I havent wrote poetry in awhile but i felt led to do so today, so to whom the eyes of this poem reaches or passes by I hope you grasp the importance and concepts laid before you that was given to me by our God.

Title: What you Dont Know

Distractions have become our satisfaction…our main attraction

we’ve become content with complacency, see the picture and avoid the caption

cellphones…with internet access 4g Networks seem to describe our networth, but are we really connected?

No unity…

reality shows about others lives who cheat on each others wives and cover lies back stabbing with their mothers knives….hurting not just their self but their brothers. hurting not just them self but their sisters. hurting not just them self but their friends and rest of the family. always foucsed on self worth, always worried bout self-perception, always putting them self first, i think its safe to say their SELF-ish

Too much pride…

If you cant open your eyes and see whats around you, whats surrounds you, how can you live knowing your not really living? You say you enjoying life, freedom being young, and wild but the tongue is vile…yeah i did live that life and i hung awhile…but the fact of the matter is i stopped relying on my five senses and came to my senses. the lives we live are senseless. the road your on smells sweet as honey incense….but here i’ve been SHOWN the ending. BODYBAG/CASKET/FORENSICS

dont just be another body, be somebody.

No Purpose…

Theres no excuses for not utilzing our resources. we have the most access to information at our fingertips…as right now you are reading this screen you know how to navigate through this page and understand its functions, but can you navigate through a library? can you write a check properly? Do you know how to get approved for a loan and buy a home… how to connect to thousands of people who dont know you…to conduct yourself in a job interview. Somethings are more important than others but they all have a place. But if you dont know HOW or KNOW WHY how can you further seek what you want to understand?

Im not trying to JUDGE you im trying to search you…and you should search too..because honestly what you dont know WILL hurt you.

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