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•crystal sands before the waterslides
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•when spikes were sold in jam mart clothing
•lions being added
•when headdresses were sold in jam mart clothing
•when good plants were actually sold
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•the summer carnival’s first year
•the phantom vortex
•kimbara outback being added
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•the cool lil animation you could watch after making your account about the alphas vs the phantoms
•adventures being added

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Imagine there being a Magic Roller Derby League and Your friends Hermione, Neville, and Luna, coming to see you at every Bout . 

Requested by a friend of mine who recently discovered Roller Derby and fell in love. Merry Christmas.

Warning: Violence.

The Rink was alive with the roars of the crowd as the teams made their entrances, each accompanied by their own music. Some members of the crowd shouted out skater’s names as they passed and the announcer broadcasted each name, all some form of pun or clever play on words.

On each team there was one Jammer, and four Blockers, one of the blockers called the Pivot, could double as a jammer if the current Jammer was A) too injured to keep going, or B) passed off the Star covered nylon cover on her cap to the Pivot.

You were a blocker so you took the brunt of much of the blows, not to say the Jammer didn’t get her fair share of bruises, but you also dealt out a few as well. 

Once both teams had arrived at the starting line, players on their marks, the announcer in the middle oval of the track on a raised platform Started his speech.

“Alright Ladies you know the rules” he reminded them gleefully, his voice magically enhanced to be heard over the dulling crowd. “No spitting, no hair pulling, no hitting with anything below the elbow or below the knee. No tripping, no clothes lining, No blows to the head or neck, and no attacks from the back. Everyone clear? Right!”

He pointed his wand into the air and watched the clock for the exact stroke of six, “On your marks, Get set, Go!” He blasted a stream of green sparks from the tip of his wand and set the skater off in a flash of color.
The commentators babbled into the microphones as the Jammers struggled to get through the crowd and past each other as you and the other blockers cleared the path for them.

You hip checked an opposing blocker and sent her skidding across the polished wood track and into one of the guard railings, knocking the wind out of her and allowing your team’s jammer to pass.

Rushing with adrenaline, and deafened by the cacophony of the crowd mixed with plastic wheels barreling across wood floors, you forgot to keep up your guard for a split second, which was all that was needed for for a blocker on the opposing team to duck under another and behind you. Discretely sticking out her arm as she passed and clothes lining you from behind your knees making them buckle and knocking you flat on your back.

The crowd howled with either delight or fury as you propped your self up and caught your breath while waiting to hear the ref’s whistle blow to call the obvious foul but to your surprise he did not, triggering the jeers and heckled from the viewers.

In the stands, a young girl with frizzy brown hair, sandwiched between a meek looking boy and an eccentric young blonde wearing a lion headdress, gasped when you collapsed. The boy looked down at her then back at the track, “did you see that?” he asked incredulously over the crowd, “Isn’t he going to call that?”

“I don’t think so Neville” Luna mused,  watching the skaters intently, “I don’t think he saw.” Hermione frowned and shook her head, “How could he not see that?! Is he blind?”

Meanwhile, having realized yourself that no foul would be called, you got to your feet, face afire with fury, and shot off at double the speed to catch up, hip checking, and shoving girls out of the way until you were right behind the offending blocker.

“Hey!” you caught her attention as you skated up beside her just as she began to turn at the most opportune time for the soft flash of her cheek you meet your ready and eager fist, causing her head to whip to the side and her skates to come out from under her.

The Crowd went wild as the ref, of course seeing that, blew his whistle loudly and skating out of the track to escort you to the penalty box as the skaters continued their run.

Wincing as you sat on the hard wooden bench you caught your breath and watched with a small smirk as the skater you sucker punched was rolled off the track, clutched her nose as an obvious stream of blood flowed down her chin and on to her uniform.

You looked around at the crowd and spotted your trio of friends, who cheered with the rest but Hermione shook her head with a smile and clapped, almost looking like she might laugh as you sent her a mock salute. 


Nearly mint state tetradrachm of Alexander III the Great, minted in Pella, Macedon c. 323-315 BC

This coin shows the head of Herakles right, wearing lion’s skin headress. On the reverse  AΛEΞANΔPOY inscription with Zeus seated left, holding eagle and scepter; in left field, bee atop a rose.

The ruins of Pella are located in the current Pella regional unit of Central Macedonia in Greece. The city was founded in 399 BC by King Archelaus (413–399 BC) as the capital of his kingdom, replacing the older palace-city of Aigai. After this, it was the seat of the king Philip II and of Alexander III (the Great), his son. In 168 BC, it was sacked by the Romans, and its treasury transported to Rome. Later, the city was destroyed by an earthquake and eventually was rebuilt over its ruins. By 180 AD, Lucian could describe it in passing as “now insignificant, with very few inhabitants.”

Pella is first mentioned by Herodotus of Halicarnassus (VII, 123) in relation to Xerxes’ campaign and by Thucydides (II, 99,4 and 100,4) in relation to Macedonian expansion and the war against Sitalces, the king of the Thracians. According to Xenophon, in the beginning of the 4th century BC, it was the largest Macedonian city. It attracted Greek artists such the painter Zeuxis, the poet Timotheus of Miletus and the tragic author Euripides who finished his days there writing and producing Archelaus.

More about Pella…

More about the Tetradrachms of Alexander the Great…

Extremely rare Tetradrachm from Gerrha, Arabia, c. 230-220 BC

This “Arabian Alexander” coin is an imitation of the types of Alexander III (the Great) of Macedon and is of considerable historic importance, one of seven known, the fifth of this variety without a backed-throne, and one of only two not in public collections.

The coin shows the head of Herakles right, wearing a lion headdress. On the reverse, Shams (the Arabian sun god taking the place of Zeus), wearing a tainia and chlamys, seated left on a backless throne, holding an eagle in his extended right hand, leaning with his left on a long staff; ΩBs.

More about this coin

Gerrha, was an ancient city of Arabia, on the west side of the Persian Gulf. Prior to Gerrha, the area belonged to the Dilmun civilization, which was conquered by the Assyrian Empire in 709 BC. Gerrha was the center of an Arab kingdom from approximately 650 BC to circa 300 AD.

The kingdom was attacked by the Antiochus III the Great in 205-204 BC, though it seems to have survived. It is currently unknown exactly when Gerrha fell, but the area was under Sassanid Persian control after 300 AD.

The site of Gerrha has been determined to have existed near or under the present fort of Uqair, Saudi Arabia, only 60 miles from the ancient burial grounds ofDilmun on the island of Bahrain.