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How do they fit in the lions tho???

Alas, we are not here to form Voltron. Not in these context-less shenanigans anyway

I jus want the simple pleasure of enjoying centaurs with cute as heck bebs and their cute as heck faces man hhhh, but if you can make it work by all means make it work lmao

Blue sure feels sad about this tho. I know she loves her boy

Moon in Leo

Generous, Proud, Royal

The Moon shines bright when it enters Leo. Here the individual is optimistic, self righteous and proud. Lunar Leos are highly intelligent and crave attention in the work they put out. They’re natural born entertainers and thus they can be humorous and optimistic people. They would much rather lead than follow any day. They’re constantly trying to improve themselves and their work. Lunar Leos need to be quite cautious of their arrogance, however.

Moon in Leo natives have very high standards that they themselves can’t even reach. This can be a problem because they expect too much from their loved ones and are angered when they don’t meet expectations. Despite the optimism that runs through their veins, Lunar Leos have quite the temper. They’re overly dramatic and aren’t afraid to cause a scene in public. However, their pride stops them from doing so. Lunar Leos are naturally social and thus they love having a large circle of friends and love to spoil their loved ones. They’re very generous, but they expect the same generosity in return. They have a strong sense of self and can not be tied down by anyone.

Incredibly stubborn and proud, Leo Moon’s crave attention and love more than anyone could ever imagine. They set high standards for themselves, their home, workplace and relationships. Truthfully, they put their lover on a higher pedestal because they think their significant other is worthy of them. They want nothing but the best for their loved ones. Therefore, they can be incredibly demanding. Lunar Leos usually fall into the hands of the wrong people. They’re open, honest and bubbly so they do share a lot with new friends. They don’t think about what might go wrong until it’s too late. Once Leo Moon natives are betrayed, it takes a lot of apologizing to get them to forgive you. You never want to hear them roar.

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so as a big fan of your centaur AU I dunno if this has been proposed but: I'd think Lion piloting would work really easily? You'd just have to scale up the cockpit slightly to fit more body per room and then instead of like. a chair, three possibilities. 1. I dunno how comfortable it is for horse bodies to lay on things but it could be like a raised cushioned. slab thing. 2. just like things to put their feet in so they stand. (1/2)

and, option 3, the console is lowered so they just like. lie down on the floor/possibly have a cushioned area down there. Which would mean Pidge in s3 would still have that problem of not being able to reach the handles on Black. (2/2) 

HAH I love your attention to Pidge’s predicament in Black! I adored that scene so heckin much.

All good options I think! It’s something that can get worked out for sure, I just ain’t got the confidence in myself to go ahead and be drawing it. I mean, some of y’all saw my tiny bout of nerves from just putting up Lotor’s squad’s designs. Imagine! Me tryna be mechanical technical! Too spooky to be the First I’d be way more flighty on it at this stage


There needs to be more art of Lynel.

Edmund x Reader: Hidden kisses

Prompt/ask: Hey can I ask for a Edmund x reader where you are Caspian’s twin sister and they fall for each other but Caspian doesn’t like it

Word count: 642

Warnings: None

Setting: VDT

A/N: Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted! I hope you like it regardless.

The air on the Dawn Treader was clear and chilly. You remembered feeling the same breeze on the back of your neck in your distant, murky days spent in Telmar-although those winds were much less extraordinary. 

You inhaled sharply, breathing in the crystal draft surrounding you. The Narnian sea was exceptionally lovely at night. It seemed to dance before you, each wave rippling in the most magical and captivating way, forcing you into a trance of its beauty. 

“You alright?” A voice inquired tenderly from beside you. 

You clearly didn’t seem to notice when Edmund came up to join you on the deck; most of the crew had already gone to bed. 

Edmund always seemed to be there-not that you were complaining. The boy had something about him that captured your interest almost instantly, something that welcomed your presence. Maybe it was those questioning eyes, that messy hair, that soft-spoken tone…or maybe it was just Edmund. You had only just met the young King, and yet you felt as if you had known him for an eternity.

You nodded slowly, averting your gaze from the waters to Edmund’s soft brown eyes, hidden mostly by the dark.

“I just needed some air.” You said, barely moving your lips as you did so. Edmund nodded, seemingly in understanding. He leaned over the edge of the deck, looking out into the vast water-mass you had just been admiring. 

“Lovely, isn’t it?” He suggested thoughtfully. You remained silent, watching him.
“Did you have oceans like this in Telmar? Well, I suppose, Narnia.” He let out a small, nervous laugh. “Uh-you and Caspian grew up together in Telmar however, am I correct? Before you, I mean-” Edmund murmured, fumbling over his words a little.

You chuckled, playing with a strand of loose hair that had fallen into your eyes. “Edmund, I only knew my brother for a mere month of my childhood before we were separated.” You said casually, pausing to lean back away from the side of the deck. “We had the chance to reconnect about a week before the Dawn Treader set sail, actually.” 

Edmund nodded, breathing in. The two of you remained silent for a moment, taking in the feeling of the swaying ship and the increasingly chilly air.

“Oh, look!” Edmund announced suddenly, breaking the silence. In the dark, you could make out the form of him gesturing towards the sky.


Sure enough, as you glanced towards the heavens, you could see a blanket of constellations. It was nothing like you had ever seen before-never in your entire life. 

They weren’t very luminous-you had to look directly up at the sky to catch their light-but they were magnificent. Paintings of centaurs and lions filled the canvas of the sky, showering the stars from each constellation below into your stunned eyes. 

“…wow.” Was all you could muster, so astounded by the images before you. 

“Aren’t they wonderful?” Edmund asked softly. 

You felt him move closer to you, his breathing pace increasing ever-so-slightly. His breath was so close to your neck you could feel the heat radiating off of your skin. 



Edmund paused, his fingertips brushing against your waist and his lips grazing across your ear. 

“Can I kiss you?” He muttered in what was almost a low growl. 

“Edmund! What in Holy Aslan are you doing to my sister?”

Edmund flinched, releasing you immediately and facing Caspian with a dumbfounded expression. 

Caspian, who was glaring at Edmund in utter disgust, was standing in the small threshold where the steps leading to the cabins were. He appeared to be holding what looked to be a wooden cup.

“Caspian-” You started, almost close to laughter. Before you could finish, the cup was flying past your ear and into Edmund’s face.

It seemed like you would have to find some more creative kissing spots.


I want to live in a fantacy. I want to live in green rolling hills, where dragons fly and ground homes dwell. Where leather and metal are daily attire. Where magic is known, where legends are real. Where you can run and there will still be unknown lands ahead. Where stone castles on the sea side is my inn, where I can sit on a cliff and watch the sun set. Where lions are kings, where centaurs are true. Where dragons are tamed, where waters wild. Where life is dangerous and full adventure, unknowness at every turn. I want to live in that fantacy. The fantacy of imagination. The fantacy of the past.

🌕 Full Moon in Sagittarius Magick (from Witchipedia) ♐️

The full moon in Sagittarius always occurs in either late May or early June when the sun is in Gemini.

This is an excellent time to focus on transforming your life in a specific way. You may wish to focus on making a major change - a complete change of direction or creating new talents or habits or a new project. Or you may wish to focus on evolution- taking talents, habits or projects you’ve already developed to the next level.

If you aren’t sure about transforming, you could spend this time praying for inspiration and brainstorming those changes you’d like to bring into your life and how you can evolve as a person.

The energy of Sagittarius lends itself well to all spiritual pursuits, so this is a great time to meditate, pray and present offerings to your deities with the intention of forming a closer bond with them.

Sagittarius is the archer, so it may be associated with archer deities, like Apollo, Artemis or Diana.

Sagittarius Correspondences
Colors- Red, Crimson
Number- 3, 4
Stones - topaz, sapphire, amethyst, diamond
Metal - tin
Plants - carnation, pimpernel, pink clover, rush, sage, wallflower, mulberry, chestnut
Animals - mare, lion, centaur
Symbol- Archer, arrow, centaur
Tarot card - temperance

Signs & who they're compatible with

Aries: libra & cancer

Taurus: Aquarius & Virgo

Gemini: Pisces & Sagittarius & Capricorn

Cancer: Aries & Capricorn

Leo: Scorpio & Sagittarius & Leo

Virgo: Taurus & Gemini

Libra: Scorpio & Aries

Scorpio: Pisces & Leo & libra

Sagittarius: Leo & Aquarius & Gemini

Capricorn: cancer & Gemini

Aquarius: Taurus & Sagittarius

Pisces: Gemini & Scorpio