linoleum printmaking


Kudos to our Ithaca, NY BIG INKers! Last weekend 12 artists conquered the challenge to “go big or go home,” and successfully created his or her own large-scale woodcut. A huge thank you to Craig Mains, Jenny Pope, & staff at the The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press for their generosity and assistance. Ithaca was a blast, and we hope to partner with you again! Check out more photos from the event at

So I made reduction linoleum prints of Quodo because I’m a goddamn idiot and also it turned out really good and anyway there are about 10 prints that I’m trying to sell at a very reasonable discount ;)
I’m thinking $15 a print and that includes shipping .

if for some reason you are actually interested in this once in a life time opportunity, feel free to DM me here or over @ gkazul on Instagram