lion brand crochet


made a fun virus-patterned shawl/scarf and it’s way warmer and cozier than it looks! i really like how the colors blend and how it drapes. i’m also not sure that i’m going to keep it (i have… so many projects? and so many more to come? i just like creating things) , so if you really, really want it… pm me! we’ll talk. 


So I finally finished weaving in the ends. It took about six months to crochet. I admit, I took a break before I started weaving in the ends as the last several rounds were tough. Kept having to frog because I would discover during the shell round that I didn’t make a V stitch the previous round no matter how careful I was and boy howdy the rounds were getting rather long. It’s around 60x60 in. 

I do believe I was blasphemous as I used both RedHeart (Aran) and Lion Brand (Vanna’s Coice - Dusty Blue) yarns. 


How to Crochet Corner to Corner!