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Why you should use Linux:
  • It’s free. (Both in price and in philosophy. When using Linux, the user has complete control over what’s going on in their PC, unlike Mac/Windows which are closed-source and keeps everything hidden.)
  • It’s beautiful. (There are many different desktop environments and themes available made by the community, allowing far more customization than Mac OS X or any incarnation of Windows.)
  • It’s secure. (Most programs are distributed through a Package Manager, a piece of software comparable to an App Store, and every program on it is approved by the people who run the Package Manager - you don’t even need an anti-virus software.)
  • It’s fast. (Most desktop environments/distros are much more lightweight than Windows or Mac.)
  • It’s everywhere. (Linux is installed on everything these days: smartphones, routers, modern TVs, even toasters.)
  • It’s growing. (As the userbase of Linux rapidly grows, so does the amount of support for it. By using Linux and submitting bug reports and feedback, you are helping it as a whole improve.)
  • It’s easy. (Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not this super intimidating thing that only aliens can comprehend. Many distros like Linux Mint and Ubuntu are designed from the ground up to be user friendly and have tons of support, most issues can be resolved with a quick visit to Google instead of having to buy a new Macbook or doing a complete reinstallation.)
talesfromcallcenters: What do you mean you don't support Linux!!!1!!(x-posted from /r/talesfromtechsupport

Welcome back my friends to the stories that never end, We’re so glad you could attend! come inside! Come inside!

Hello dear readers. It is I, the one that worked in the gulags of ISP tech support for residential customers(although that wasn’t always the case).

Today’s tale of woe and misfortune comes from the early days in my career/servitude to ISP. Now a little background: In order ot use our internet we, like most companies, had minimum standards your computers needed to meet. At this time it was XP SP2 and above, a 1 Ghz proc, and 512 Mb of ram. This user checked off most of these requirements, but not all. And this brings us to the start of our woeful tale…

Cast of characters:

me: just me, myself, and I (yes there are three of me, I don’t care if its just in my head! We all agree…mostly!)

lg: linux guy. One of those users that just makes all tech geeks look bad!

T3: the tier three tech, they were the guys that took on the hard stuff!

And now, on with our story!

me: whisper tone tells me its from Syracuse Thank you for calling ISP national help desk, this is Peopleman_at_work. So that I can best assist you, can you please tell me your name and the telephone number starting with the area code that is on your account?

lg: Yes, my name is NAME and my phone number is PHONE NUMBER MINUS THE AREA CODE

me: Thank you for that sir, but since I am a national help desk, I do not know the area code that you are calling from, may you please tell me that?

lg: Oh, yeah proceeds to tell me zip code

me: Sir, that was your postal zip code, I need to know the three digit code that precedes your phone number.

lg: Oh, I feel like an idiot, its 315.

me: Thank you, and seems to be the issue?

lg: Well, I go to school for engineering, and I just got this new laptop. I installed red hat, and now I can’t get online! Since your my ISP, I figured this is something that you HAD to fix!

me: internally thinking, Why did you think we would support Linux? OK sir, I will absolutely try to help, but there is no guarantee since we do not support Linux, and I’m not that familiar with it.

lg: No, you will support it! I come from New York City, I know your CEO. He told me that you will fix it!

at this point in my service, I had been warned about people from this city attempting to gain leverage by claiming to know the CEO. It was never EVER true!

me: We treat all our customers the same, and always do our best to achieve 100% satisfaction, but there are just some things that we are unable to help with because we do not support them. But lets see if this is something I can fix!


me: Sir, there is no need to shout, or belittle me! I was just making you aware that this is not something we normally do, but that I would still try.

lg: Fine, but if you can’t fix this you will transfer me to someone that can!

me: Certainly sir. now, I just want to start at the beginning. Is this a Ethernet connection, or a wireless one?

lg: obviously its wireless, who in their right mind would ever connect wired in this day and age? That is a dumb question!

me: Thank you for that. Now on Red Hat, does it have anything similar to Windows where it will show the status of the connection?

lg: Not graphically! And I don’t know the command to do it via the command line.

me: OK, no problem, I will just see if I can look it up! please hold for 1 minute. puts call immediately on hold

I sit there for a moment just enjoying the silence, and then googleFU my way to an answer.

me: breaths deep, and takes call off hold Thank you for holding sir. I have looked up the information. Can you please type in the following lspci. Please tell me if it shows your wireless network card, or NIC?

lg: No, I don’t see it listed! WHY the F**K isn’t it listed?

me: I don’t know sir, but since we have now seen that it is your computer not seeing the interface, I will be unable to assist further, since we do not state we support Linux. You might want to try contacting either the manufacturer of your computer, or if you can find it, a local repair shop that knows Linux.

lg: This is unaccecptable. Transfer me to someone who knows what they are doing. You just don’t want to help me since I’m Asian!

me: Sir, I did not know that you were Asian, and even if I did this would not have anything to do with what I said. But if you like I will attempt to reach out to my tier 3 team for further assistance.

lg: Yes, I do not like talking to racists like you. Get me some Asian that knows what they are doing!

me: thinking, now who’s racist Please hold the line while I see if tier 3 will take the call. puts call on hold and dials the tier 3 extension

t3: Thank you for calling tier three tech support for ISP, this is T3, how can I help you?

me: Hey t3, this is me from the national help desk. I have a customer that has Red Hat on his computer and he is demanding we fix his computer not seeing his NIC. Can you help?

t3: This guy? he has called 4 times and won’t listen to us. gets evil tone in his voice Did he call you a racist, and ask to be transferred to a Asian yet?

me: Yeah, how did you know?

t3: he has done this every single time. I think its time we taught him a lesson! Put him thru.

me: I’m intrigued, but here he is in 3…2…1…transfers call

From what I heard from the t3’s supervisor, t3 put on a fake Asian accent, and told the customer that we do not support linux and that he cannot get us to do it for him. The customer accepted this, but the t3 decided to end the call in his normal american/white accent. this got lg so angry that he demanded to disconnect, so he was transferred to the retention line.

so there you have it dear readers. The time that I got yelled at, called a racist and an idiot all in one call for not supporting Linux. I would like to say this was the last time this happened, but we all know that this is just not so.

By: peopleman_at_work


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A more detailed post is coming, we need some rest!