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More Interesting Than Aliens
  • Me: "What book are you reading now?"
  • Beth: [age 9] "I just started Anne Of Green Gables #3."
  • Me: "Number 3, hmmm... is that the one where a terrible injury forces Gilbert to reveal that he's really a shapeshifting alien, and Anne and Marilla have to find the lost Orb Of The Star Lion to heal him?"
  • Beth: "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! There is nothing like that in Anne Of Green Gables. It's just people living normal lives, being people and stuff!"
  • Me: "Oh. And you like that?"
  • Beth: "Well, it's not as exciting as Maximum Ride, but it's like... it's more... real. Like, real women. And smart women."
  • Me: "What do you think is going to happen in the story?"
  • Beth: "Well, at the end of #2, I thought that Anne and Gilbert were probably going to get married when they were done with college."
  • Me: "Romantic stuff? You know, that would be a lot more interesting if it had aliens and mythical orbs."
  • Beth: "Oh, Dad. Real stuff is more interesting than aliens because it could actually happen."

I think she’s tougher than even she knows


Tale’s As Old As Time

They’re not even trying, now! Seriously WTF lol! How come I just noticed this shit?! Bah! Lol!

For this Anon who requested Disney/Bethyl from me for whatever reason :D [Also yes I’m aware Thumbelina isn’t Disney, but I like it so raspberry’s at you!]


To be perfectly honest, this new special edition of “The Lion King” is still a thousand times better than the one with that stupid, pointless Morning Report song nobody asked to be reinstated for the IMAX release.