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Nordic chat pt. 3: Where is your lion?
  • Denmark: I have a question!
  • Finland: Again?
  • Denmark: Yeah!
  • Denmark: This one is important.
  • Iceland: You thought all the previous ones were important too.
  • Denmark: This one really is. Just listen.
  • Denmark: Why we have lions in our coat of arms?
  • Norway: ...
  • Finland: ...
  • Sweden: ...
  • Iceland: ...
  • Denmark: We don't even have lions around.
  • Denmark: And mine are blue.
  • Norway: ...
  • Sweden: ...
  • Iceland: ...
  • Finland: I don't actually know.
  • Iceland: ...Can we please go back to the real topic now?
The smallest slit in the sea of clouds allows for a split second of sunlight.
This sliver of summer feels more like a memory, or a dream–
Yet I am living it.
I reach for its reality,
but there is nothing to touch
and it’s not much,
but I wear the warmth like a lion wears its coat of fur.
My insides roar as I brace the cold,
Now brave enough to face it for once on my own.

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not all white tigers are inbred. "stripless" and golden tabby tigers are not a product of inbreeding. their color comes from a recessive gene like ginger people. you could have white tigers without impling they are all products of incest. just sayin'

The Big Cat Rescue has an entire article dedicated to white tigers.

“The ONLY way to produce a tiger or lion with a white coat is through inbreeding brother to sister or father to daughter; generation after generation after generation.  The kind of severe inbreeding that is required to produce the mutation of a white coat also causes a number of other defects in these big cats.”

The AZA even banned the breeding of white tigers.

White tigers can be pretty. The ones you’re likely to see on display, anyway.

Big Cat Rescue is highly respected, and they actually were hesitant to save their white tiger because of the implications of the breeding that had gone into it. They did, because it’s not the tigers fault and the tiger deserved to be saved, but they are very sure to educate people about their tiger.

Sherlock (TV Series) - Corporal Lyons’ Insignias of Love

Cupid and lions have long been associated in literature and iconography.
One of the most interesting associations is the the image of Cupid taming one or more lions as a symbol for the concept of “Love conquers all”, in Latin “Omnia Vincit Amor”, as even the wildest of creatures can be tamed by Love.

Following this association I started documenting the occasions in which Cupid and lions could have been referenced together in the show.
Thanks to his name, Corporal Lyons has been one of the targets of my analysis.

Before reading this, you should want to read :

Cupid, Lions and Omnia Vincit Amor

The Blind Banker: hic sunt leones

Corporal Lyons’ jacket bears the corporal insignia. Said insignia resembles stylized wings.

What can we derive from this?

Corporal Lyons’ beret bears the Royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, in which one of the supporters is a lion and another lion appears in the crest.
Not visible in the beret, but there are several other lions in the shield of the actual coat of arms.

What can we derive from this?

  • The characters surname, LYONS, is referred to by his insignia.
  • The insignia can represent two or more LIONS.

In The Blind Banker, in which many lions also appear, the lion as a supporter was also used for logo of the fictional West Kensington Library, which might mean that the writers or the crew might be aware of the presence of lions in coats of arms and purposefully be using it.

Corporal Lyons’ name is referenced by his insignias. This might have been done on purpose to attract the viewer’s attention to the insignias themselves.
Through the WINGS insignia, the name could also reference a Cupid with lions, a symbol for the concept of “Love conquers all”, in Latin “Omnia Vincit Amor”.

Also, making puns and rebuses with insignias is actually a thing and it’s called “Canting arms”.

The WINGS insignia is above the heart and the LIONS insignia is on the head.
It could be a coincidence, since those are the positions insignias usually are in, or a reference to proverbs about the heart governing the head, which are basically the moral of “The Lion in Love” fable.
This moral is also adopted by Sherlock:

SHERLOCK: This is your heart and you should never let it rule your head.

In Series 2, there are two characters with the names Archer (Cupid is an archer) and Lyons respectively, the first is in A Scandal In Belgravia and the second is in The Hounds of Baskerville.

There is also one Archie in Series 3.