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Voltron+PJO meeting headcanons

So this is pretty messy but I just??? Needed to do this??? @theinsidiouscinnamonroll forgive me XD

⚫️So… Alternative wormhole ending where they end up at an alternate dimension.
⚫️Bc let’s get real there is NO WAY all the fandoms exist in the same universe. Like the universe would not be capable of existing.
⚫️But put yourself in the demigods’ shoes.
⚫️Like they’re 120% done with all of the stuff the gods have been making them go through.
⚫️And then they see these huge robotic lions??? Falling out of the sky??? Into camp???
⚫️"What the Hades not again.“ "Holy Hera we JUST finished.”
⚫️Basically the lions and the camp get a little (a lot) damaged
⚫️But then after everything is sorted out
⚫️Omg but “Who is this Keith imposter?” “The real question is: Who is this Nico imposter?”
⚫️In the beginning it’s mostly Pidge and Leo who talk… Mostly about mechanics and stuff.
⚫️Lance is unusually reserved (bc now he’s an entire DIMENSION away from his fam).
⚫️Leo and Lance start off their conversation with rlly lighthearted jokes and stuff.
⚫️And then their convo gets rlly deep. Seventh wheel stuff and all. Feelings. V deep.
⚫️I feel like Annabeth and Allura would hit off???
⚫️OH and Annabeth and Pidge would probably talk about stereotypes??? Like how people don’t assume they’re who they rlly are???
⚫️Jason and Shiro would originally talk bc “Guys the two Mature Leaders ™ HAVE to talk to each other.”
⚫️It’s awkward at first. Mostly nervous laughter. Then it gets deep. Most about how like??? Pressure of being a leader??? Also how they suffered a lot. More than anyone should have to. PTSD.
⚫️"…Guys I’m really reconsidering our choice to leave throw two together.“
⚫️But imagine how SURPRISED they are when they accidentally walk in on a Lance&Leo convo
⚫️Keith + Solangelo
⚫️"So you’re saying that I… Like Lance?”
⚫️Let’s get real tho the demigods and Paladins and Allura+Coran would team up to make Klance happen
⚫️"Surprisingly we keep getting put together in the camp activities???“
⚫️Speaking of Coran…. Imagine Coran+Chiron convos.
⚫️No, I’m not kidding.
⚫️They really care for those kids.
⚫️Hunk and Frank. Not to be cliche. I just… They’re both so loyal and I just??? Yeah???
⚫️Feel free to add on.


Hey I’m here w more stuff.

Rating: e (fluff)
Author: alteanpools
Word count: 750
Prompt: Sacrifice

* * *
“I think the availability of the cryopods is making you careless.” Keith sighs, watching as Lance pulls his paladin armor off, wincing and rolling up the leg of the suit.

“You’re a good one to talk,” Lance retorts, sitting on the floor of the Red Lion. “Last time I checked, you were the impulsive and reckless one.”

“I’m not the one that got attacked by a damn miniature… dog… robeast thing.”

“Not my fault they were faster than me. You saw them first, you should have warned me. I can’t believe they have guard robeasts.”

“I did warn you. I told you to get back to your Lion. And then they spotted us and now any chance of a sneak attack is gone.”

There’s silence as Lance realizes Keith us right.

“Whatever, pass me the first aid kit. We’ve still got a mission to complete. Why’d Shiro send us, anyway? We’re pretty much the least stealthy on the team, why did he think it was a good idea for us to be the ones staging a sneak attack against this Galra Outpost?”

“Everyone else had their own things going on. And it’s not an Outpost, it’s a camp. The Galra stationed here are surveying the area to see if it’s fit for a base.” Keith shrugs. “Get patched up and get in your own Lion. We’ve got a camp to destroy.”

Both boys settle in their Lions and take off towards the camp, which they’d approached on foot earlier only to get a feel for the layout of the place without their rather conspicuous Lions giving them away. Now that the guard robeasts have seen them, it’s a little too late for stealth.

The camp is small, should be easy to handle, except they’ve got a ship. Of course they do.

“Lance,” Keith's​ voice comes over the communication system. “I’ll deal with the ship, you focus on the mission.”

“Yeah, okay.” The Blue Lion peels away from the path they’d been talking. Going beneath Red and the approaching Galra ship allows a more direct shot at the camp, without worrying about Keith and Red being in the crossfire.

As Lance and Blue handle the camp, above them Keith and Red are holding up well against the Galra ship - until the thing turns and targets the unsuspecting Blue Lion.

“Watch out!” Keith warns, but he’s already got the Red Lion moving to intercept the laser from the Galra ship. Lance doesn’t even get a chance to react before Red is slamming against Blue, pushing Blue out of the way and taking the blow. Red tumbles backwards a little, but Keith can’t right the Lion and they are forced into a rather harsh landing.

Lance has to now turn his attention to the Galra ship, and although Red is grounded the lasers still work so Lance isn’t totally on his own.

The Galra ship goes down and from there it’s smooth sailing - Lance makes quick work of what remains of the camp and then Blue lands near Red.

Keith is already out of his Lion, inspecting the damage and apologizing to Red.

“You and Red alright?” Lance asks, approaching the downed Lion.

“Yeah, we’re fine.” Keith shrugs. “Some damage on Red’s side. The crash landing was worse than the actual hit.”

“Can Red get off the ground?”

“At first, no, but I think we’re good now.”

“Yeah. Good just in time to miss the whole fight.”

“Don’t get smart with me. I saved you. Can you imagine what that laser would have done to an unsuspecting Lion? Red was braced for it and it took us down.”

Lance grins.

“I know, I was joking.” He laughs. “But who’s the reckless one now?”

“Alright. You got attacked by a robeast and I took a laser hit. We’re even. Except I totally saved your ass and you just were too slow to avoid some dog robeasts.”

“Even,” Lance says. “We’re even. You said so.” A pause. “But thanks for saving my ass.”

“Yeah, whatever.” They both lean against Red, waiting now for the castle to come get them.

“But don’t think this gives you any reason to be more reckless than usual. Just because this one time worked out doesn’t mean it will work out every time.”

Keith feigns surprise. “Are you worried about me?”

“You know I worry about you, asshole.”

“Yeah, I know.” Keith admits, linking his pinkie with Lance’s, closing the space between where their hands rest on Red.


 "When I was a kid, I went to the zoo with my dad. It was just outside where we lived and, uh… It’s really small, one of those zoos where they keep the animals locked up in these… these tiny, little cages, these tiny, little, like, concrete boxes with tires in them or something. I was really excited about going. I really wanted to see something outside my town. I wanted to be… I wanted to be so close to something so wild and…It just wasn’t okay. I didn’t I didn't like it. And my dad kept trying to fucking tell me that it was okay, that… that this lion could never go back home because… because he wouldn't be able to survive in the wild, having been locked up for so long.” “Okay, you are trying to tell me that the zoo people they’re not guilty, they have no choice.” “No, I thought they had a choice, they had the choice. They should have given it to him. They should have let the lion choose.


Kion (La guardia del león) y Blu (Mansión Foster para amigos imaginarios) 

Rino y Gretchen (El campamento de Lazlo) 

La princesa Aurora de la bella durmiente (ví la película con el redoblaje de 2001) 

Surtido de 4 personajes que son:Ginger (Ginger),Leo (Mini Einsteins),Penn Zero (Penn Zero:casi héroe) y Lápislazuli (Steven Universe) 

Rudy Tabootie (Zonatiza) 

Duquesa (Los aristogatos) 

Name: Skyler “Nymph” Avia

Age: 11

Cabin: 7

Aw man I’m finally here! That flight was hell on my wings carrying the stupid satchel… anyway, hey! I’m Skyler Avia, prince of the Tree Nymphs, but you can call me Nymph is ya want! I’m only 11 years old and already the best scavenger in my entire kingdom~! And I’ll be the best one here in no time, too. Just watch me!

I hope I meet some people here, it gets boring only talking to other nymphs! Now where are those things called “marshmallows” I hear so much about?

[Voice Grab: Simba- The Lion King]