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And because Henry is also an important part of our flock, I will share 10 facts about him as well!
1. Henry’s name is a tribute to Rick’s late brother, Mac. There is a talking Linnie on YouTube named Henry and Mac was obsessed with his videos, so when Mac passed away and we brought home our new little one, we felt “Henry” was the perfect name to give him in memory.
2. Henry had been meant as a breeding bird, I reached out to his breeder to be waitlisted for a baby and she informed me she had a 1 year old cobalt male in need of a home. As he was not tame, she wanted an experienced home and thought we’d be a good fit, and so we adopted him.
3. Henry loves to sit on my head and preen me.
4. It took 8 months for Henry and Rick to bond, now they are inseparable.
5. Henry, much like Rick, has a love for hairband destruction.
6. Henry is timid but is more likely to try out a new toy than Rick.
7. His wings were clipped by the breeder when we got him, it took 6 months to grow them back out, now he zips around like a little fighter jet.
8. He is a BIG chewer, he will destroy anything he can get his little beak on.
9. Through Rick, he learned how to emulate the sounds his namesake makes and sounds EXACTLY like the bird in the videos.
10. He does NOT like our Red Couch, and is always horrified when he accidentally lands on it.

Ok first of all let me tell you that i will not talk about skam ending bc 

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But this whole day I have been linked in posts or received messages or asks that thanked me or told me sweet and kind words so I also want to say THANK YOU to all of you!!

No matter if mutual or if youre following me or if im following you, all of you made this whole thing so special

I started out in january here and just recently talked to Linni about that in feb I had 50 follower and was sooo amazed (still am) bc??? ppl were interested in what i had to say??

And then I started - for the first time - to show ppl my writing and was so NERVOUS but the feedback was just so overwhelmingly nice and kind…. It really meant so much <3

And no matter how many of you will stay (i will be here for the next 40 years) i am looking forward to all the shitposts and HCs and analysis that are still to come, I am so so grateful for all of you, yes there was negativity and discourse and hate but honestly, what family doesnt fight here and there?



If you’re interested in sharing your life with a bird, you may ask yourself, “Which bird is right for me?” Taking a cue from RPGs, I compiled this list.

(In the future, I hope to make character sheets, complete with stats utilizing chubby bird art. If anyone from the Birblr Community has something to add or modify, please message me.

All companion birds are capable of being noisy, destructive, needy, dramatic, sensitive, messy, bitey, and when you consider the purchase of toys, food, and vet bills, they can also be very expensive. Their life spans, time commitments, and tendency to self-mutilate, are also factored in.

LEVEL 80-99
Umbrella, Moluccan, and Sulfur Crested Cockatoos, Macaw, Amazon

You need a ton of Exp. before even considering taking them on. You’ll need a high tolerance for pain. There will likely be a time when a typically sweet bird may randomly take a chunk of flesh out of you, especially when they’re hormonal.
Trust me, I’ve been bitten by a Cockatoo and an Amazon (that I regularly petsit). He’s my buddy, but he still chomps - he gets jealous when I give attention to the Severe Macaw.
More to consider: Moluccan Cockatoos have one of the loudest scream of any land animal. They can scream up to 129 dB, anything over 120 dB is painful to human’s ears, and all of these guys are insanely loud which can piss off your neighbors.

They chew on doors, 2X4’s, TV’s … you. Again, it takes a highly experienced Bird Lover to take these guys on.

LEVEL 60-80
Goffin, Bare-Eyed, and Galah Cockatoos, African Grey, Severe Macaw, Eclectus

It would be best if you had experience with Lower Level Birds before approaching them or max out your wisdom with research. Be sure to consider time commitments and life spans. As with the Higher Level Birds, they can easily succumb to depression and plucking/self-mutilation if they’re not mentally and socially stimulated enough… and even with the best parront, they still can succumb.

LEVEL 30-60
Conures, Senegal, Ringnecks, Pionus, Caique, Lorikeet, Hahn’s Macaw, Quaker Parrot

At around 20 years old, I started my personal Bird Quest with a Dusky Conure. She started out as a Low Level, sweet, young, beeb, but when she hit maturity, she became a vocal, bitey brat that only loved being with my Dad. I moved out, and still love her, but she’s happiest living with my Dad. She is still loud af and a pinchy-beak, but happy.

I have fostered Conures, Quakers, Caiques, and Ringnecks, and have a rescued Blue Crown and a Finsch’s Conure in my own flock. My 2 beebs are hilarious, social, loving, and LOUD…so loud, but I adore them.

I’ve also concluded that Sun Conures are the loudest of Conures. That have a special ear-pearcing screech that can be rather unpleasant.

This group will also need toys to destroy and someone that’s willing to devote at least 3 hours a day to them or more.
Some parrots don’t like toys. Pako preferred hanging out with people instead of playing with toys… also nail polish and paper towels offended him… those were the only times he would ever get into a bite-fit.

I’m not super familiar with Lorikeets as I’ve never fostered them, but based on birds of their size, youtube, and their special diet requirements, I feel they probably belong in this group.

I’ve fostered a few plucker Quakers, Conures, and Ringnecks and they all are pretty similar, although I’ve heard Ringnecks can hold a grudge if you go on vacation without them, but I’m sure they’re not the only ones capable of doing this.

LEVEL 15-30
Cockatiel, Lovebird, Parrotlet

These buddies are my specialty and I foster them often. They’re capable of bonding just as much as the larger birds, although sometimes they don’t want to… Miss Cockatiel hated me, then loved me. Sometimes they want head rubs, but only in this one spot, and this many…
Birds can be fickle, but they can also be the best buddies ever.
This group of birds can all draw blood, but are unlikely to take a huge chunk of flesh off you. They need attention from either you or another of their species (or in the case of Hilda the Lovebird, she’s partnered up with an English Budgie). They are small birds, but their personalities are anything but.

Lovebirds are notorious toe-biters due to cage aggression. Make sure no one is walking on their cage with them inside.

Parrotlets and Lovebirds will occasionally attack their cage mates. Parrotlets have been known to murder their cage mate. This can occur if they don’t have enough room, or if they feel that their mate is going to “cheat” on them with the presence of another parrotlet, or someone similar (even if that mate is only their reflection in a mirror). I don’t keep more than 2 bonded lovies to a cage and supervise them all during flutter time.

LEVEL 1-15
Finches, Canaries, Budgies, Lineolated Parakeet, and Bourke’s Parakeet
NEW: Doves/Pigeons

It is best for them to have a companion, be it you or another of their species. Some may be surprised that they are all capable of bonding and loving their human.
Just because they might not want to bond with you, doesn’t mean they deserve any less love or care.

Mr. Kakapo the Linnie talks and Francis the English Budgie does, too.
Make sure you and your neighbors don’t mind their chirps.

Their toys are cheaper but they will need to be switched out every once in awhile because they get bored with them. They’re called “starter birds” but they are still living, feeling, adorable beings that deserve annual vet visits and fresh food.

NEW: Doves/Pigeons aren’t known to attack and draw blood. They’re temperament is usually more mellow than hookbills, at least with all the ones I’ve delt with. I’ve never had a pigeon dive bomb me, but I’m sure they could if they wanted to. They would do best having an aviary which might add to their maintenance points.

Just like people, every bird is different. Their levels may fluctuate. Typically, the bigger the bird, the greater their needs, the greater their needs, the more money, more experience, more knowledge, more patience, more pain and noise tolerance, the more work it is to take care of them.

Even if you were to get these guys as babies, there’s no guarantee they’ll stay sweet after they reach maturity. Commit to love them either way.

Never forget, with the exception of most Low Level birds, these are wild animals. You ever see Rio? That’s probably what most of your birds’ parents or grandparents went through. Respect and cherish them.

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