“When you think about your relationship with Christ, it really just affects every aspect of your life. I think a lot of people try to segment off, like, ‘This is church, so this is God, this is my daily life, this is my job,’ but I think true faith is when it manifests itself in every single aspect of your life.”

     - JEREMY LIN 


Mitch Kupchak & the Los Angeles Lakers formally introduce Jeremy Lin to the team. 6/24/14.

Mitch Kupchak opens the presser by talking about how LAL have tried to acquire Jeremy twice in the past. Happy it worked out this time.

Jeremy Lin: “I’m just really excited to be part of this organization. For me I’m viewing it as a fresh start, back in the state of California.

I’ve had the opportunity to play with a few really good players… now Kobe. I think I’ll be able to learn a lot. I’m just excited.”

On wearing #17 again: “Xavier Henry had 7 here. 17 has been a special number to me. I wore it in the D-League w/ the Reno Big Horns & in New York.”

Lin on his reception upon being traded: “Was all red Rockets & the day I went back to Asia it was all yellow. I thought “wow that was fast.“

The thing Lin most appreciates about Nash: his footwork & the angles he takes. “You can’t really appreciate it until you guard him….I can’t wait. I remember when he as in Phoenix & was 20 & 10 every night. I can’t wait to learn from him.”