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I'd love to curse the fuck out of someone for cursing me for no reason and ruining years of my life and an important relationship I had. Any suggestions? I don't have access to many ingredients and I'm closeted. But if you know a good one with many ingredients I can get substitutes or use visualisation. Thank you so much

Alright, first you need to cleanse yourself to prevent the effects of the curse that is affecting you. You can do this a number of ways, here are few easy to do ones for someone closeted with limited ingredients:

You can also take a bath with salt of any kind added to it and chamomile tea bags in it to cleanse yourself free of a curse. Then cleanse your home. This can be tricky being in the broom closet but do not fret. If you can get some white candles of any kind light them in the main rooms of the house (easy enough to make it look like you just want some nice scented candle smell). If candles are not an option fill a bowl with salt and water (if you can manage moon water would be the best option but tap will work fine) and when you can go about the house using your fingers to flick some water about the house and especially at doors and windows. 

Another method is to clean. Clean the shit out of it. Wash the windows in counterclockwise motions to banish out the negativity of the curse. Sweep or vacuum towards the entrances of your home to ‘sweep out’ the negativity. Clean counters counterclockwise, was your sinks, dust your ceilings, whatever you can do. Wash your bedding as well.

Now for cursing the other back. I have a couple curses you can use that can easily be done in hush hush situations especially since many of them just require them being kept in dark places like closets hidden away.

  • Gravity Curse (Pokemon Inspired) A curse to weigh a person down with their own negativity. This curse all you need is a jar, a paper cut out doll, a marker, a black candle and some rocks. If you can’t burn the candle then i would use black duck tape or normal duct tape to seal up the jar.
  • Curse of Discord A curse to bring chaos and confusion to a person’s life. This one requires more ingredients but it has a lot of easily substituted ingredients. The black candle again can be replaced with tape for sealing. The rest are pretty common kitchen ingredients: vinegar, hot sauce, and black pepper. Then you will need a jar, paper, marker, thumbtacks, and black paint/ink which is easy to find in any craft store.
  • Nightmare Curse  A personal favorite of mine. This is a very easy to cast curse to bring someone nightmares and baneful dreams. You will only need some dirt or potting soil, a jar or container, some old starting to go bad lettuce (leftover salad), old garlic (peel it and leave it out somewhere to dry up for a night or two), black ink and a poppet. The poppet you can easily again make out of paper.

Some useful ingredients if you wish to make your own spell that are super easy to find and use:

  • Black Ink or paint
  • Black pepper
  • Old vegetables and fruit
  • Apples
  • black salt
  • Chili Powder, Pepper Flakes
  • Hot Sauce
  • Vinegar
  • Lemons and Limes
  • Mustard and Poppy Seeds
  • Leftover bones
  • Alcohol
  • Matches or Lighters (use carefully) for burning
  • Black markers, pens, pencils etc
  • Sharp objects (needles, push pins, thumbtacks, nails, screws, etc)
  • Broken Glass (use with caution)
  • Dirt and Mud
  • Blood or Blood substitutes (red colored juices, red wine, red ink or paint, beet juice, red food coloring, etc)
  • Thorny, thistle plants and weeds (including rose thorns)
  • Poppets (can easily be made out of paper, cloth, sticks, a potato, etc)
  • knives
  • thread for binding
  • jars and containers
  • Spit
  • Dead Flowers
  • A taglock (hair from target, their name on a piece of paper, a picture, a signature, an item of theirs, etc)
  • Anything Black, Crimson, Purple (I associate it with pride and confusion), and sickly colors like greens and yellows

Intents for Curses (a few of them, there are many):

  • Cause Confusion
  • Emotional Distress (fear, sadness)
  • Nightmares or disturbing sleep
  • Binding
  • Banishment or Removing them from your life
  • Emotional Pain
  • Bad Luck 
  • Ruining or Removing things (ie relationships, their job, etc)
  • Or return actions done onto you 

Once you have finished cursing them, be prepared to recleanse yourself and your space. Clean it, use some salt, go and take a salt bath or a long shower. then rest, cursing someone takes a lot of energy and it is super exhausting. Drink some tea, eat something, lay down with a blanket and listen to some music or watch a movie. Take a nap if needed. Just take care of yourself. Then be patient for the results to happen.

Good Luck Anon!

*not my own

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Groundbreaking Female Comic Book Store Owner Now Appears on a Marvel Cover

Ariell Johnson has been collecting comic books for more than a decade, but she’ll soon add a very personal one to her collection.

The 33-year-old founder and president of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. in Philadelphia will appear on a variant cover of “Invincible Iron Man #1.”

The first image of the book, which goes on sale next month and features Johnson having a meal with new Marvel superhero RiRi Williams, is below.

Johnson said she owes the collaboration to her colleague Randy Green, whom she said spearheaded the project and conceptualized the cover.

“When the email went out about potential variants for stores, he was really excited and took it upon himself to work out the [details]. It was really his hard work,” she told ABC News. “I knew what it was supposed to look like, but having the actual art in front of you is so much different. It’s really exciting.”

Not that she hasn’t earned it. Johnson opened Amalgym last December, becoming the first black, female comic book store owner on the East Coast. However, her obsession of all things geek really began around age 10 or 11, when she discovered “X-Men” character Storm. Johnson credits the character, one of the first black, female superheroes, with being “the bridge that got me into this world.”

“To think I made it a decade-plus and I had never seen a black, woman superhero is crazy because little white boys have so many [with whom they identify]: ‘I want to be Iron Man!’ 'I want to be Batman!’ 'I want to be Superman.’ 'I want to be Han Solo!’ When you are a person of color, you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel to find someone you can identify with. I always felt like I was watching other people’s adventures,” she explained. “Being introduced to Storm was a pivotal moment for me because had I not come across her, I might have grown out of my love for [comics].”

After graduating from cartoons to comics in high school, Johnson began buying her own books in college. Her Friday routine was comforting: She’d go to the comic book store to get her weekly stash, and then take the books across the street to her favorite coffee shop, where she’d read them over a hot chocolate and piece of cake. When the coffee shop was forced to close some 10 years ago, Johnson decided it was up to her to create a space that gave her the same feeling of warmth.

“The goal is to be an inclusive geek space,” she said. “So it’s not just comics; it’s gaming, it’s sci-fi, it’s horror, whatever you geek about, we want to make room for you!”

She’s also proven to be a role model for girls and women. Johnson, who points to Marvel’s diverse cast of characters and story lines as proof that the industry is evolving in a positive way, said that she’s worked hard to make sure that everybody feels welcome at Amalgam.

“I had a girl tell me I had an excellent book selection and she was 7 or 8. I don’t know how welcome she might feel in some other spaces,” she said. “Women exist in this space! We’ve always been reading comic books, we just may not have been as open about it. I definitely get very positive feedback from not just little girls, but grown women too.”

How to Start a Self-Care Bullet Journal

Hello journalers! This post is going to explain how to begin a bullet journal that will help you take care of yourself and manage your mental/physical health. I will go in depth and share various ideas to add to this kind of journal. 

How To Start: 

1. Like all bullet journals, make sure you have a journal that fits your needs. Dot grid, square grid, blank page, or lined are the options for basically all journals. Pick one that you can see yourself using for a while and that will conform to your needs. 

2. Make an outline on a separate piece of paper of the things you want in your self-care journal. Nothing is more cringe-worthy in my bullet journals is when I get lazy on design and layout. Figure out which lists, trackers, challenges, and calendars you will need. 

3. Start like you would with a normal bullet journal with the index. My rule is that I need to have 3 pages for my index, otherwise I run out of room to keep track of my pages and I get overwhelmed. 

Things To Add:

1. Future Plans/Goals

Pump yourself up for the future! You are going to accomplish many incredible feats during your lifetime, but it helps to take the first step and actually write down your goals and plans. I have two resources for you for this section. [Here] is a post about Goal Oriented Pages. Here is a picture of my bucketlist from my last bullet journal:

2. Fitness Log

If you are ready to get in shape or just be healthy, this is something you really need to stay motivated or keep track of your exercising habits. You can add checklists, hydration logs, running countdowns, etc. 

3. Daily Affirmations

When dealing with stress, mental health, and anything else that can get you feeling less than the amazing person you are, it’s good to remind yourself how truly fantastic you are. Here is a [link] to my 30-Day Affirmation Challenge. 

4. Gratitude Log

Being thankful for what you have will give you so much peace in your life. If you’d like some ideas for yours, click [here] for my 30-Day Gratitude Challenge.

5. Things That Make You Happy

List everything that makes you remotely happy and keep adding things as you go through your life. Below is my first journal that had my “Things I Love” page. It got filled so fast. 

6. Meditation Diary

I honestly loved this idea and used it like crazy. [Here] is a link to how I set my diary up. 

7. Habit Trackers

Keeping track of your actions will always help you feel at peace and there are many different kinds of habit trackers out there: medicine, sleep, reading, exercise, etc. If you’d like to be even more motivated for getting things done, [here] is a link to my Habit Tracker Reward System. 

8. Alternatives to Self-Destructive Acts

Many of us have negative habits that can be more extreme than others. But even the smallest self-destructive act will have a huge negative effect on your life. Here is a list of some ideas to do instead of thinking bad things or hurting yourself: do a puzzle, go exercise, take a nap, listen to music, watch funny videos, watch a movie, write, make lists, color a picture, bake something, etc.

9. When I Feel Triggered…

Anything can make us recall traumatic events, toxic people, or just make us feel anxious. Make a short list of maybe 5-10 things you can do to help yourself calm back down. 

10. All About Me

Writing and doodling things that represent yourself can be very therapeutic. I made a post about this recently that can be found [here].  

11. Self-Care Ideas/Me Time

Sometimes we don’t know how to make ourselves feel better. Write a list of things you could try to do to help yourself become a healthier you. Examples: take a warm bath, go for a walk, drink a glass of water, watch a sad movie, etc. You can also make a page to keep track of how long each task you complete and where you completed it. 

12. A Year In Pixels

I did not come up with this idea, but [here] is a post about where I found it and a picture of my page.

I found a few more ideas, but you can check this [link] for 100 more! 

Degrassi Season 3 Links

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I recorded these myself from my Netflix account.

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Season 3 

S3E01 - #BreakTheInternet  

S3E02 - #IWokeUpLikeThis

S3E03 - #WorstGiftEver

S3E04 - #PicsOrItDidntHappen

S3E05 - #HugeIfTrue

S3E06 - #ThatFeelingWhen

S3E07 - #Unsubscribe

S3E08 - #IRegretNothing

S3E09 - #Woke

S03E10 - #ImSleep