september 27 // legs are still dead

• but feeling ever so slightly better. Sitting down at work is the worst. I just need to get up every so often to get movement in the legs.

• found the photographer’s photos from yurrebilla. The bonus of local running events is that they don’t charge you an arm and a leg to get said photos! You can just download high quality versions straight from the photographer.

• i’m happy with how most of these photos came out. I can finally see the difference in my body, like holy crap linna - yes you have lost weight this year and it is noticeable!

• the girl i’ve been posting about from yurrebilla found me on facebook and insta! She’s so wonderful, she looked me up on facebook so that she could check up on me and see if i was doing alright after sunday. Truly, the trail running community is pretty alright 👌🏼

• the last few days have been almost spring like in adelaide. It’s been perfect! ☀️ but we’ve been told to brace ourselves for the worst storm we’ve seen yet. It’s supposedly going to be worse than the one two weeks ago that destroy trails and swallowed up roads whole! I’m a little intrigued to see what the storm holds 🌦🌩🌧

• dinner and bridget jones’s baby with some work friends and now i’m finally home and ready for sleep. Going to attempt the gym tomorrow morning. Wish me luck! 😐