Sometimes someone’s contributions towards riding is not necessarily overtly stated or known. I think Lino fits in this category. He’s not exactly the type of rider who the masses flock towards for this year’s tricks and he doesn’t have the certain personal flare that makes him sort of cultural icon off the bike. He’s more of an everyday man guy pushed riding based solely on riding, for riding’s sake. Maybe that worked against him career wise but he also doesn’t seem to be the type whose fussed about such things. 

There is a certain quality to Lino that has that’s always stood out compared to everyone. Sure he does 95% grinds but so do a lot of people these days but none of them I’d say rides like Lino necessarily. I wanna say it’s combination of him being the guy in Can I Eat? who did a round rail smith and pushing riding in a direction that is definitely overlooked these days. It seems like he has this mindset where he sees a spot and imagines what could be the most difficult thing on it, quite opposite to most people. Take the L-ledge in this video where he does a 180 fakie feeble to cab over. That is possibly the hardest way to ride an L-ledge. Maybe some other pro would’ve copped out and did a over the L and smith to nose bar or something like that but that’s why he’s not Lino. Another example would be the fakie polejam. Like really!? Who wants to approach a rod sticking out of the fakie but somehow he makes it work. 

But like I said above Lino’s riding is definitely overlooked. For one, someone see’s that he got something NBD and does it the next day like the ender a double peg to crook 180. That’s pretty much been done to death but we saw it done first by Lino. That or the trick just seems so unfeasible to the majority that we just kind of gawk until the rest of riding world catches up years later, forgetting that it was Lino who did it like half a decade years ago. He’s not in the magazines every month, maybe at this point not even in once a year year but Lino is definitely out there making moves. The type of guy who sits in the corner of the bar with no one around, he’s a legend and got stories for days but don’t care if no one notices, he sips his beer with a smirk, satisfied for his own sake. That or he does IT for some office and gets crapped on by his bosses living his life like Office Space til work is over and he becomes a BMX superhero. I don’t know. 

Lino Gonzalez

Jaw Gymnastic by Del Tha Funky Homosapien

Animal - Can I Eat? (2004)

Edited by Bob Scerbo