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Can you post a list with antifa songs? Like fite dem back - linton kwesi johnson or song of choice - peggy seeger, Or if you have a link to an already existing list lol.

Excellent question & two great examples.  We’ll kick this off with what might be the first antifa song; maybe peeps want to add their suggestions to the playlist in the comments?


Everyone is Familiar with or at least heard of the Black Panther Movement here in America and its impact on society, but many people know very little about the British Black Panthers or that they even existed to begin with. The British Black Panthers force were predominantly in London, but they had Chapters in other Areas throughout Britain where former slaves from British colonies in the Caribbean, West Indies, and Africa returned to and built strong Generations and Black Communities that grew larger and larger as the 1960’s approached. 

Some of its core members are Darcus Howe, Linton Kwesi Johnson, and Olive Morris They took an Educational approach to build up their people and fight racism in their communities. Black People were becoming knowledgeable about themselves and their history and the organization became secretive in certain aspects of educating to protect the knowledge they were giving to the people. The British Black Panthers were greeted with brutality and violence from police after they became more and more successful with campaigns, protests, and acts of solidarity.  They openly criticized the American and British Governments and were hated by a majority of the white middle-class communities of Britain. The British Black Panthers had a run before its end and during their relatively brief time they had a tremendous impact on their Black communities that has benefited countless people of African Descent with pride and knowledge to this day. SanCopha! Written By: @Champion_Us