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I'm over here just chinhands and quietly yelling still at those puppy dog eyes, my word. Could you tell me more about Linna and Malady's relationship? What do you love about them? Do you have headcanons? Gush away! \o/ [sorry for asking a bunch of questions btw I just find this delightful :3c]

Oh man, what I DON’T love about them?

I love that they both are extremely supportive of each other. They do not question each other if they are in need, and Linna, just like Malady, would hop in the fire to get Mals out of troubles. Linna adores Malady’s sense of humor, the fact that no one can put her down and that her words can be a greater danger than her magic. Mals is aware of her own power, and that confidence is like extremely sexy to the Godwoken. Linna was a loner before, not because she didn’t like people but because she preferred to work alone - no one to interupt her when she’s working, no one to be a time eater, and no one to steal her work. With Mals, who’s pretty much also as curious as she is about the world, she feels like she finally has a partner. A godwoken and an extremely powerful half demon? Alone, they are a force to be respected. Together, they are unstoppable. They are a powercouple, and they are ready to kick arses! What Malady loves about Linna is her curiosity and passion to dwell underneath a problem. To seek for answers. To explore and expand the universe. Linna has a heart of an adventurer, just like herself. And… in all that, Linna sees her. Malady. Not an elf, not a demon, not a living weapon to be used, but a person under all this smile and sass. She’s seen the best and the worst of her, and she still reminds by her side.

As for the headcanons… There’s a thing - when Linna confessed Malady. Spoilers ahead tho! So this is going to be under cut.

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There aren’t too many things as rewarding as reclaiming old, forgotten knowledge… And if it comes to this, I am an expert, trained to do so since… Well, since always. With my dad, a great archeologist, we worked on his collection of the most marvelous artifacts, scrolls, magic, to see them all reclaimed from the dusty grasps of ages and restored to their glory… But, you see, there is difference between being passionate about something and pushing your own child into the not-so-very-loving arms of the Divine magisters just to claim your precious prize, but seems like my father doesn’t see the difference anymore. The Vessel, the mysterious relic of old that made him grow so desperate, is my new target… and for now I will play pop’s game. My goal? To get that damn artifact and, well… Hear what my dearest dad has to say about all this mess he’s gotten me into.

If Raimond, Linna’s father and a great archeologist, was the mind, she was the muscle. Those two were working together to make their private collection of artifacts grow and expand, and Linna was the one working in the shadows. She knows the secret passages of those who work at night, and she knows the power of gold - and how it can resolve many problems with those who don’t want to talk. But Linna’s skills with people are not the only reason why she’s a great add on to the party - she’s her father’s girl, with an insight into the old knowledge and witch’s powers at her disposal. She doesn’t like to spend too much time in the libraries though, always being the one in love with practice rather than theory.

Linna is always thinking about something - she is restless when she’s on the mission, and that’s why she’s been so successful. Always thinking about new vaults, crypts, mysteries begging to be solved, Linna actively looks for new challenges (along with Raimond) and might be too eager sometimes.


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You know at first I was just fawning over how cool & interesting Malady was and then your art slid across my dashboard and I have known no peace, hell itself has physically manifested in my house and I suffer once more in the circle of Unromanceble NPC. (ur art is lovely tho and I like how u draw ur Godwoken and Malady)

unromancable? idk what are you talkin about.

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If it's alright, I wish to know things! Like what drew Linna to Malady and how she reacted to the rather dramatic transitions between Acts, especially the arrival in Arx. Does she suspect what Malady's mysterious problem is? She appears to need a Divine on her side for it so tons of question marks.

Romantic stuff was never a top priority on Linna’s list, but the moment she saw Malady for the first time, she couldn’t help but notice Mals’ beauty and sharp tongue. It made her curious about that strange woman with a mask on her face, and as someone who specializes in mysteries and forbidden knowledge, she wanted to uncover the truth hidden behind the gold of Mals’ face. Linna took it slow, because there were more important matters than her curiosity being sated, but Mals’ magic, so strange and yet familiar, her way of talking, her wits, her looks, everything that was telling Linna that it was IT - a half demon is her perfect. She’s the one she was waiting for her whole life. That woman with a half of her blood belonging to a demon, a woman capable of anything. A woman that saved her life so many times and supported her this whole time. Linna feels like she owes Mals more than her life - and that’s probably true. When Malady asked her who is she in her eyes - a demon or an elf. And that was the moment Linna answered that she’s Malady. Her Malady.

And she gave Mals that look:


Linna became the Divine also for Malady (I mean, not ENTIRELY but she was also the reason). She suspects Mals’ problem is somehow connected to demons. She’s more than ready to help Malady on her mission and people like Malady - but we shall see what the future brings.


basically, stage 2 is a ‘normal’ dragon. Stage 3 indicates extraordinary size, unique abilities, or some other facet (usually brought on by time and age of the creature) that makes them unusually formidable.

Stage 1 isn’t really a dragon yet. It’s classified as “Extreme toxic mutation without fully realized form”, basically meaning that the babby dragon in question has begun manifesting poisonous dragonfire but is still fucked up mid-transformation. Obviously this is the easiest stage for authorities to dispose of, but special cautions must be taken to avoid arcane contamination from their potent nalpalm-like blood.

Dragon mutation basically happens from intense obsession + magical overdose. Specifics can vary a lot: sometimes magic is drawn to people over time, during decades-long fixations; sometimes it happens when a person experiences emotional agony so intense it sucks in all the ambient power in the whole county. How fast/slow it is varies a lot. Emotions/obsessions need to be INTENSE for it to start at all and nascent dragons are incredibly rare.

 Linnae specifically changed over the course of a single week, but that week was preceded by months of turmoil that laid the groundwork.

Oops my hand slipped! I really hope I did the scene in your head justice cuz what you described was really so sweet. (Also internal screaming cuz I don’t have a save at this scene so what was the dialogue again? :’D)

This was it.
Lucien’s tomb.
Linna and her companions had come far, so very far to stand here at this moment. Looking back it was hard to believe so much had happened so quickly. But as her eyes took in the cold stone around them Linna felt a stir in her heart; so many secrets uncovered yet one very important one risked staying unknown. A sudden surge of magic billowed behind her, causing her hair to whip about her face. Linna turned, half expecting another threat only to stare in shock as Malady materialized from the ethereal glow. Gareth and Tarquin also appeared from behind the smiling half-demon but Linna only had eyes for her, her near regal bearing, her braids of liquid moonlight, her half mask of glittering gold.
“Here we are. To think that this is it…” Malady gazed out across the room, an indecipherable expression upon what could be seen of her face before mis-matched eyes settled back on Linna. “Here, at the end… I shall pray for you.” She inclined her head in a reverent bow, “Godwoken.”
Malady’s words brought a sense of finality to this moment. Fate’s bell tolled, and in that instant Linna knew that this could be the last she saw of the woman before her. Taking a step forward she walked closer to Malady and stood on the tips of her toes while reaching up to cup both sides of her face in her hands. She took one shuddering breath and saw only a fleeting look of surprise before she screwed her eyes shut and pressed her lips to Malady’s.
The kiss was sloppy, hesitant, Linna could feel her heart pounding in her chest. She didn’t have a clue how to do this, and what was she but merely a Godwoken? In comparison to the woman who she loved, Malady who could have anyone else, Malady who was so much more, who was so… so /Malady/. Moving back, Linna was ready to apologize when suddenly she felt Malady kissing her back. Long arms wrapped around her waist and the kiss that was so flat changed. Previously still lips pushed against hers, molding them, welcoming her to explore and learn. Linna always did pride herself on being a quick study, and as she mimicked Malady’s actions she felt the arms around her tighten. The kiss felt deeper, Malady pushing for more, wanting. Then, as Linna felt herself starting to become lightheaded from lack of air it was over.
She stared at Malady with wide eyes as the half-demon’s lips curled into a rare grin. “My, my that was quite the surprise.”
Behind them she heard someone cough but she didn’t pay it any attention.
Malady’s hand reached up and cupped Linna’s chin, thumb tracing her lower lip. “It appears that you still have a lot to learn. So do make sure that you ascend Hmm? I do believe I’ll enjoy having the new Divine as my… student.”
The wink sent her way made Linna’s heart skip a beat.

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do you have designs for august and linnae from before their corruptions?

I was just asked this on twitter, actually!

Augustine will be a mystery forever because my personal pet peeve for cool helmeted monsters is when you see their normal-person face. Use your imagination! All headcanons work!

As for Linnae, I actually plan to do an Errant prequel story with her, so I do have her human design. She was not out in her village or her home (she lived with her v large family working in the family business and there were…complications) so she only presented as female when she left on solo business trips to a much larger city every few months. she should probably look a bit older here actually but you get the idea

She was the only one in her fam able to travel for various reasons, and the Errant-verse is like alt-medieval so it wasn’t weird to have a daughter head a business, and Linnae is smart, so no one ever found out. She had plans to eventually crawl out of the mudpit of obligations she had to her family at some point and live her life in the city, but of course it all went to shit when she turned into a giant fucking dragon and her neighbors called the medieval murder police on her. 

she was a bangin babe and she definitely knew it