lion headdress


Very Rare Ancient Greek Countermarked Coin

This tetradrachm is from the ancient city of Sinope, Paphlagonia and was struck circa 330-300 BC. The obverse shows the head of the city-goddess Sinope facing right, wearing a turreted crown, at the back of her head is a countermark of a helmeted head of Athena facing right. The reverse has the inscription ΣINΩΠEΩN – A/M/H with Apollo seated on an omphalos, holding his lyre with his left hand and a plektron with his right; on the omphalos is the reverse of the countermark showing a head of the young Herakles facing  right, wearing a lion’s skin headdress.  The tetradrachms of Sinope were not issued in great numbers and are very rare indeed.

A coin that has been stamped or marked with a design after it was originally struck is termed ‘countermarked’. Countermarks were sometimes applied to certify a coinage for circulation in an area, to revalue an issue or to guarantee that the coin had been tested for proper silver content. The mark could also have been applied to show the coin had been accepted as a gift to the god.



Ahhh Ophelia is def my fav of your lair TBH. Her outfit/apparel layering is just so unique and purple and it goes together so unexpectedly well like goals tbh. I also really loved Hippolyta, she looks like a good pure knight.

Soleil, Mira, and Ajani are all so gorgeous, I especially love Ajani’s colors! I also found Belaruza to be really unique looking, I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a dragon wear the white lion headdress until now 0: