lion hugs man

Keith and the Red Lion <333

voltron hugs

hunk: BEAR HUGS, lifts the person he’s hugging off the ground even if he’s shorter than them, puts his face in their shoulder, lots of talking while hugging

lance: side hugs, loose hugs, hugs from the back, never too tight, either rests his chin on the person’s head/shoulder or kisses their forehead

keith: not a big fan of hugs but when he does hug someone he doesn’t let them go for a long time, only hugs from the front in a tight embrace (bc he’s so affection starved), it’s really awkward and he doesn’t say anything, the first time he hugs another paladin he cries a little

pidge: just latches on to the person and doesn’t let go, also not a big fan of hugs but she enjoys piggy back rides and stuff like that, mostly just friendly side hugs and stuff like that, if it gets too long/awkward she starts flicking the person (cough cough lance) or starts to climb them

shiro: also bear hugs, pretty standard, it doesn’t last long, he bro claps when he pulls away on instinct

allura: idk how to describe it? she like hugs peoples… shoulders, and when she pulls away she squeezes their hand, it’s very comforting and firm

coran: he also picks people up, straight off their feet, very similar to hunk’s hugs but he pats the person’s back when he’s done and goes right back to what he was doing before