linzer augen

A Shrewsbury to be reckoned with

It can be hard to get a sense of scale with photos and it’s especially a shame with this mighty biscuit.  Truth be told, it was scoffed before Cake Girl thought to get the ruler out but it was at least 10cm in diameter.  Despite it’s familiar appearance, this biscuit is known here as Linzer Auge - the latter being German for ‘eye’.  You can probably work out what part of the biscuit this relates to.   

At the risk of being asked to depart Munich ahead of schedule, this giant tasted like the Shrewsbury biscuits of childhood: a buttery crumbly yet crisp biscuit and decently jammy strawberry jam.  The sprinkling of sugar was the icing on the top - and probably so visitors didn’t liken the lovely Linzer Auge to those puny Shrewsbury biscuits made by Cookie Bear.