Hey guys! I’m the feature poet tonight at Poets’ Monday at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn! Poets’ Monday is an open mic celebrating the written word and local writers, poets, and anyone else! Everyone is welcome to read whatever they desire. Original work is always encouraged, but you can read the work of writers you admire, from anything to poetry, fiction, prose, or even songs! Sign-up starts at 7:30pm, the open mic starts at 8pm and the feature (yours truly!) starts around 9pm. There’s a $3 cover. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, stop by! 

(I know the picture is gratuitous but I like it and hey, this event is kinda about me! Sorta… maybe… a little?)


Hell YES!

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming episode of the best TV show that you’re not watching (probably cos it’s not really on TV):


In case you haven’t seen this before, each episode is hosted by, and follows the life of Tabman (drummer in Dads) as he gets into all sortsa weird wacky adventures.  This one features music videos from Holy Shit!, Drugs Dragons, Elephant Walk, and Liquor Store (from Detroit/Jersey!)…

And if you wanna ‘catch up’ you can view the first three eps online [link]

My old band Dinosaur Pills was in the first, and it all started there just as a school project.  But it has since grown into a full fledged weird ass totally awesome funny punk TV show –fully funded and produced by some of Milwaukee’s finest.

And I know I’m biased, but I’m blown away by how much each episode improves on the next (not to say any of them suck).  Can’t wait for this!

Come to the premier on August 28 at Linneman’s [link].  Bands first, RRRC episode 4 after.

Practicing up some Dylan tunes for next Wednesday. We are taking apart of Linnemans “Nod To Bob” on the 21st (the day before Thanksgiving) Its a benefit show where a bunch of Milwaukee peeps get together & cover some Bob Dylan tunes. Its looking to be a good night & aside from us, a ton of sick bands are playing: Jupiter Tar, The Form, & more. Come out & join the grey hairs!

- Myles


Boom Forest- Freshly Laundered Linen

Cause adventure is the only call I hear  

Yeah, I’m anxious til I reach the great frontier

But it’s a million miles from Nashville 

It’s a lifetime away from here

But maybe love can be that final great frontier. 


If you are in Milwaukee, I highly recommend going. It’s all these band’s first and possibly last show ever! Read more about the whole thing here.

Celebrate V-Day at a once in a lifetime thing. Date, no date, don’t matter! 

And while yer there, do a dollar shot for me. Whiskey. Thanks.


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Order/preview “EGYPTIAN SHUMBA” graphic novel


It’s been a pretty crazy month for the Soul Lows, but the party don’t stop yet homiessss! THIS SATURDAY we’re playing over at Linneman’s in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood with some incredibly talented dudes: Ugly Brothers are jammin and Opus Dog are hauling all the way up from Beloit. It costs $5 and is 21+ (sorry kiddos…) and it’s gonna be hella rad so get yer junk down there!

Event on the Facebook HERE

In other news, we’ve been working on some new jams that we’re incredibly stoked about. We’re hoping to be maybe possibly releasing a new something something early next year…….hmmmmm?? We also have some super rad news that will be coming soon too so keep your eyes on your screens and it’s gonna be beautiful.

See you all outside in the real world!!



download this song for free:

you gotta beg, you gotta bow
you gotta bite you’re lip and kowtow
they pink slip, they straight trip
knock you down a peg every chance they get
the game is fixed, seven-ten split
man, that’s the only way them pins get set
but the powers that be
aint got nothing on
you and me

they don’t know joy, they don’t know fun
least not how good we get it done
you crack me up, you fill my cup
and when I’m wrong you let me know what’s up
we’re getting by, side by side
we gonna take everything in stride
come what may, you’ll see
nothing standing but
you and me

when I’m feeling down, like I wanna quit
I think on my folks and my friends
they wouldn’t leave no note, just up and split
leave me alone in this filth to tread
it’s sink or swim, you float my boat
and together we gonna row row row
we might be lost at sea
but we’re sailing on
you and me
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$3 show with my Zelda pal Tony Smith group, The New Seven. All proceeds from this show are being donated to a great non-profit organization, Wisconsin Foundation for School Music, to keep music in the WI school curriculum. You can actually help kids, & drink at the same time!

- Myles