LOOT! This is a long post, so press ‘J’ to skip over it.

Loot from SPWF.

I’ve tried to find everyone I bought stuff from, but I can’t promise. So if you see it and know who made it, tell me!

Top photo: All SPG Merch. 

- Tote
- Button pack
- 2c Show (got it signed)
- Album One
- DVD (also got that signed, for my friend)
- Wristbands all in youth. (Steve, Matt, Michael, Rabbit, Hatchworth, Spine, SPG)
- Lanyard

Also featuring a Rarity-modelled bracelet I forgot to put in the other photo because I was sat on it.

That’s from Links-to-the-past.

Then -

Signed 2c Show I got signed at the VIP meet'n'greet when I was not very well. I gave Bunny a clay hopebird I forgot to get pictures of.

Signed DVD for my friend. I told them about his problems and Sam signed it as Skrdjvyrm! (I think I spelt that wrong, sorry.) Paige also signed it. :D

$50 of sweets from Walmart.

Everything non-SPG related. So.<a hr

- Robot hat was a birthday present from Seth.
- Necomimi ears! Not sure who I bought them from.
- My Artful Dodger pass.
- New York bag for Amie
- Butterscotch candle from Sunshine’s Moonlight for my mum
- Octopus and tiny hat. Not sure who from. If anyone knows, please tell me!
- SPWF newspaper and flyer from the Goblin Market under him.
- 3 Postcards also Not sure who from. If anyone knows, please tell me! for my boyfriend’s mum.
- I <3 NY hat for Becki
- Pocketwatch from Singing Lemur Jewelry
- Tie lapel pin thing for my boyfriend, made by the lady who wrote a book Bunny illustrated.

- Earrings from somebody for my mum.
- Keychain for Callam
- Dragon scratchcard scratcher from unknown people.

Next 3: closeups of the pocketwatch from Singing Lemur Jewlery.

Earrings closeup.

And my Octopus and hat.

Again, if you know who made stuff, PLEASE TELL ME.