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From our stacks: Illustrations from A Collection of One Hundred and Fifty Engravings by Alexander Anderson M. D. Executed on wood after his ninetieth year. Privately printed by Charles L. Moreau. New York, 1873. “This Collection of Engravings is printed from the original blocks left by Doctor A. Anderson, and kindly loaned by his family to Charles L. Moreau, at whose private press they have been struck off. Only Fifty copies have been printed. No. 46.”


Very excited to finally complete my latest series, “Avatar Locations” featuring my favorite locations from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.

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I'm crying I love to see you ramble about shalluratt; it gives me so much life... honestly....? bless you

*ding ding ding* CONGRATULATIONS!!! you’ve just unlocked me rambling about Shalluratt bein DORKS about history!!!

  • Matt especially loves talking about science, but he thinks all these subjects are pretty much connected in the grand scheme of things and Shiro and Allura thinks it’s pretty interesting to hear about what he’s passionate about in science (remember Matt on Kerberos? That mf loved ice…)
  • Allura obviously would love to try to keep as much of Altean culture alive as possible. As a princess, she was educated on the traditions, cultures and etiquette of Altean Society. If the Castle of Lions has a library, I bet in her free time she’d be trawling through piles and piles of books, re-educating and re-informing herself of Altean life. Of COURSE Matt and Shiro are helping her out, if they aren’t training.
    • This, sometimes makes Allura really sad of course- thinking about her dead planet and everything she’s lost and can never recover. Shiro and Matt do whatever they can to share the burden- whether that’s listening her to ramble, help her out with Altean ceremonies, or just being a shoulder to cry on.
  • Shiro LOVES talking about culture!!! HE constantly talks about how diverse Earth is- different countries, religions, foods, etc.
    • I bet before training the Kerberos mission, he took some time off for himself to see the planet he’s spent his whole life on. He’s been to every continent on Earth.
    • Needless to say, it surprises Allura how much is actually ON Earth, considering most planets have some sort of uniform culture throughout the entire planet, rather than the diversity on Earth
      • Allura: So… you’re planet is separated into sections called continents.
      • Matt and Shiro: Yes
      • Allura: And those continents are split into smaller sections called countries…
      • Matt: Yup
      • Allura: And each country? Has thousands upon millions of differences in culture, appearances, languages just to name a few?
      • Shiro: Essentially
      • Allura: *starry-eyed and quietly* what the quiznak…

The Signs as Force Girls (pt.5 of 12)

Leo - Madame Jocasta Nu (Jedi Chief librarian)

Jocasta has been the keeper of the vastest collection of knowledge - the Jedi Temple library - for a long time. Next to Master Yoda she is one of the most aknowledged and honoured Jedi. To be in charge of the Jedi Temple Archives demands to be self-disciplined, competent and hard-working. As the Chief librarian it is Jocasta’s duty to not let in anybody who’s aim it is to gain knowledge for the sake of claim of power or violence. She is also the one protecting the precious knowledge of the Jedi and their counterparts the Sith, which is stored in Holocrons - force-sensitive storage devices showing holocraphic knowledge - that can only be opened and inspected by a Jedi or vice versa by a Sith. Jocasta is very open to the ones hungry for knowledge. She will guide them through the endless rows of data, knowing exactly where to find what. Her generous nature allows Jocasta to be the perfect one to seek guidance or encouragement at. Only the completeness of the Archives should not be questioned in front of her, for Jocasta is a pride person not used to being offended.

Man and boy stand next to snow sculpture of lion in a yard; wooden fence and brick church building in background. Recorded in glass negative ledger: “M/Localities-New Baltimore.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library
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My girlfriend pokes fun that I use the word “gorgeous” more with books than I do with her.  But LOOK AT THIS.

Elton John’s “Candle In The Wind” is a tribute to Marilyn Monroe.  However, these lyrics can describe anyone who takes the high road in life: “You had the grace to hold yourself/While those around you crawled…”  This Lion, at the New York Public Library’s candlelight vigil, is named “Fortitude.”  The word means “mental and emotional strength while facing a difficult situation.”  (Photo taken on November 14, 2016)

Exterior of the First Presbyterian Church showing close-up of stone lion at arched entrance. Written on photo back: “First Presbyterian Church, 1889.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library