Familiar Theory (spoilers for Stevenbomb 2)

Few things have prompted as much fan theory as the bismuth crystal in Lion’s mane!

It’s quite an interesting situation, if you think about it. The world hidden inside Lion is explicitly a storage, where Rose left things- not just as her personal storage, but as things that she wanted to pass on to Steven. The video tape there was left specifically for him- as was the sword. Lion knew to give it to Steven when he asked Lion for help against the training robot.

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Pokemon Family shield Tattoo.

This is a commission for a friend of my other half. The shield is Palmer and Dillon combined and given a pokemon twist. He said as the symbols of the houses are a greyhound and a lion respectively, could we use Mightyena and Pyroar.

This one was really good fun and it gave me a chance to use some different skills and techniques. 

tggeko asked:

Since watching the 1st season of steven universe, have you figured out who best gem is?


But honestly, it kinda keeps going back and forth between Pearl and Garnet.  Every time I think one’s my favorite, the other one does something really cool to confuse the rankings.

Amethyst is pretty much junk though