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World’s Largest Functioning Whoopee Cushion fails to impress cat.
Cats 1 Farts 0. (via YouTube)

Pig poops in police car, is super proud. Because farm animals are usually super chill about the upholstery, just let it run around. (via BuzzFeed)

g-uwu-ro asked:

Hi! My girlfriend got a young cockatiel (gender unknown) from petco and i was just wondering if you had any information and tips to raise it into becoming a healthy, social bird? (Also wht kind and brand of food, what kind of water and food dispensers, how to interact, etc.) (also she just got it today so yeah) thanks!

Starting a baby bird on the right track

Socializing properly

Aggressive Body Language

Bird safe foods

Care Sheets 

Dominance Theory

First-aid, Emergency responses

Myths/ informational posts

Nail Trimming



Vitamins and Mineral, effects on the avian body

Behaviour problems; screaming, height dominance, refusal to go back in it’s cage

Building trust with your bird

Nutrition information

Avian Food Pyramid

New bird tag

Safe and Toxic metals

Safe and Toxic foods

Common household dangers

Dangers of teflon

Pellets to feed

Other good sources for information:

Please do your research before you get a bird.

Vicious Links

2x01: ITV Player x Stream x Download

Violet panics when her wealthy sister Lillian - whom she has not seen in years - announces a visit. Worried that Lillian will discover the truth about her circumstances, Violet and friends set in motion an elaborate plan to save her from humiliation. Meanwhile, Ash is keen to introduce the group to his new girlfriend, Jess - but he is in for a surprise.

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The #JournoList

June 2, 2015

The #JournoList is a daily roundup of the events and issues that are making headlines. Compiled by Teddy Wilson, a reporter who covers reproductive rights for RH Reality Check. Follow him on Twitter: @txindyjourno

Poetry masterpost

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve actually posted on here – sorry about that! :/
To make it up to you, I’ve archived all of my poems for you – I hope that you like them, and please send any feedback to my main blog >>here<<


Six Word stories:

ddrawers96 asked:

Since ZenMate for Google Chrome now makes you pay for the public location of London, will making my location Germany allow me to watch MMFD once it starts on E4?

Unfortunately it wont. You need a UK ip to make it work. I’ve been trying other options since slothpaws made me aware of this issue a couple of days ago, but I haven’t found an option that works as seamlessly as ZenMate for free (CyberGhost free version works, is an app, but it’s a bit slow). Other options are either paid (TunnelBear, SurfEasy) or not secure (Hola, Tor).

I know some people couldn’t make ZenMate work, I have no idea why, and used Hola instead but guys, there’s a lot of bad press right now for that app/extension, and I won’t recommend anyone to risk their security for it. You can read all about it HERE.

Now, I’ve been using TunnelBear for almost a year and it has been working perfectly for me but it’s a paid service and when I acquired it, it was on sale for 30usd a year subscription. I see it’s 50 now, but you can get a full month for 5usd! This and some other paid apps have a free version with 500mb - 1gb free, which basically might only allow you to watch 1 episode.

Given the circumstances and if you cannot/don’t want to spare 5usd in a paid app, the most sensible thing in my opinion would be to wait a few hrs until someone uploads the show on youtube or dailymotion, just as it happened in s2. 

Sorry for the bad news ddrawers96 :( I am publishing this ask because I think it’s important to share this info in the fandom… 

Inspirational Celebs With Diseases

Celebrities Broker Than a Joke

Unluckiest People In The World

People Having a Shitty Day

Amusement Park Rides That Have Killed

The World’s Strangest Theme Parks

Energy Boosting Foods

Food You Can Use To Clean

Mouth-Watering Bacon Creations

Creative Ways To Use Nutella

Dangerous Additives The FDA Considers “Safe”

Why You Should Avoid Diet Pills

Why You Should Start Meditating

How To Look Like You’re Not Wearing Makeup

Menu Items With The Highest Markup

Perks Of Being a Fat Girl

Spoiled Rich Kids Of Social Media

Stupid Instagram Trends To Avoid

Dogs Who Think They’re People

3 years of All Things Linguistic

It’s my third blogiversary! Let’s celebrate by looking back at some of my favourite posts:  


Linguist Humour


Language activism

Linguistics and pop culture

Internet Language

Gender pronouns

Things about languages

Linguistics videos



Haven’t been with me this whole time? It’s okay – you can see the highlights of year one and year two right here

New SCP game: The Foundation - Prototype launch!

Inspired by XCOM and a legion of brilliant authors this game puts you in the shoes of the newly appointed Overseer of the SCP Foundation, an extraterritoral organization charged to secure anomalous artifacts around the world, contain public knowledge, and protect the world’s existence from the hazards these items possess.

You must Secure. Find anomalous events and SCP entities. Customize your armed forces and research powerful new technologies. Dispatch task forces to lock down and retrieve it. Fight off others interested in the same prize.

You must Contain. Suppress public knowledge of the events. Recruit governments, agents, and organizations to fund and support your goals.

You must Protect. Build bases and secure areas to store anomalous items. Stop the spread of anomalous effects. Beware of dangerous containment breaches.

As time passes the beginning hastens the end. Something nearly destroyed the Foundation once. It won’t make the same mistake again.

Click here to watch ‘The Foundation - Administrator Teaser Trailer’


  • GLOBAL CONTROL: Build a secret extra-territorial organization that spans the globe. Interact and negotiate with rival organizations and governments to contain anomalous threats.
  • TACTICAL SQUAD COMBAT: Control squads of soldiers to contain or destroy anomalous entities.
  • BASE DEFENSE: Contain hazardous anomalies for study in custom built containment facilities. Your base becomes the battle map. Design defenses to keep your collections in and rival organizations out.
  • OPEN ENDED UNIVERSE: Over 2000 different anomalies can appear in game. Connections to the SCP Wiki, a peer reviewed collection, allows for access to new and improved anomalies as they are added to the wiki.
  • MODDING: Designed for modding from the ground up. Plain text content allows non-technical players to still change the game as they wish.

Want to download the game and help find bugs and give feed back? Click here for a link to download the game and report bugs here on INDIEDB!

Right now this game is currently a prototype which means there WILL be limitations on what you can do and bugs. Click on ‘Keep reading’ for more pictures, content and websites! 

I’ve had a test run of the game myself! It is VERY promising and the music is really amazing! - Roth

Keep reading

Favorite tumblr blogs that you should read

Birds and bird-related whatnot

becausebirds - Birds and bird humour! What more could you want?

importantbirds  - You’ve probably already heard of this blog. Regardless, I must link it here because for some reason, at almost 30 years old I’m highly amused by intentional misspellings and butchered grammar. Heh, ‘birb.’

lookatthisbabybird - Ugly, awkward, fuzzy things.

dangerscissor  - Not remotely exclusively bird-themed, but DS has some awesome pictures and videos of her crow friend, Miss Crow! I implore you, do not ask her if Miss Crow is a pet and if/where you can get one of your own.