linking your social media accounts

If you value copyright on your animal images, do not submit anything to The Dodo.

I just finally figured out how The Dodo is consistently able to pull content from people’s social media accounts without running into copyright law issues. And it’s hella shady. 

Buried in their terms and conditions is this:

“*By pasting a link to your social media account(s) you understand that you are granting to The Dodo full access to and permission to use any of your animal content.”

So even if the content you’re submitting has nothing to do with that social media account, if you put a link to the page in that box, you’ve given away all rights to your own animal media. You no longer have control over what they use or how they frame it, and you don’t get compensation. There’s no time limit on that clause - they can now scrape your content and use it for their own ends indefinitely. 

not to be a hipster but homestuck was better when there wasnt any welovefine and hot topic and kickstarter. when it was just a man and his computer, and a couple great collaborators, and your ass was keeping a sharp eye on the minuscule god tier hoodie restocks to snag one before they inevitably sold out again. I miss homestuck before hussie took year long breaks and i miss topatoco and i miss the homestuck store and i hate sifting through 8 miles of fanart disproportionately slapped on t-shirts for actual merch that doesnt bring me the same sense of excitement that it used to. it only brings resentment that if i buy something welovefine is going to enter me in a giveaway for squiggle lines drawn by hussie. which is not that funny? that would have probably made me laugh in 2012. but the thing is that you can shit on your fandom all you want when you’re providing good quality content. youre an aloof, eccentric creator. but when we’re all waiting on a game we backed years ago and was promised years ago and was promised for REALSIES months ago, when you’ve cut off all interaction on twitter, destroyed your own forums, and left the one tech guy in charge of repairing the forum to be the SOLE SPOKESPERSON for the state of your company, im not??? going to laugh when you’re like “hey guys enter a contest to win squiggly lines drawn by me!!” 

especially when the incentive to obtain more entries for that “””GRAND PRIZE””” is to buy things from welovefine, to link as many social media accounts as you can, to beg your friends to do the same, to make daily homestuck posts on instagram and then let their system confirm it like a goddamn receipt so it can spit out more entries for your stupid squiggle lines. is it so much work to offer a genuine commission? it’s all so cynical and commercialized which is??? honestly kinda shitty considering how much homestuck riffs on that culture??? 

and at the end of it all homestuck social media (what’s left of it anyway lol) has the nerve to constantly be like “we’re all still stuck here forever guys, right guys? right? right? ….right?” while we all kind of stare at them like a dad trying to use a meme, a meme he fucking CREATED and somehow destroyed. 

Homestuck is truly the ultimate tragedy, the epitome of a great rise and a greater fall, but I’m still waiting on my catharsis and my copy of fucking Hiveswap.


its 3 am

LDR Date Idea #12

Get some cute apps!

There are a handful of really great apps for both iOS and Android designed just for couples!

There are two in particular Aurora and I use:

1. Couple

Couple links you and your parntner’s accounts. Like a social media site just for two! It features a standard chat room, a calendar for important dates, lists that you can edit together, video call, phone call, and even a little room where you can doodle on your phones together!

But my personal favorite feature is called Thumb Kiss. It’s essentially a blank screen that you can touch, but when your partner touches their screen, the spot they’re touching shows up for you! And when your fingerprints touch (or “kiss”!) your phone will vibrate and the screen will flash pink. It’s super cute!!!

2. Happy Couple

Happy Coupe is a super cute trivia app just for you and your partner! Every day, the app will give you 5 multiple choice  questions about your partner, as well as the same 5 questions to answer about yourself. It’s a really cute way to get to know each other even more.

Not to mention, the app also provides relationship advice and gives you “challenges” like “Think about three things you adore about your partner and describe it to them.”



Honestly, being able to effectively stream the comeback MV is just as important as streaming on music app. Not only does the view gets counted towards Music Show wins, being able to reach a certain number of views generates positive news for the album and for Bangtan. Let’s try our best for this too~

  • Do not re-upload the videos on any other sites. Reupload means, you download it as video and then reupload it on your own page or channel. This will take away views from the official MV.
  • YOU NEED TO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO. DO NOT MUTE. Plug in earphones on the device if you’re getting tired hehe~
  • Share the link on all your social media accounts, clicks from shared links will count as a view. Ask some of your friends!!! 
  • If you have a youtube account, use it to like, comment and share the video. But multiple views are more effective if you log out of the account or in incognito mode.
  • WATCH BOTH MVs ON 1THEK and iBIGHIT channel. 
  • Watching in incognito mode counts best, go to the youtube page and search for the MV title and click the link.
  • Multiple tabs doesn’t count
  • Create a playlist than has a total playing time of more than 30 minutes, please add DOPE and FIRE MVs (frm 1theK channel) to also help increase the views on those MVs.
  • Switch devices from time to time. PC then mobile or vice-versa.
  • After about every 5-6 hours, clear your cache.

There are a lot of different information on how to view MVs effectively just some things to keep in mind.

  • Youtube tracks your view based on your IP address. If you view the video once, it counts and then youtube kind of IDs your IP on their system.
  • Then they have preventive measures for bots or programs who can manipulate this view count, so if youtube identifies your IP address as viewing a specific link over and over in a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, it will treat it as spam and invalidate these views.
  • That’s why you create a playlist so you can watch other videos and your IP won’t register as watching the same thing once you go back to the comeback MV link.

ARMYs please do share your best practices as replies below!!! We might have varying techniques on this. What is important is that you make sure that your view counts!!! Thank you~~~ ^_^

anonymous asked:

I have a tc blog and I'm very worried incase someone from my school finds it. Any ways to be extra careful?

OMG ok so heres some fucking advice:

well this is a sideblog. i also have a main blog that my friends follow. and guess what tumblr did?? they recommended this fucking blog to my best friend.

1) so first piece of advice would be to block your friends from your tc blog (but tumblrs a dick so sometimes it doesn’t let u do this)

when my friend found this blog, the thing that confirmed to her that this was my blog was that it’s linked to my spotify I’m a fuckin idiot

2) don’t link your blog to any social media or any other accounts u have that your friends know about and can trace back to u.

3) dont post pics of u or your tc obvioulsy 

4) dont post details about you or your tc that would be easy to identify you or your tc from

5) don’t go on the blog using school wifi

6) don’t go on the blog at school because someone could potentially see the url

7) don’t tell anyone about the existence of the blog

8) if your friend is on your phone, notifications might pop up? turn em off

all this is probs really obvious but there is a limit to how much u can do. u cant really stop anyone from finding your blog. but u can blog wisely so that your blog posts themselves cant be used as evidence for your ownership of the blog. 

be careful. wish i could be more help. 

Precautions to take to avoid being doxxed:

(mentioned this before, but after what just happened to @ummquestion, I’m gonna make another post)

-Don’t give out your full name and age at the same time. Even if you have a really ordinary name, your age added onto that might make it really easy for people to find more of your personal information. Don’t even give out your full name if you really want to stay safe. There are directories where people can find out exactly where you (and your family) live just by searching both. A lot of the times they have phone numbers too. 

-If anyone sends you a suspicious link, don’t click on it. It could be one of those ip grabbers where someone can obtain your I.P address and then use that to get your location.

-Don’t link photos directly from your social media accounts (that probably contain really personal info like Facebook). Someone could use this to do a reverse image search of some sorts. I never ever post pictures I post on Facebook or other social media on here for this reason. 

-And if you can try not to post other social media with any sort of personal info on here. I keep this website completely separate from those.

-IP address blockers. 

I probably sound paranoid, but some people on here are really crafty when it comes to doxxing. You don’t wanna risk someone possibly putting you danger or ruining your life cause something you posted on the internet made them mad. 


Some tips to effectively raise the MV Views for the RUN MV. The views, likes and comments of the official MV is also counted towards music show wins. This is one thing I can count on everyone to be able to do because it doesn’t entail you to spend anything. The goal is the get 1 Million views in 24 hours!!! Here we go!!!!!!

  2. The MV will be uploaded on BOTH 1THEK and iBIGHIT channel. Please prioritize the video on iBIGHIT channel on youtube.
  3. Best practice to view the video effectively: Use Incognito Mode on Google Chrome and SEARCH for the MV on the youtube search bar and click on the iBIGHIT MV.
  4. If in incognito mode, you cannot refresh the page. You need to close that tab and open a new incognito page and follow the process above again.
  5. Do not re-upload the videos here on tumblr. The shared videos on tumblr from the youtube link will only count as one view.
  6. Someone will definitely upload the audio here, but please please if you will listen to it play the MV on youtube.
  8. Create a playlist with at least 3 videos after the MV. You can’t create a playlist with only just the MV in it. It will not count as multiple views.
  9. Clear the cookies of your browser every hour if possible to refresh your “profile” on youtube, so that your view count would be more effective.
  10. REFRESHING THE PAGE DOESN’T COUNT AS A VIEW. You need to search for the MV and load it from the search.
  11. Share the link on all your social media accounts, clicks from shared links will count as a view. Ask some of your friends!!! 
  12. It will be more effective if the resolution is set at 720p.
  13. If you have a youtube account, use it to like, comment and share the video. But multiple views are more effective if you log out of the account or in incognito mode.
  14. If you have anything to add here please send me an ask, tag me on your own post or submit your own best practice!!!

How to become a Guest Author for Queer History, and the Benefits

First, let’s talk about the benefits. We will be paying 16 dollars an article right now, and will hopefully continue to be able to pay 50% of what we make off an article to any guest author, and as we get more money so will the guest authors. We will edit this post as we grow to let you know how much money to expect from an article.

Also we will be able to link any social media account you want on our patreon, Tumblr, and Facebook, and will use your name(does not have to be your legal or birth name) in citing the author. If you do not want your name or social media accounts linked we will accommodate to that as well. But for just starting writers, while we are not a large company being able to say you have written professionally is a good thing to have on any resume.

And now How To Become a Guest Author

  1. We will be paying through paypal so you must have a account there.
  2. You will also need a Patreon account, as we will be taking article submissions through the message system there, as the tumblr message system is unreliable at best, and we don’t want to lose anyone’s articles. If you cannot do that, email yoursubmission into us at
  3. No terfs or any other transphobic people are allowed to write for us.
  4. For your submission we will be asking for:
  • The opening paragraph, summing up what you are writing about and some preliminary information regarding where you plan to go with the article, must be between 100-500 words.
  • All writers must be queer, this is an honour system thing, we want to be hiring queer artists exclusively, so if you are an ally this opportunity is not for you.
  • We will have a basic wish list released at the beginning of each month of article themes, or possible topics, while you do not have to pick something off of there, your article is more likely to be chosen if it is from there.

If you are chosen as a Guest Author, that’s great! Here is what to expect

  1. We will need a method to communicate with you as you write your article, while we will give you a lot of creative control we do want a bit of control over the completed content, so be open to edits and critiques. We want to produce the best possible content for our audience and we are sure you want to produce to the best content to represent yourself, so we will need to be able work with you to make that happen.
  2. We will need to be able to make sure you are not a bad person, don’t worry this wont be hard, all we will need is a link to one of your social media accounts, and it wont be a tough vetting process. Just making sure you are not outwardly transphobic, homophobic, aphobic or anything like that.
  3. Sources for your article.
  4. A full article over 1000 words that follows the basic template of our previous articles, remember to add on a quote if you can find one.
  5. A picture for your article that is in the public domain.
  6. And just a willingness to cooperate with both of the runners of the project, myself(Laura Mills) and Grace Wordsworth.
  7. We will pay at the end of the month through paypal as that is where and when we get the money from the article to pay you.


Hi. I’m a writer for (you may have heard of them lol) and i’m working on a post for Seb’s b-day. As you know, he’s really just a precious little cupcake with a whole load of love to give, so i’m SUPERRRR in need of an edit of Seb as a cupcake basically loool, would anyone like to help me out? You’ll be given full credit in the article, and linked to your social media accounts if you like / other artwork!

Let me know soon guys! thanks xx


Want Free Merchandise? Apply to be a BLK Proverbs brand ambassador

We are open to all applicants and not limited to those with large social media following!

To apply please send a short email to with a short bio, links to your social media accounts, and why you would like to be associated with the Blk Proverbs brand. dassit.

Folks selected will be sent one of these BLK Proverbs gift sets FOR FREE with your choice of a hat, shirt and pillow or hat, shirt, and mug. 

If this post reaches 1000 notes, (and for every 1000 over) I’ll give away one of these gift boxes to one of my followers. MUST BE FOLLOWING. This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr. 


As you can see above, we are having a logo contest here at CircusDoll. We are looking for a talented artist or graphic designer to design an original logo for our store! The winner of this will have their artwork posted on our banner, as well as used as our logo and also on other places on our website and social medias. They will also be publicly shouted out on tumblr, instagram and facebook and their links to social media/pages will be permanently placed in our FAQ! 

The winner will receive either $50 USD for the winning design, OR two free wigs of their choice of approx. the same cost before shipping (shipping is not added into your $50!). 


  1. All artworks and designs MUST be your own work. We WILL be checking thoroughly and if we find art theft, you will automatically be disqualified. 
  2. You can submit 1-3 designs. No more than that, please! 
  3. File formats must be high quality, and at least over 500x500px. Any sizes are welcome, and you are welcome to include our already existing banner in your design if you like!
  4. If you are chosen, you must allow us to use the design on any and all photos on CircusDoll and associated with our account if we choose. We will publicly thank you and shout you out, and have any links to social medias or pages in our FAQ as logo designer, but please understand that we cannot continuously shout you out! 
  5. Files must be sent to us in .png or .psd. No ,jpeg or any other file types, please. 
  6. Keep it simple and clean, please! No messy scribbles or unfinished sketches! We apologize, but we would like it to be sleek and easy on the eyes. 
  7. The end date is tentative, right now it is set for Aug 20th, 2015. But we may end it sooner or later if we choose, it all depends on the designs we receive! (If we do this, we will notify this on all social medias, so follow us here, on our instagram @circusdoll_store and on our facebook page!)
  8. Have fun! It’s up to you what you imagine and we can’t wait to see your designs!

You can send your designs into us via our email -! Please include your name, your design(s) in the proper format(s) and your social media accounts or pages you would like linked when we choose the winner! Thank you!

Anyone up for bi-monthly art competitions

Just for fun and a feature tab on the blog if you win for a month (will include pic of your work that won, an artists statement from you, and a link back to all your social media accounts you want to link)

There might be times with real prizes but i'mma talk to some people about sponsoring those.

Get your art out to 16.5k+ people

Judgement based on likes/reblogs of work or a group of my art peers (aka a bunch of mica/baltimore artists) which one is more fair?

Like/reblogs so I can tell interest