My heart hurts more than I’ve been able to put into words today. I have followed this dear animal for many years, always enjoying how majestic and proud he was. His murder left 6 cubs who will now be unprotected from other males trying to take over his pride. If any good could come from his tragic end, it would be that the men and women who helped and studied him be able to continue to do so for the future generations. I know I’m a small blog, but if anyone could share this even if you can’t donate, just spreading the word and awareness could do a lot to help.


Caitlin Hackett

“Thinking about Cecil the lion today, and of the countless other endangered animals being poached and hunted across the globe, and it absolutely breaks my heart. Where the instinct to destroy a beautiful living creature like Cecil comes from I will never know. What madness drives a person to kill a creature simply for the joy of killing? If you want to do some good, consider donating to the folks at Wildcru, who were the ones studying Cecil and his pride in order to help come up with new ways to help preserve the species.
The piece below was a commission inspired by William Blake’s poem “night”. It’s one of a few lion pieces I have done and is one of my favorite.”


I’d like to hunt this fucking asshole down and take him ALIVE.

There are mounting calls for the prosecution of an American dentist who shot dead one of Africa’s most famous lions, as two other men involved in the hunt appeared in court in Zimbabwe to face poaching charges.
Walter Palmer, who runs a dental practice in Minnesota and hunts big game in his spare time, is accused of illegally killing Cecil, a protected lion, in Zimbabwe on a $50,000 (£32,000) hunt.
Cecil, a popular attraction among international visitors to Hwange national park, was lured outside the reserve’s boundaries by bait and killed earlier this month.

Via The Guardian