All I Want for Christmas

A/N: Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy whatever-you-celebrate-and-whatever-you-believe-in! I hope you enjoy this fic as much as I did while writing it!

Inspiration/Song: All I Want for Christmas is You sang by Michael Bublé ((it’s much shorter than 5 minutes but the video is so idek))

Word Count: 3496

TW: Swearing, sex mentioned.

Pairing: LMM x Reader

You knew he had to be up to something.

Your roommate and your best friend, Lin, had been playing the same chord progression for the past 3 nights you had come home.

He didn’t have his millions of papers strewn across the shared apartment like he usually did when he wrote In the Heights during your law school days and Hamilton during the start of your own practice.

Now, as an accomplished and respected lawyer, not a paper could be seen in sight. Not even the pen that would reside permanently on his ear.


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