lion! rawr!

what i want for season 3

· hunk’s character development
· stop portraying hunk as a comic relief
· coran to get someone cute for him
· stop portraying coran as a comic relief
· pidge to prank all of the paladins by adding a weird noise feature to their lions
· keith “eMo kID raWr” kogane
· seeing lance practice his sharpshooting skills
· short haired allura
· shiro


Beatles’ Shakespeare Skit (In Colour) [a midsummer night’s dream act V, scene I]

So I realised a lot of people had a hard time understanding what they said with all the noise so I decided to whip out my “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” and write the captions:


Narrator: Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show; but wonder on, til truth make all things plain.

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