linoleum block printing


Saw the top picture today (whoever that teacher is, you are amazing. Thanks for posting it) and got inspired to make my own, but a small linoleum block version.

Literally none of my students appreciate this joke. I shall nerd-laugh to myself then.

Materials I Use for Printmaking: Part 2 - Inking and Printing

1. Barens (the tool used to apply pressure to the paper- at top): I use the Yasutomo Bamboo Baren more with water based inks because it spreads the ink better and doesn’t get it into the details as much and the softer Speedball Baren. With oil based inks, I usually use the Speedball Baren and a spoon.

2. Brayers (bottom right): I use several different sizes depending on the size of the block I’m inking. The larger the size of the brayer, the easier and quicker it is to get an even coat of ink. I think it is best when the whole linoleum piece can be covered in 3-5 passes, then evened out with 5 more passes in a different direction.

3. INK: Personally, I think the oil -based ink (on left with the skull) is superior to water based (to the right of it). It is harder to over-ink it and much harder to lose the small details. It also doesn’t dry nearly as quickly which is important if you mixed a good color and are doing a large edition (more than 12 or so).

4. Pens: In case I make a small error, India Ink pens by Faber- Castell are a good tool to hide them.

5. Ink Knives (used to mix inks and remove ink from containers) It is called a stiff scraper knife or putty knife at Home Depot. If you know a better name for this tool, please let me know. I use it a lot and have several so I don’t contaminate colors when mixing a new color.

6. Ruler: For cutting paper and a good alignment sheet.


I present my final project for my typography and books arts class from last semester! I produced an edition of 5 books of a collection of songs and poems from JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium. I designed each of the illuminated letters, carved them out of linoleum blocks, and printed them on a platinum hand press. The text of the titles page was also hand set and printed (I ran out of time to hand set the rest.) The blue detailing I did with watercolors. I bound them in a simple case binding with a really pretty blue paper inside the cover.

These are the most exciting pages that I wanted to share. 

Here is my latest relief print scanned! I’ve been thinking about a title for this since I started working on it, but have struggled to come up with something other than “Alligator” or “Crocodile”. I settled on “The All-Seeing River Beast”. Hopefully, that’s not too stupid. If it is, well…I majored in art, not writing.

If you haven’t been following the progress of this on Tumblr or Instagram it’s a three block/color linoleum print designed, carved, and printed by me, Amanda Myers. I don’t often make multi-colored prints due to cost and time. I really enjoyed making this and I’m thrilled with how it came out. If you’d like to purchase this print, check out my Etsy store. These are a limited edition of 9.

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