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Locked Heart

Release dates (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Online)
English: January 8th, 2016

“Once upon a time, the D'Lockes, a prestigious family, became the receivers of a terrible curse. No one has heard of them since then.

Seven years later, their mansion remains standing in the dark forest with no signs of life inside.

Nobody even dares to go near it, until one day, a girl named Aura stumbles across the house and is greeted by a family of…talking plush toys?!

Join Aura as she struggles to find out the truth behind the curse and break it.”

This is a free game released by Dice! You can download or play the game online here.

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Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a super tough and highly addictive shoot em up controlled entirely with one single button!  Press the button and (as you may gather from the game’s title) you’ll switch directions and shoot your blaster cannons.  It’s very addictive stuff – the most fun you can possibly have with just one button.

Play The Switch ‘N’ Shoot Alpha, Free (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)


‘Pony Island’

[PC / MAC / LIN] [USA] [VIDEO, TRAILER] [2015]

  • Uploaded by Daniel Mullens, via YouTube
  • Pony Island: the arcade smash hit meant to lure unsuspecting players and bronies to their doom. It’s kinda like Polibus, but made by the devil and full of unicorns and horror. Solve a bunch of puzzles and escape limbo! 

Upgrading to Win 10 in VirtualBox

I have had Win 7 running in a VirtualBox for a while and while our household and my photography business are Ubuntu only, I  provide some computer help on the side also for Windows users. Just started an upgrade to Win 10, have a look of the screen capture!  

Installing VirtualBox and making it run something is very straight forward job. My second OS in the Box is actually second Ubuntu. It comes handy when trying out stuff, as getting back from a disaster is just to remove the latest snapshot and couple minutes later your back in business. Much faster than re-imaging your hard drive (in my case, that’s six hours).


GiAnt is a fun new first person platforming adventure that shows you the world from a new perspective – with you taking control of Adam the Ant as he avoids titanic chickens, dogs and humans, navigates obstacles and searches the world for sweets to take back to his colony.

Play The GiAnt Alpha Demo Build, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)


Tanki X is a big, bold and beautiful Tank Vs Tank combat game that allows you to build your own tank and pit it against people from around the globe.  Fast, fun tank-on-tank action, color and explosions. 

Sign Up For The Tanki X Beta (Win, Mac & Linux)