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The Darling Affair (1/18)

Summary:  Ex-military officer Killian Jones has never forgiven the Gold family for what they took from him. But when his path searching for justice (and maybe revenge) leads him straight to Emma Swan, a social worker who’s young charge has just been kidnapped by Malcolm Gold, he might just learn to let go of the past.

Rated:  T, for violence, kidnapping, some dark themes

Art credit/link: The totally awesome @shady-swan-jones took on the story and made some fabulous art for it.  You can see the art here.

Beta and cheerleader: @delightfully-difficult-pirate and @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable, thanks so much for all of your help and cajoling and reassuring!

A/N:  I’m so excited (and more than a little nervous) to finally be posting this!  Once upon a time, I thought this was going to struggle to get to 20K… apparently I underestimated the plot a bit…
So here’s the first chapter of my submission for the @captainswanbigbang Big Bang Challenge.  Take it away, It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We’ll meet Emma in the next chapter, but for now, enjoy meeting Killian and Liam Jones.

Word count:  ~ 4,450 (80K Total in 18 chapters)


Chapter 1: Mission: Success

The sharp, fiery pain that erupted between his shoulder blades caught Killian by surprise and almost – almost – had him gasping in pain.  Quickly, he bit back the instinctual response and sucked air in through his nose to quell the instinct to flee.  Outwardly, it looked as if he barely reacted to the blow, absorbing the force and immediately sitting up straight again as if it were nothing.  A muscle in his cheek twitched due to his clenched jaw, but otherwise, there was no movement.  Killian may have wanted nothing more than to curl away from the pain, but that didn’t matter.  His body may have been telling him to get up from his chair and pace until the sharp sting of half-healed wounds faded back to a dull roar, but he fought the urge.  He may have wanted nothing more than to rail at the man who had caused him to hurt in the first place, but that man was far away and rotting in prison by now.  It had been a very long time since he’d been so undisciplined as to let such signs of weakness show when he was at the office.  

Even to Liam.  

Especially to Liam.  

Killian continued to stare straight ahead and waited patiently.

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