links crossbow

  • male link: - uses a sword and shit and has honorable duels -
  • female link: - akimbo crossbows with the doubletap and ACOG scope with the marathon and deep impact perks and sweetfeet kicks -
To all you IDIOTS complaining about Metroid Prime: Federation Force!

Calm the fuck down, it’s a SPIN OFF!  You don’t sign fucking petitions to cancel “Link’s Crossbow Training”, or “Mario Party 10″.  Nintendo was clearly focusing on Star Fox, Mario Maker and Zelda Wii U behind the scenes right now.  If they REALLY wanted to make a new Metroid, I wouldn’t want it any LESS than priority number ONE!

As someone who puts Metroid Prime as one of his favorite games of all time, I for one can just let this SPIN OFF go by.  Because it takes place in the world, and can use some elements but isn’t glued to the franchise to the point of messing it up like the last one… Let them test out some gameplay mechanics on the 3DS, and experiment on some new visual styles.  It doesn’t look like a bad game at all, just not a ground breaking revival of the franchise.  You’re all acting like people did when they saw Zelda: Wind Waker!