linn castle
Seo Linn - Caisleán ar an Droim (Castle on the Hill le Ed Sheeran as Gaeilge)
Seo leagan Gaeilge don amhrán breá nua ó Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill. This is an Irish language version of Ed Sheeran's new song, Castle on the Hill. An c...

I’m putting this out to our Irish Community here on Tumblr. I’ve only recently come across this band “Seo Linn” and I am obsessed. No I am absolutely no Gaelgoir myself, but I try, and often use Irish every day in small ways. I’d love to be fluent, and I think the Irish language is so god damn important to us as a culture and as a country.
Even if you don’t have a word of Irish, check these guys out. They’ll make you love the language. They make it sound like something you want to learn.