lion of the dessert

Black Paladin Lance????

Okay I’m about to make a long theory about why I think black paladin Lance can AND SHOULD happen DISCLOSURE: I may be hard core reaching so don’t get your hopes up (uh or down if you want black paladin Keith???).

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Steven Universe Cupcakes!  The eeveelution cupcakes I did were so popular I thought I should do some other cupcake groups as well.  The visors and gems and things are made in fondant but the bases are all just buttercream.  Got Garnet, Lion, Amethyst, Pearl, Peri, Steven and Lapis on here.  I know there’s other ones but I picked the ones I consider mains :D 

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Hangst- Lance was picked for the mission to Kerburose instead of Shiro for personal reason's (Shiro couldn't go for family issues?? who knows) and he leaves. He tells Hunk goodbye of course and makes sure to take pictures for him (Like a good friend)) and of course, they get kidnapped. Lance goes missing and Hunk takes Lance's place as the fun loving, excitable and flirtations dork that Lance was in a (unhealthy)form of grieving. Enter Keith as the trio's pilot and Hunk despises him (1/?)

(2/?) (For the Hunk Mourning Lance thing) because he thinks Keith is trying to replace Lance and he won’t stand for that. So enters the Heith rivalry that surprises everyone. Soon enough a ship crashed to the Earth and soon Hunk and Pidge find out Lance is inside, making Hunk having a breakdown which causes him to try and break in (Which succeeds because have you see those muscles?) He sees Lance and notices his legs are both robotic tech which makes Hunk almost collapse since Lance had 

(3/?) had always wanted them to go on adventures together. Soon Shiro appears when they go into hiding since Keith asked for a place to hide out and Shiro (I’m a big Broganes fan) lives in the cabin in the dessert, resulting in them finding the Lions. Boom.

well fuck me gently with a chainsaw i am down for this au