The Coral Cave - Handmade Linocut Print

It’s been a while since our last linocut print! This new print features 4 colors layers printed on Canson paper. It portrays Mizuka, the main character of our upcoming videogame set in Okinawa.

You can order it on our online shop:

You’ll get an original handmade print, signed and numbered, from a limited series of 200. Each print is unique, with its own subtle variations.


In Today’s Episode: How to attend art school and legally mAKE FANARTS.

(I had to explain to our teacher who Asriel is lol) Anyway! I thought it might be interesting to see the process of making a linocut? I had a history of art but I have never SEEN the process of making such thing. Teachers usually say a few words about it and then show the most popular examples and that’s it. That’s the linocut, now you know everything about it.

Also, I was thinking about giving one of these away? A free raffle… to show an apprecation to this fandom…?
Yay or nay?