linkinpark chesterbennington

A letter for the fucked up fanbase of Linkin Park.

I’m starting to get annoyed when I check the comments of every linkin park videos and always see the top comments saying “Linkin Park is dead” , “Linkin Pop “ , “ Linkin park is now a sell-out “ , “Trying hard to reach the chart”. “ This song is not heavy.” Like wtf, how did you became a fan of them? Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first. Yeah, Hybrid Theory and Meteora are probably their greatest album but if you want the old linkin park sound, why not listen to their older albums then and not diss their new direction? They are not 20 years old anymore who is filled with angry in the world.  When they released A Thousand Suns (2010) & Living Things (2012), this “ fans” starts complaining that where’s the old linkin park? where’s the scream? Linkin park granted their wish with their 2014 album The Hunting Party..a heavy album that wasn’t meant to be played on the radio stations.  And now just because their first single is a pop song, you’re gonna say “ Linkin park is dead “.  Grow up it’s not early 2000 anymore. Accept their new sound and be happy that they are still making music.