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More gemsonas!  This gal is Lodestone (magnetite really, but i think lodestone has a better ring.)  She has powers of magnetism, and can repel and attract things made of metal.  The hammer isn’t actually her summon weapon, it’s a hammer made mostly of iron.  (anything summoned from a gem is some sort of hard-light, and of course not affected by magnetism.)  I’m not sure what her summon weapon is; maybe it’s a hammer of similar build, maybe it’s something else completely.  She never uses it.

She was Cuprite’s muscle when the two of them worked for Homeworld.  The Jasper to her Peridot, if you will.  She’s a pretty serious and stoic individual, but not grumpy, and you can get past the hard exterior pretty easily if you spend some time with her.  Stands just a little shorter than canon Pearl.

It was not that Chell had underestimated the Queen.  From the start, she knew her quest to free the souls trapped in Aperture Castle would end in overthrowing its monarch: a woman, impossibly old, and who would live forever as long as she remained within Aperture’s walls, or so the legend went.  They say she was given her immortality by the King and his sorcerers, all of whom were long dead.  Chell didn’t believe anyone could truly live forever and thought that, if she could use her Portal Staff to get the Queen outside the castle grounds, she could break the spell.  It was not until she reached the throne room that she finally understood.

The Queen did not live within the castle.  The Queen was the castle.


Jumping the bandwagon started by thesilvertophat.  The designs are hers, mostly, though I’ve fiddle with them some.

I’m a day late on this for #Dwarf Appreciation Week but I wanted to post it anyway.  (template from hchomgoblin)

More fun facts:

  • I kept the default name, which I don’t usually do.  Maybe in the future he’ll have a nickname.
  • He starts out as basically the biggest asshole prince you can imagine.  And he likes to fight a lot.
  • He’s build like a brick wall and was my party’s tank.
  • He finds Trian after he’s already been killed.
  • Over the course of the game he goes from Total Asshole to Abrasive But Actually Pretty Okay Dude
  • He considers the Wardens his family basically
  • Doesn’t go back to Orzammar after the main plot is done, except maybe for a visit or two.  I like to think he pulled some strings and made Gorrim an official Aeducan, and he’s helping carry the house on.
  • He has like no skills besides fighting and playing noble mindgames so when the journey starts he’s a total mess.  “How do I start a fire”   “How do I cook food”  “What is this water falling from the sky”   “Alistair help”
  • Commands the Wardens from Vigils Keep for a time after awakening ends, but he starts to slip back into Jerkass Prince Mode, being in a position of power like that, so eventually vacates the position.  (defering to who, I’m not sure)
  • He goes to find his forever girl Morrigan and goes through the mirror with her.  (I think about Duran and Morrigan raising their cthulu son together way too much don’t touch me)
  • “Sten I can’t reach this give me a hand”
  • Wynne is the mom figure he never had.
  • He loves animals but doesn’t like to let onto it bc he has to be a Tough Guy.
  • Okay that’s enough