Remember the Strawberry Leopard? Photographer Egil Dröge may have captured rare photos of a “Strawberry” Lion.

In 2009, a photographer by the name of Egil Dröge captured rare photos of a “golden” lion sighted in the South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Born in 2008, Dröge writes “He was one of 5 cubs born to his pride within a few weeks.” (source)

Much like the three erythristic or “strawberry” leopards (two of which were wild-sighted, one of them collared, and one male cub born in captivity at the Akwaaba Lodge in South Africa), this unusual male lion’s pelage resembles that same reddish pigmentation. It is possible that this specimen exhibits a genetic mutation known as erythrism, which is either the reduction of black pigment (eumelanin) or overproduction of red pigment (pheomelanin).

Even the paw pads show a lack of the black pigmentation seen in normal lion paw pads.

Egil Dröge returned to South Laungwa National Park and was able to capture more images (view here and here) of the same lion in both 2010 and 2011, almost three years after the very first sighting. The photographs show the lion in healthy condition at approximately 3 years old. Its been 4 years since and I am not able to find any updates on him, his condition or his whereabouts. 

These are the very first and quite possibly the only images of an existing (possibly) erythristic lion. (Please do not take my excitement as glorification of color morphs, we all know where I stand on that subject!) However, it is quite interesting as the only other color morphs I’ve seen in lions are leucism and possible mosaicism - which I will further expand on in another post.

View more images and read more information regarding the “Golden” lion of South Luangwa here and here.

Photos: Egil Dröge

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Ok so the theory that lapis is blue diamond is debunked, right? Like firstly the sky arena with what I assume are the four diamond minus rose, none of them look like lapis, and secondly if she was a diamond then someone would remember her and hold her to some degree of respect, but if she was a high ranking person (like jasper) it would make sense for people to not really know about her

Thank you, friend, I’ve been meaning to theorypost about this but hadn’t gotten off my butt to do so! Spoilers below the cut, up to Friend Ship.

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