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Saroo met his mother - Lion 2016

wait a minute hold your fucks

*breathe in*

rafiki what do you mean that the painting in the cave are only meant to tell the past?



in the first movie you basically screamed in joy when you realized that simba was alive. you draw it there when he still wasnt even going to return to the pride land


the whole second movie

with basically mufasa acting as a wingman for kiara and kovu


but i like that they cleared up the whole nala’s father discourse (THANKS DISNEY FOR NOT ALLOWING IN//CEST)

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Hi! Would you be able to tell me what your pen settings are/were for you Lion fan art (like the line art and shading) I would really like to get the same effect but I can never find a pen to make it work I love your art by the way, Thank youuu!! x

Hey there!  Just FYI, I am absolutely horrible at explaining things, but I hope this helps.  Also, these images are large, so you might need to zoom to see it clearly!

This is a sort of mini-tutorial on how to get this painting effect on lineart paintings, like here:

STEP 1: block in some color, and just loosely make some lineart.  It doesn’t have to be neat at all!  Just make sure everything is ON THE SAME LAYER.

Use a watercolor brush, or an oil brush.  Anything that blends well works.  You’ll find these on Paint Tool SAI, or Clip Studio Paint (the software I use).

STEP 2: Add a gradient into the lineart.  Again, it can be messy.  Turn down your density/opacity or turn up the blending on your brush, so that the colors blend.  Try not to use the smudge tool!

STEP 3: Begin refining!  This is usually the part that takes the longest.  Start sharpening edges and smoothing out gradients.  Add details where needed.  Remember, EVERYTHING is on the same layer.

STEP 4: add overlays!  This will be applied at the end of the drawing.  Make a layer on top with a overlay blending mode, and add whatever color works well with the drawing.  In this example, I used blue and orange.  Adjust opacity of layer if needed.


Like I said, I’m terrible at explaining, but I hope its something useful!


Official “The New Paladin” clip (via VOLTRON)

Keith has taken over as the pilot of the Black Lion and leader of the Voltron Force. However, that’s left the team without a pilot for the Red Lion. The clip above shows what happens when the Blue Lion mysteriously shuts down on Lance while the rest of the Voltron Force are doing battle with the forces of Prince Lotor, who has taken over leadership of the Galra Empire in place of his father, Emperor Zarkon.