lion centaur

Moon in Leo

Generous, Proud, Royal

The Moon shines bright when it enters Leo. Here the individual is optimistic, self righteous and proud. Lunar Leos are highly intelligent and crave attention in the work they put out. They’re natural born entertainers and thus they can be humorous and optimistic people. They would much rather lead than follow any day. They’re constantly trying to improve themselves and their work. Lunar Leos need to be quite cautious of their arrogance, however.

Moon in Leo natives have very high standards that they themselves can’t even reach. This can be a problem because they expect too much from their loved ones and are angered when they don’t meet expectations. Despite the optimism that runs through their veins, Lunar Leos have quite the temper. They’re overly dramatic and aren’t afraid to cause a scene in public. However, their pride stops them from doing so. Lunar Leos are naturally social and thus they love having a large circle of friends and love to spoil their loved ones. They’re very generous, but they expect the same generosity in return. They have a strong sense of self and can not be tied down by anyone.

Incredibly stubborn and proud, Leo Moon’s crave attention and love more than anyone could ever imagine. They set high standards for themselves, their home, workplace and relationships. Truthfully, they put their lover on a higher pedestal because they think their significant other is worthy of them. They want nothing but the best for their loved ones. Therefore, they can be incredibly demanding. Lunar Leos usually fall into the hands of the wrong people. They’re open, honest and bubbly so they do share a lot with new friends. They don’t think about what might go wrong until it’s too late. Once Leo Moon natives are betrayed, it takes a lot of apologizing to get them to forgive you. You never want to hear them roar.


There needs to be more art of Lynel.


Edmund x Reader: Hidden kisses

Prompt/ask: Hey can I ask for a Edmund x reader where you are Caspian’s twin sister and they fall for each other but Caspian doesn’t like it

Word count: 642

Warnings: None

Setting: VDT

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! I hope you like it regardless.

The air on the Dawn Treader was clear and chilly. You remembered feeling the same breeze on the back of your neck in your distant, murky days spent in Telmar-although those winds were much less extraordinary. 

You inhaled sharply, breathing in the crystal draft surrounding you. The Narnian sea was exceptionally lovely at night. It seemed to dance before you, each wave rippling in the most magical and captivating way, forcing you into a trance of its beauty. 

“You alright?” A voice inquired tenderly from beside you. 

You clearly didn’t seem to notice when Edmund came up to join you on the deck; most of the crew had already gone to bed. 

Edmund always seemed to be there-not that you were complaining. The boy had something about him that captured your interest almost instantly, something that welcomed your presence. Maybe it was those questioning eyes, that messy hair, that soft-spoken tone…or maybe it was just Edmund. You had only just met the young King, and yet you felt as if you had known him for an eternity.

You nodded slowly, averting your gaze from the waters to Edmund’s soft brown eyes, hidden mostly by the dark.

“I just needed some air.” You said, barely moving your lips as you did so. Edmund nodded, seemingly in understanding. He leaned over the edge of the deck, looking out into the vast water-mass you had just been admiring. 

“Lovely, isn’t it?” He suggested thoughtfully. You remained silent, watching him.
“Did you have oceans like this in Telmar? Well, I suppose, Narnia.” He let out a small, nervous laugh. “Uh-you and Caspian grew up together in Telmar however, am I correct? Before you, I mean-” Edmund murmured, fumbling over his words a little.

You chuckled, playing with a strand of loose hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Edmund, I only knew my brother for a mere month of my childhood before we were separated.” You said casually, pausing to lean back away from the side of the deck. “We had the chance to reconnect about a week before the Dawn Treader set sail, actually.” 

Edmund nodded, breathing in. The two of you remained silent for a moment, taking in the feeling of the swaying ship and the increasingly chilly air.

“Oh, look!” Edmund announced suddenly, breaking the silence. In the dark, you could make out the form of him gesturing towards the sky.


Sure enough, as you glanced towards the heavens, you could see a blanket of constellations. It was nothing like you had ever seen before-never in your entire life. 

They weren’t very luminous-you had to look directly up at the sky to catch their light-but they were magnificent. Paintings of centaurs and lions filled the canvas of the sky, showering the stars from each constellation below into your stunned eyes. 

“…wow.” Was all you could muster, so astounded by the images before you. 

“Aren’t they wonderful?” Edmund asked softly. 

You felt him move closer to you, his breathing pace increasing ever-so-slightly. His breath was so close to your neck you could feel the heat radiating off of your skin. 



Edmund paused, his fingertips brushing against your waist and his lips grazing across your ear. 

“Can I kiss you?” He muttered in what was almost a low growl. 

“Edmund! What in Holy Aslan are you doing to my sister?”

Edmund flinched, releasing you immediately and facing Caspian with a dumbfounded expression. 

Caspian, who was glaring at Edmund in utter disgust, was standing in the small threshold where the steps leading to the cabins were. He appeared to be holding what looked to be a wooden cup.

“Caspian-” You started, almost close to laughter. Before you could finish, the cup was flying past your ear and into Edmund’s face.

It seemed like you would have to find some more creative kissing spots.

Signs & who they're compatible with

Aries: libra & cancer

Taurus: Aquarius & Virgo

Gemini: Pisces & Sagittarius & Capricorn

Cancer: Aries & Capricorn

Leo: Scorpio & Sagittarius & Leo

Virgo: Taurus & Gemini

Libra: Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio: Pisces & Leo & libra

Sagittarius: Leo & Aquarius & Gemini

Capricorn: cancer & Gemini

Aquarius: Taurus & Sagittarius

Pisces: Gemini & Scorpio

Imagine you are being kidnapped to some lab

Imagine you are being kidnapped to some lab and you are forced to breed with different creatures. Werewolf, centaur, lion anthro, demon, vampire, snake man, and other creatures that impregnate you. You carry their babies and force to birth all of them as the scientists who kidnapped you watch and some put their babies inside you.


Urartian Bronze Armory Belt, c. 8th-7th century BC

Urartian belts, which are splendid specimens of their art, have been found in graves in Soviet Armenia and in the province of Kars. This is a section of an armory belt, decorated with three bands separated by rows of wave motifs; each band containing, from left to right, a winged lion with sword, a stylized tree, a leaping winged lion, a winged centaur-like creature with bow and arrow, and a leaping winged deer; rows of palmettes above and below; the upper and lower edges with perforations for attachments.

Urartu (biblical Kingdom of Ararat or Kingdom of Van) was a prehistoric Iron Age kingdom centered around Lake Van in the Armenian Highlands. Assyrian inscriptions of Shalmaneser I (c. 1274 BC) first mention Uruartri as one of the states of Nairi – a loose confederation of small kingdoms and tribal states in Armenian Highland in the 13th to 11th centuries BC, which he conquered.

Urartu re-emerged in Assyrian inscriptions in the 9th century BC as a powerful northern rival of Assyria. The Nairi states and tribes became a unified kingdom under king Aramu (c. 860 – 843 BC). It reached its peak of power in the 9th and 8th centuries. Urartu was eventually conquered by the Medes in the early 6th century BC and the Urartian Kingdom was eventually replaced by the Armenian Orontid dynasty.

nephilidae  asked:

As passionate as you are about werewolves?:) What are you top 5 demon designs across any media? (if you want haha)

HAHAA OH BOY, the variability within demon designs means there are oodles and oodles of creatures to choose from, but when it comes to demons I really tend to gravitate towards designs that could be seen as containing a “human” element, something relatable that we could both share, but twisted in a way that makes it monstrous.

With that criteria in mind, there are still TONS of eligible bachelors monsters out there, but but I’ve managed to narrow down my favourites to the following nasty bastards:

5. Belial - Devil May Cry 4: DMC4 was the first game I played of the series (a sin, I know, I’m sorry) and I completely fell in love with this nasty burning lion/dragon centaur the moment I saw him. Not only does he have a raging magma sword and produce puddles of fire whenever he walks, he’s also huge. The fact his boss fight is a bit of a curbstomp battle is a little funny though, it really betrays the whole “powerful demon who sleeps in a brimstone pit” aesthetic. He’s big, but he’s so weak - it’s almost cute.

4. Sammael - Hellboy: An achievement in creature design and practical effects suiting! I love everything abut this guy, from his asymmetrical eyes to the extendable wrist-blade, and the fact he returns in pairs when one of him is killed. The knotty, tree-like effects on his pectorals and arms are also super neat, and the entire design does a great job of mixing something otherwordly and decayed with something organic and living. Guillermo del Toro has a lifesize statue of this guy in his house - if I had tons of money I would too, let’s be real.

3. Incubus - Silent Hill: You can never go wrong with a good incubus, and SH’s gutless, flesh-winged, goat-headed abomination is one of the best of them all. There’s nothing I don’t like about this design, it’s disgustingly uncanny and feels like it shouldn’t be alive - especially with its spine exposed like that. The lack of a midsection and the thin, atrophied thighs add an impressive fragility to this thing as well, and it’s a great example of the Silent Hill series’ ability to combine repulsive body horror with a twisted sense of human sexuality. Or, perhaps I’m just waxing poetic about a zombie demon with a goat head and boobs - either way, it’s badass.

2. Capra Demon - Dark Souls: Speaking of goat heads, anyone who didn’t see this coming: I’m very disappointed in you. Capra demon is one of my favourite examples of a superb humanoid demon design - he’s not just a buff guy with a goat skull on his head, the skull has its own distinct properties and silhouette, and the thickened skin building up on his shoulders does a great job of showing that the skull isn’t just a mask, it’s part of him. I’m divided on whether I like the big thick skeletal tail or not, but honestly he’s so lovely in every other way I can let it slide.

1. Darkbeast Paarl - Bloodborne: I actually haven’t beaten Bloodborne yet, so I’m unsure whether the bosses in this game count as “demons” or not. They seem to fit the criteria though, which is why I’m putting Paarl in my top spot. I actually died the first time I fought him because I kept staring instead of taking swings. The way he moves, his stance, his facial design and pretty much EVERYTHING about him is so fresh, yet so creepily familiar it falls right into the best spot in the uncanny valley. I cannot get over how much I love Darkbeast Paarl, he’s menacing, dangerous, and yet still manages to ring in some sort of human familiarity in his nasty face and gnarled hands. I’m usually not even a fan of demons with elemental powers, but he is so good I want at least 100 more demons like him in my life. Good on you, Bloodborne, you’ve made me so, so happy.