lion boyfriend


This is love.
I bought those two little lion when we were together for one month, it is not that long ago. I sent one of them to my boyfriend.
587 miles are between us but I was never that close to a person. He completes me. Love is stronger than distance. He might not be the best boyfriend in the world but I am neither. He accepts me the way I am and he would do anything to keep me happy. I am proud to call him mine. ❤

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Hi, hoping you could do a Keith scenario where his s/o tries to connect with his lion because it's a big part of him? Thanks

Fourteen (14) days until Voltron season 2! I’m so hyped!

~Mod Allura

“Alright Red, let’s give this another shot, yeah?” You held you arm up and rested your palm against the barrier Red kept around himself when Keith wasn’t around.

For the past few days you’d been trying to do nothing more than bond with your boyfriends lion, since Red was such a big part of Keith’s life, you thought it wouldn’t hurt. But as it turns out, Allura wasn’t kidding when she said that the Red Lion was temperamental. Even after days of attempts, the lion refused to budge.

You groaned and pressed your palm harder against the shield, resting a bit of weight against it, as if that would make it disappear. “Come on Red, you’ve got to work with me here. Don’t do it for me, do it for Keith.”

Suddenly, and without warning, the barrier retracted and, since you’d practically been leaning on it, you fell forward, your arms flailing around as you connected with the ground. Despite the pain that you currently felt, you look up at the lion with a cheeky smile on your face.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“What exactly were you trying to do?”

You shrieked at the voice that spoke up. You pushed yourself up and twisted your next to look at Keith. He had his arms crossed over his chest and wore an amused smirk, one eyebrow arched high.

You hesitated. “I was, maybe, possibly, trying to bond with your lion.” You voice lowered considerably as you spoke, because the task you’d been working hard on suddenly seemed ridiculous.

“And how’s that working for you?”

“It was going just fine, that is until you showed up.” You got to your feet and mimicked him, crossing your arms over your own chest.

“Yeah, it really looked that way.”

“Well excuse me, I just figured since he’s such a big part of you, maybe I should try to make some kind of connection with him.”

“You really are an idiot sometimes.” He chuckled and approached you. He rested his hands on your shoulders and spun you around to face Red. “He does like you, he likes you because I like you.”

With those words Red suddenly moved and repositioned himself so that his head was resting on the ground in front of you. He opened his mouth and Keith pushed you forward.

“Wanna learn how to fly him?”

You nodded your head excitedly and you grabbed Keith’s hand, pulling him along without hesitation.