lance makes this broken noise and thinks “then why won’t you let me in?”

and blue lion whines small and deep “bc, dear cub, I’m afraid if you do, i will not be able to let you go”

then, with utter delicacy, blue lifts one paw and places it in front of lances chest and nudges him back

“find your leader and then come back. until then….”

and lance’s mortification and awe, blue bows her head to him. and the tears start streaming down his face, only able to stand there in complete silence.

“lead us to victory. black paladin.”