Today I was lucky enough to take part in a workshop based around two artists - Leigh Bowser and Lise Bjorne Linnert. Leigh Bowser was actually with us working on her project called The Bloog Bag Project (click here for more information) and then for Lise Bjorne Linnert we worked on her collaborative project but she did not attend. 

Lise Bjorne Linnert’s project is called Descondia Unknown Ukjent and is about the women who go missing and are murdered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. She asks people to stitch the women’s names onto a small fabric tag which will then be displayed. Each person stitched the name of someone and also ‘Unknown’ as there are many women who have disappeared but their names are not known. I found it very moving when stitching the names to know that these were actual people that are no longer with their families. There is more information about the project here on her website. One thing I also found fascinating about this particular project is that it has been going since 2006, and that there are continuously new names to be stitched and presented as part of the exhibtion piece to continuously make it grow and develop.  

Leigh Bowser’s part of the workshop meant the whole of my class made their own individual bloog bags that would then become part of Bowser’s project. I chose to make mine with a calico base and then cover it in red buttons. I was able to use some of the blood bags I saw at the Lawrence Batley Theatre as inspiration for ideas and materials I could use (find the post about this here). I think my final blood bag was successful and I found it really interesting to see other people in the groups thoughts on what they were going to do with their final piece. 

I found this workshop refreshing as it was good to meet an artist who has done such a large scale collaborative project and has also been a successful artist or designer alonside it. The fact that each of these projects means something to someone in the world also makes it interesting. After researching both of these projects it is something that I would like to continue to follow and hopefully one day see in person in their full completion or to their fullest point at that time.

Here are some photos of the workshop taken by Leigh Bowser herself.

#Bremen: Klinik-Neubau wird ein Jahr später...

Florian Ebbok hat den Beitrag von Florian Ebbok mit Ihnen geteilt.

Beitrag von Florian Ebbok:

”: Klinik-Neubau wird ein Jahr später fertig und 40 Millionen €
teurer?, #Böhrnsen & Co.regiere
immer weiter in den Ruin.
Politische muss doch irgendwann einmal zu Gunsten der Bürger
gestoppt werden - mit Hilfe des Bundes!.
Erstmals greift die öffentlich die verantwortlicheäte
und an und fordert in der-Bürgerschaft die
Entlassung der politisch „Unglücklichen“?

Die #Bürger i sind …”

Nehmen Sie die Einladung an, um sich den vollständigen Beitrag anzusehen.

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richtigen Leben an. Learn more:

Jazzart Dance at Zabalaza Festival

Jazzart Dance held a Dance Lab in February 2015. One of the works in progress out of the workshop titled “Rat.Race” and will be performed during the Zabalaza Festival at the Baxter Flipside tomorrow (Saturday, 21 March).

Title of the Production – Rat Race
Company – Jazzart Dance Theatre Lab
Location – Cape Town
Choreographed by Mamela Nyamza with the JAZZART Trainees & guest dancers
Director – Mamela Nyamza
Nksosentsha Tamana , Lusanda Dayimani, Wanie Johannes, Keenan Wales, Thandiswa Dokoda, LeeJoel Bosman, Adam Malebo, Vannessa Swartbooi, Sakhele Makaluza, Lewellyn Afrika, Nichelle Linnert, Luyanda Mdingi, Thandiwe Mqokeli, Tamsyn Spannenberg, Phumeza Nokhonya, Nomfundo Hlongwa, Lusindiso Dibela
Performance Dates & Times – 21 March @ 17h00 – Flipside Theatre
‘RAT.RACE’… situations simplicity exists. This is how we describe the way of life lived by the countless to acquire wealth and power wanting to survive. A way of life in which people are caught up fiercely competitive struggle for wealth and power. They quit the rat race in order to live a simple life.

Facebook event:

Event page:

Photos: Oscar O’Ryan