Wednesday October 3, 2012

I went hiking up Kapuzinerberg with my friend Sam.  It’s been something I’ve been wanting to do since I arrived in Salzburg, I’m so glad that I finally did it!  The views from the top were absolutely amazing.  It felt great to accomplish walking to the top, even though it isn’t the highest mountain in Salzburg.  

Kapuzinerberg lies just east of the Salzach river and is literally just behind my student home on Linzer Gasse.  The walk up took maybe 45 minutes tops (including time to stop and take pictures and catch our breaths occasionally).  We ventured off the paved path onto the real Alpine hiking path. So cool!  

Along the way we saw our first monk of Salzburg too!  He had the whole getup on and everything: brown robe, white rope, cross around his neck, bald spot.  There is a standing monestary on Kapuzinerberg called Kapuzinerkloster.  It was built from 1599-1605 and still is an operating monastery today.