Jeremy Lin, Is it New York Knicks or Houston Rockets?

According to ESPN New York, Jeremy Lin is upset at the New York Knicks for not making an offer for a new contract before the Houston Rockets. The Houston Rockets who had Jeremy Lin in training camp last season is finally seeing Linsanity’s worth. It is said that the Rockets made a generous offer to Lin with a contract having an estimated worth $28.8 million for the next four seasons (broken down to “$10.2m the first two seasons and over $9m each of the last two”)… compared to last seasons payout of $788,000, $10.2m in one season now that’s an hefty amount. However, According to a correspondent ESPN New York, the Knicks can easily match and “will match any offer on Lin up to 1 billion dollars.” Only time will tell if New York City will go a few more rounds with the Linsanity… or will Houston be the next city for Emperor Lin to reign. 


This guy is setting the basketball world on FIRE!!! Forget what Floyd Mayweather says this dude is ballin’ and the attention is well deserved!

“Young adult Simba the latest cat crowned king” - @AltidudeDMV